Waterfall Tears

Guild Quest: Waterfall Tears
A female hunter and the hunters seeking her are missing.

Client: Kroe, hunter
Quest: Find my sister.  She's a hunter who disappeared recently.
Reward: 1800 Meseta

- Nice to meet you, [NAME].  I'm Kroe Waynes.  Have you heard about the missing hunters?
  My twin sister, Anna, and I are hunters.  Anna joined a hunter group that went to Ragol
  and disappeared.  I've been looking for her, and I've also asked the Guild for help.  But
  the Guild hunters have turned up missing!  Of course I'm worried about them, but I need
  to find Anna first.  Please be careful.  Good luck.
- Somebody said they saw a girl like Anna in the underground cave.  Oh, I forgot to tell
  you.  We're twins.  She looks just like me.  I'm so worried.  I hope she hasn't caused any

- You're the third hunter who's taken this quest.  Let me advice you...  Just be careful.

- Are you investigating the disappearance of Anna and the missing hunters?  The twins are
  orphans.  Poor girls... they are still so young.  Kroe, the younger twin, is mature for
  her age, but Anna is...  Well, I hope you find her soon.

- Yes, yes.  I know that hunters are missing.  Yes, yes.  You hunters must be careful when
  you go on quests.

- ......

- A Newman's lifespan is not definite.  I may die tomorrow.  Nobody knows.  Science and
  technology.  It's not as almighty as many people believe.

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and told Bernie about her in
"Unsealed Door"...

- Oh, Hi...  I didn't expect to find you here...  ......  What?  Do you have anything to
  tell me?

  If you say "Nothing."
  - Are you sure?
  - ...Huh?  Anything else?

  [This repeats until player selects "About Black Paper."]

  If you say "About Black Paper."
  - ......  Black Paper?  I know it.  They're traders who sell weapons, and parts of
    androids and slaves.  No one actually runs it.  It's a syndicate that runs a black
    market.  That's all I know about it.  And?  Is there a reason you asked?  ......
  - Can I leave now?

[Transport down to Ragol...  Anna and a Ranger (Gekigasky) attack.]

- Ouch!

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and told Bernie about Sue in
"Unsealed Door"...

[Meet Bernie.]

- Hey, it's you.  You're safe... guess you haven't met the Black Hound face-to-face yet.
  It's an assassin of Black Paper.  What did you do?  Why are you being followed by one?
  Perhaps... you knew or saw something regarding Pioneer 1, right?  You don't look like
  you're even aware of it.  Ha ha, you look so confused.  Do you want to know more?

  If you say "No."
  - If you're not interested, that's OK.  Forget about it.  But...  Be careful.

  If you say "Yes."
  - It's strange, but I trust you.  Let me tell you about this...  As you may know, Black
    Paper isn't a normal group of traders.  It is another facet of the 10-nation-alliance.
    Black Paper also has assassins that are used by various organizations.  Are you still
    confused?  In short... Black Paper is under the same people that worked on the Pioneer
    Project.  That's everything.  But I suspect that these accidents on Ragol are not
    coincidences.  And I know Black Paper is looking for something underneath the ground.
    ...that girl, too...  There must be something there.  Perhaps you're getting too close
    to it.  Whatever it is, it must be holding the secret...
  - Be careful, anyway.  I'm working with a guy to crack open this case.  It would be great
    if you could help us out...  See you later.

[Find two other Hunters.]

Hunters (Tonzlar and Tobokke)
- ......

- ......

[Find Anna again.]

- Hey, you!  Do you have a lot of items on you?  Hmm...  Yes, you do.  Ha, ha.  They're all
- I'm sorry!  I'm really sorry!  I'll never do this again!  I promise!  Kroooooeeeee....
  Help meee...  [Pause]  Kro...  Kroe asked you to come and find me?  Really?  (sniff)
  Kroe, I miss you.  I want to see youuuu.  ......  Hey, what's wrong with my traps?  Why
  weren't you trapped?  ......  ...OK, never mind.

If you did not give Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and spoke with her in
"Unsealed Door"...

[Find Kireek.]

- Nice to see you again, [NAME].  Have you trained yourself?  Do you remember me?  I'm
  Kireek.  They call me the Black Hound.  I have orders to kill you.  Let me devour your
  soul.  Hee, hee, hee...  You shall die now, [NAME]!!
- Ha, ha, ha!  You've grown very tasty...  You taste so good.  I appreciate the time you've
  spent trying to survive until now.  My Pioneer 1 rival would be happy knowing I found a
  worthy opponent.  But not yet...  Not just yet.

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- Where are the missing hunters?

- It seems that you and the twins have had a lot of trouble.  But anyway, you all came back
  safe and sound.  That's good.

- The trader gives me Mestea when I bring him weapons and items.  Hunters that I defeated?
  The trader's friend took them somewhere...  But I don't know where they are.

- I knew I shouldn't have let Anna go without me.  To tell the truth, I knew that Anna must
  be the cause...  I went there to stop her many times, but she never appeared before me.  I
  think she just enjoys taking weapons from other hunters by force.  Sorry.  Please forgive
  her.  She's just a child.  I promise I'll find the person who corrupted her and the
  missing hunters.  That's OK.  I think I know who tricked her.  Thank you very much.
  Please visit the Guild to get your reward.
- It was very nice that you took this quest.  Superficial strength won't defeat Anna.  She
  is very tough.  I want to hier you if I get into trouble again.

- You've been awarded 1800 Meseta.

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