Claiming a Stake

Guild Quest: Claiming a Stake
Find and bring back a greedy landlord!

Client: Racton's son
Quest: My father, Racton, has gone to claim land on Ragol.  Find him.
Reward: 700 Meseta

Racton's Son
- Ah, here you are, [CLASS].  My father disgusts me.  As soon as we arrived, he ran off
  saying, "I'm off to stake out land."  Staking out Ragol?  It's too early to do that.
  We don't know much about Ragol... it's dangerous.  Please!  Please find my father!
- Please!  Please find my father!

Android in the Guild
- Racton is a greedy man.  He's so self-absorbed.  But ironically, his son is a very
  good-natured man.

Woman in Town
- Racton?  Oh yes.  I saw him.  He was fleeing from some monsters in the forest.  Help him?
  No way!  Sympathy only gets you into trouble.  Why do I have to save him?  It's not my

Boy in Town
- I have to train myself more!

Boy in Town [after acquiring WEAPONS emblem]
- I have to train myself more!  Training will make me strong enough to fight with my bare
  hands.  Did you know that some weapons are only for martial arts players?  ...Hey.  You
  have the same emblem that I have!  What?  You want to join "WEAPONS?"  Hmmm...  No

  - Got an approval!
- Good weapons require a strong body.  Balance between body and weapon is important.

[Transport down to Forest... locate Racton...]

- Ahhhhh!  I'm s-s-scared!  What are these monsters doing here!?  I can't raise the price of
  this land if these monsters hang around!  My son asked you to take me back to Pioneer 2?
  Cough!  Of course I'll go back with you...  If you do me a favor.  I've left three
  capsules on prime land locations.  You go and recall all of them.  Then I'll go back with
  you.  Why?  Because capsules aren't cheap.  Hurry now.  The capsules are this way and that
- You haven't found all three of them yet.  Are you really a hunter from the Hunter's Guild?

[Talk to Racton with all three capsules]

- Hmmm!  You have all three capsules!  Now, let's get out of this dangerous place!
  Hurry!  Ahhhhhhh!

[Telepipe back to Pioneer 2]

Woman in Town
- Wow, he returned alive.  What a lucky man!  Well, lucky for him, but not really for us.

Android in the Guild
- Racton never learns from his mistakes...

- I'm going there again once those monsters are exterminated.

Racton's Son
- I'll make sure he doesn't cause any more trouble like this again.  Please get your
- Visit the Hunter's Guild to get your reward.

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