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Online Quest: Today's Rate
Infiltrate the depths of the laboratory and delete the research data!

Client : A spy who infiltrated the lab
Quest: Prevent the disclosure of the research to the outside world!  Destroy
       the host computer to prevent the disclosure!
Reward: ??? Meseta

Spy (Introduction)
- ...Well now!  Glad to see you made it!  I'll tell you what I know.
  Inquiries into past inheritances are going on underground Ragol.
  If you're a real Hunter then you've probably seen it before right?
  Traces of our civilization slumber in the depths of Ragol...
  This ancient technology provides insight into our civilization...
  While the expected returns are vast, the risk is even greater.
  This kind of research must be handled with extreme prudence.
  Initially our general government was not directly involved.
  Under the cover of an inspector, I penetrated the facility to spy...
  But recently, the upper echelons have beguns suspicious acts.
  The possibility exists that research has been leaked to a 3rd party.
  The research might have been diverted to military use. We must avoid it.
  The government-general deemed further research to be dangerous and...
  restricted the actions of the upper echelons at the research facilities.
  Well now!  I want to ask you to infiltrate the lab and delete the
  research data.  If you can penetrate the depths of the facilities
  and locate the host... computer and destroy it then your mission will
  be complete.  Several security systems are in place throughout the lab.
  Take this. It should be able to unlock most of the security systems.

  - Got S Rank ID Card!

  - I'll leave it up to you on how to proceed.  I won't ask your means.
    Using the experiment facility to penetrate is also an option.
    I can't be responsible for any effects on your body while inside...
    Well now!  Press onward and downward.  Ha-ha.  All the best.

Spy (Before Finding the Experiment Facility)
- Infiltrate the facility.  Delete the research data!  These are the details
  of your mission orders.  If you can penetrate the depths of the facilities
  and locate the host...  computer and destroy it then your mission will
  be complete.  Now get to it.  The fate of our world is in your hands.

Spy (After Finding the Experiment Facility)
- You found the experiment facility?  It's dangerous but you might be able to
  use it to get inside.  I just hope that you can open a new road in.

Scientist in Custody
- Until now I haven't been able to bask in the light of day.  Each day locked
  up in experiments in the underground dim light.  My research is my life...
  My light, my world...  Now you're trying to bury my existence in the darkness.
  I'm not concerned with how the results of my research are used.  However...
  Who are they and you to judge me!!  Scientific advancement has the power to
  open up paths for our lives.  You trying to stop this advancement makes us
  enemies does it not?  Please!  At least spare the host computer!  My years of
  toiling, all my research is recorded inside it!

Generic Guard # 1
- Excuse me...  I stand guard to make sure this researcher does not run off.
  ...  Watching the doctor isn't going overboard, don't you think?  You are quite
  the optimist huh.  Loads of people are after the doctor's research.  If people
  after the research were nice like you that'd be different.

Generic Guard # 2
- Did you talk to my partner next door?  He's a good enough guy but a bit uptight.
  He's got a strong sense of responsibility.  But...  His getting this job by
  chance seems a bit strange.  I'm mean I don't feel one bit of the responsibility.
  I mean you're just here because you were asked to be right?  Oh sorry, sorry.
  Did I make you angry?  Well then, let's make the best of it.

Dr. Montague (if you haven't finished "Doc's Secret Plan" on quest difficulty level)
- Humph...  H-humph...

Dr. Montague (if already finished "Doc's Secret Plan" on quest difficulty level)
- [NAME] is that you?  It has been ages.  Did you want to see me or something?

  [If you say "It was nothing"...]
  - Oh, you don't say now do you?  If anything interesting happens below let
    me know.

  [If you say "Elinor?"...]
  - Elinor?  Oh, fine and dandy.  And, huh?  That's strange.  Someone was just here.

  [If you say "What's that matierial?" with no Monster Part...]
  - Hmph...  Which one?  Huh?  You don't have any particular objective?  Check here
    and there.  I think you will find some good matierials.  Uh-huh...

  [If you say "What's that material?" with a Monster Part but without the microchip...]
  - Hmph...  Which one?  Did you find something good?

    [If you say "NO"...]
    - Try a little harder, okay?  Uh-huh...

    [If you say "YES" Montague says this first...]
    - What have we here?  You have some nice materials don't you?  I'll use this
      as a base and make you a weapon.  Wait a minute.  What are the terms of the
      exchange?  That sounds good to me.  If you ask, you'll find there are various
      fun things below.  But I am under guard and cannot go below.  Down there!  You
      will find something down there to light up my life!  Then I will make you a
      weapon in exchange for it!

    [...and then he says this if you do NOT have the microchip...]
    - Which one?  Nothing here really grabs me you know.  Uh-huh.  Try a little harder,
      okay?  I guess it can't be helped.  That's disappointing.  Try challenging
      yourself again.  Uh-huh...

    [...but he says this if you DO have the microchip...]
    - What kind of chip is this?  Don't you think it smells interesting?  Okay,
      let's start negotiating.  I will take this chip.  I will create a weapon in
      exchange.  So we have a deal right?  I am prepared.  I'll be finished soon so
      please wait.
    [Screen fades to black, then fades back in.]
    - ...!  Sorry to keep you waiting.  But it was worth it.  Look.  I researched
      various things.  More than ever, it has become effective in various applications.
      The bodies of the monsters below are carriers.  I haven't changed how I feel
      about eerie things.
    - You got a [NAME OF WEAPON]!

  [If you talk to Montague after he has made you a weapon he says...]
  - If I need your help again, I will ask you.  Uh-huh...

[Teleport down to Caves]

Lab Assistant A [When normal sized]
- Hey, what are you doing here?  I haven't seen you before.  Are you new around
  here?  Hmm. You don't say?  Or maybe you are a human test subject?  You don't
  say?  I guess I'm losing my touch.  I think someone was calling you.

Lab Assistant A [When tiny]
- I guess it is just me.  That's strange.  I thought I heard someone's voice.
  Oh, so it was you?  You are quite small you know.
- La-la-la.  Love is a magical thing...  Oh me? I am head-over-heels, lost in love.
  I shared my interest in a certain person with a friend.  Then I realized how
  that person felt about me.  I think I really learned a great deal.  I feel like
  a found something that I was missing.  No, I am not talking about a microchip!
  Sorry.  May bad.  I guess I was mistaken.
- So you said you haven't seen the microchip.  ...  I remembered. What I wanted
  to say about...  Romance, dreams and uncertainty and all kinds of things...
  When you're worried, don't cling to the pain.  Cooperate. Finding the answer
  that way isn't so bad.  What could it be?  Am I getting off track again?

Lab Assistant B [When normal sized]
- If you spend a long time doing research down here...  You end up wanting a good,
  long vacation far, far away.  When I get the chance, I want to spend some time
  away by myself.  Isn't that what adventure should be about?  How about you try
  going on an adventure all by yourself?  You might find a totally new thing about

Lab Assistant B [When tiny]
- !!!  Ah! Why are you so small?  Don't surprise me like that. My heart almost
  jumped out of my chest!  But if you spend a long time doing research down here...
  There's not enough fun.  I feel the world has left me behind.  Maybe... Maybe you
  are just the excitement that I need!  Thinking positive is my strong suit.  Well
  I have to get back in gear.  It's off to work I go.

Lab Assistant C [When normal sized]
- Goodness Gracious!  I was supposed to take the experiment report to the lower
  floors.  But I couldn't find the way to the research lab.  I think rocks have
  closed off the door that leads there.  There was a small crevice between the
  rocks.  But even a slim person like me cannot fit through it...  Oh... What am
  I going to do now?
- I have to get going soon.  What should I do?  I don't think I can get past the
  laser barriers.  But you...  Even a tomboy like me getting past the crevice is
  absurd.  Oh...  Whatever am I going to do now?

Lab Assistant C [When tiny]
- Ah!!!  What?  What is this small...  How incredibly cute!  Seeing a real live
  dwarf is a first for me!!  Honestly.  I speak the truth!  You surprised me so
  much I forgot what I was going to say.

Lab Assistant D [When normal sized]
- You kept me waiting!  So you are a new test subject aren't you?  As you have
  probably already heard...  This place is a secret experiment lab testing the
  latest research. Sorry about this right from the get go but...  I'll take you
  through how to use the devices over there.  First, stand inside the device on
  the left.  Pushing the switch transports you to the device on the right.  If all
  goes well, I think the experiment effects will appear.  Transporting from the
  right yields the opposite results.  Pretty easy if I do say so myself!  I get the
  data so let's give it a try!
- Okay. Okay.  The devices work like this...  First, stand inside the device on the
  left.  Then the button.  No, I mean the switch!  That's it.  To get the opposite
  result, do the same with the right device.  Well... Can we get started? I haven't
  got all day.

Lab Assistant D [When tiny]
- For now, everything appears to be normal...  The photon energy level is relatively
  stable.  There should not be much affect on your body if transported.  The problem
  is...  Transporting into Pioneer 2!  As long as no abnormalities break out in your

Lab Assistant E
- Heavens to Segal!  I seemed to have lost some important research data!  If the
  doctor finds about this...  I don't want to think about it.  Who knows what he
  would do!  So...Please!  Help me out of this jam!

  [If you say "Of course!"...]
  - Thanks a heap!!  What I am looking for is a microchip.  But since it is very
    tiny, it may be quite hard to find.  I'll be here so if you find it please
    do let me know.  I just know that you can find it!  I trust you; I'll be

  [If you say "Wait a minute here. What am I..."...]
  - No, please don't say that!  It makes me sad...  !!  You are overly optimistic!
    No matter what I say, you will still take the job.  You are just trying to
    get on my good side.  I have had it!  You have got me all steamed!

    [After your first refusal she says...]
    - You made it!  Did you change your mind?  So...Please!  Help me out of this jam!

    [If you say "Of course!", see dialogue above.  If you say "Wait a minute here.
     What am I..." again...]
    - ...But I trusted you to help me!  How could you be that way?  I will never trust
      anyone again!  Oh...What should I do? I have to find it soon...

    [After your SECOND refusal she says...]
    - Oh horrors!  Where could I had dropped it!?  Darn! I am so angry I can't see!!

    [But if you do agree to help the poor girl and return to her without the chip she
     says this...]
    - Looking for it is too hard.  Sorry to put you through this for me.  I'll be
      waiting!  I trust you to find it!  Best of luck to you!

    [And if you find the chip and return it to her she says...]
    - Maybe that microchip is...  ...  That's it!  That's what I was looking for!
      Only you...  You are the only one who found the microchip for me.  Thanks 
      a million.  But, I wonder where the other microchips could have gotten off to.
      Oh, the doctor is going to punish me!  I almost forgot.  Here's a token of my
      thanks.  Please take it.

      - You got a grinder!
      - I wonder where the other microchips could have gotten off to.  Oh, the doctor
        is going to punish me!

Lab Assistant E [When tiny]
- !!!  You scared me!  So there are little people like you in this world.  Little...?
  That's it!! Maybe someone small like you could...

  [She then continues with her normal dialogue as listed above.]

Security Stations (Normal)
- ID card was used.  ...  ID confirmed  Root access clearance...  Release the
  security locks?

  [If "YES"...]
  Open Area Security Level 1 *
  Locks Released

    [* For certain stations, it may display a different security level message.]

    [The Entrances to the Experiment Room, Mine 1 Entrance, and First Light Gate
     Entrance display]

       Classified Area
       Security Level 2

    [The Mine 1 Midpoint Entrance displays]

       Classified Area
       Security Level 3

    [The Laser Fence Blocking Access to the Second Light Gate displays]

       Unknown Area
       Security Level S

  [If "NO"...]

       Releasing the security locks
       (Nothing happens. Try again.)

Security Stations (Unlocked)
- Security locks have been released...

Security Stations (When Puny)
- Please insert the ID card into the slot...

  - Your hands can't reach the control panel!!

[When you destroy the host computer...]
- ...Confirm system halt of host computer.

[When you find the microchip...]
- You found the microchip!

Quest Board - S Rank ID Card
- It's an ID card issued to only the upper echelons inside.

Quest Board - Microchip
- Difficulty finding the tiny microchip with the naked eye.

Quest Board - Communications Record
- ...Confirm system halt of host computer.

[Return to Pioneer 2...]

Scientist in Custody
- I was just informed.  I heard the research data has been deleted.  I dedicated my
  life to my research.  I sacrificed my family...  Why did I journey to this distant
  star far from home?  Why am I walking on this barren planet?  Can you tell me the
  answer to this burning question?

- ...Well now!  Think your mission is complete huh?  I just confirmed that the host
  computer has been stopped.  Excellent work [NAME]!  ...But not so fast.  The decision
  to destroy the facility and entomb the research data... may have laid damage to our
  delicate future.  The head of the facility had this to say.  History is built on our
  civilization's progress.  What's to be afraid of?  The leak just proves this.  ...
  Discerning the fate of good and evil isn't a job to wish on anyone.  Especially when
  our future hangs in the balance...  Well now!  Your reward is already at the guild.
  Just go and pick it up.  As for your additional reward...

  [If you do NOT earn a reward...]
  - I'll hold onto it for the next time I call upon your services.  ...Be seeing you

  [If you DO earn a reward...]
  - With all your brilliant skills and wonderful abilities...  How about it?!  Will you
    join our team?  Please?  With you on our side, being the best wouldn't be just a dream!
    Take this.  It's a gift of respect for your gifts!  Get it?  Your abilities!!

  - Got Material!

  - Don't get your hopes up to high.  ...Save the thrill of what I gave you for later.
    Well now! Be seeing you around!!

- Well now! Be seeing you around!!

- You've recieved 1500 meseta.

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