Letter From Lionel

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A mysterious letter was delivered to the Hunter's Guild.

Client: Lionel
Quest: A letter signed by Lionel is asking to rescue "all of him?"
Reward: 4500 Meseta

Guild Girl
- This isn't a typical quest.  Let me tell you the story.  We received this letter a
  few days ago.  It is from a hunter, Lionel.  He's asking for help.  It seems that
  he's on Ragol and he can't move.  Go to Ragol, find Lionel and bring him back here.
  That's your job.  Have you ever heard of a system called BEE?

  (If you say NO):
  OK, I'll tell you about BEE briefly.  It's a data transporter.  The Pioneer 2 council
  set that system up on Ragol for communication.  With only a slight time lag, we can
  receive data directly from Ragol.  Of course, the system wouldn't be up without the
  help of us hunters.
  [Then jump to the text she says if you say YES.]

  (If you say YES):
  That's right.  Lionel's letter was transfered via BEE system.  Since the client is
  lost at this time, we're your temporary client.  This is the letter from Lionel.
  Here you go.

- Letter from Lionel.
  Found on the ground.

Guild Girl
- Highlight QUEST on the system menu screen, and press the A button.  Then you can
  read his letter.  Got it?  Good luck to you.

Quest Board - "Letter from Lionel"
- I can't move.  I have no idea where I am now.  I'm Lionel, an android Hunter.  Help me.
  Find all of my parts.  It's raining heavily.  I'm not sure if I'm in a forest...  I
  see ivied walls around me.  Am I in the bottom of a well?  Central Dome is in front of
  me and... the river.

[Transport down to Forest 1, proceed to Forest 2.]

- Are you a hunter, too?  How is everything?  Me?  Ha, ha, ha!  I found something very
  special today.  I'll sell it secretly in the city.  This must be quite valuable on
  the black market.  How lucky I am.

  [Doronbo disappears.]

[Find Lionel's head]

  An android's head!

Quest Board - "An android's head."
- Excuse me...  Are you the hunter who came to rescue me?  Sorry that I'm like this.
  I'm Lionel.  I was in Sleep Mode as my energy level was very low.  What's wrong?
  Any problems?

  (If you say "Originally like that?")
  Oh, I'm an ordinary android hunter.  I have an I.D.
  [Then proceed to the "Where is your body?" text.]

  (If you say "Where is your body?")
  Good question!  My body!  A strange monster attacked me, and I was heavily damaged.
  I managed to escape from the monster, but it got worse after that.  I dropped my
  legs and an arm.  Then I lost my body...  Please find my all missing body parts
  for me.  That's my request.  Please!!

     (If you say "Sorry... I'm scared.")
     Will you forsake me?  Please, reconsider it!  I need your help!
     [You are then given the "Sorry... I'm scared." or "OK, I'll do it." choices again.]

     (If you say "OK, I'll do it.")
     Great!  Thank you!  Can I go with you?  Take me.  Let's go.  Sensors in each part
     are still working.  I can roughly detect their locations.  Right and left legs,
     right arm, and my body with the left arm.  Four parts in total.  Got it?  Hey,
     be careful!  Handle me with care.

- I've got a signal from my right arm.  It is... in something soft...  And in some
  liquid...?  Oh!  Sometimes I feel a burning sensation.  Do you know of this place?

- The right arm should be in this area.  Feeling queasy...  Is it in something's

[Go back to previously locked room, defeat Hildebear.]

- An android's right arm.
  Found on the ground.

Quest Board - "An android's right arm."
- Did yOu finD my right arm?  ThANks.  Wait a mINUte...  BotH of mY legs are In the
  watEr... bUT what Is thiS diFereNce?  I GOt it.  THe aiR.  LefT Leg... iS in the
  coLD UndergRound AIr.  And My rIGHt leG is in the oPen air.  Not iN The unDergrOUnd.
  My voIcE sYSteM... geTtIng wrOse... sorRy...
- LeFt leg is In tHE uNder grOund.  RIgHt leg iS on the gROund.  PleAsE...

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Guild Girl
- Oh, that's too bad...  Please find "all of him."  We cannot pay you your reward
  unless Lionel is satisfied with your job.

[Return to Forest 1]

Quest Board - "An android's right arm."
- The rIGht leG shOUld bRE heRe.  iN THis arEA.

- An android's right leg.
  Found on the ground.

Quest Board - "An android's right leg."
- YoU FoUnd my rigHt leg.  WheRE iS aNoTHer onE?  PleASe fiNd it...

[Go to Caves 1]

Quest Board
- THe leFT leg iSn't iN thIs aREa.  It maY Be in a dEEper, leSs HUMid part OF the Cave.

[Go to Caves 2]
- HmM... IT MuSt be arOUnd hEre.  THe left leG should bE hERe.

- An android's left leg.
  Found on the ground.

Quest Board
- You foUND Both!  COol!  ThesE pArtS aRe my OLd friENds.  OnLy ONe moRe pAart left is
  mY body.  I fEel likE it is movINg.
- ThIs is jUst an iNfo...  I'm aFRaid if My parts reallt rEtrievE their fuNctIOns...
  The maiN coNtrOl is installEd in tHe body.  It iS verY valUAble.  I hEaRd that
  diSmantlEd androiDs are soLd on the bLAck markEt...  I wON't allOW such a thing!
  I... ...dRoid... not...  cAn't spEAK...
- ... yoU... ... (noise)

Note: If you find the left leg first, before the right leg, Lionel says:
- YoU FoUnd my leFt leg.  WheRE iS aNoTHer onE?  PleASe fINd it...

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Quest Board
- TemPEratuRe reADinGs... ...BoDY teMpeRAture...? (noise)

- What're you looking for?  Want anything special?  Oh, it's you!  Hunter, how did it go?
  No good?  Aaaaaandroid parts?  I don't know.  I don't have them.  I said I don't have
  any android body parts!  Did you hear me?  ...  What?  You didn't say "body?"  Oh, no!
  OK, OK!  I give up.  Here it is.

- An android's body.
  Found on the ground.

  [Doronbo disappears]

[Enter Guild... talk to reassembled Lionel.]

- Thank you.  Now my parts are all connected.  I'm now running my aging diagnostic test.
  What?  Do you think that I got damaged?  It was in self-sleep mode to protect myself
  when I'm in danger.  The Guild will pay you your reward.  Thank you.
- The Guild will give you your reward.  Thank you.

Guild Girl
- Lionel is now back to his normal self.  Good job.

- You've been awarded 4500 Meseta.

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