The Fake in Yellow

Guild Quest: The Fake in Yellow
What is the biologist on Ragol doing?

Client: Guls's Assistant
Quest: Dr. Guls, a biologist who's crazy about Ragol's native life is missing.  Find him.
Reward: 800 Meseta

Guls's Assistant
- Please, [CLASS]!  Help me.  I'm Dr. Guls's assistant.  Recently, animal data from
  Ragol has been sold on the black market.  Dr. Guls bought this data and became
  totally engrossed in it.  He stared at the data all day long.  And suddenly he told
  me, "I'm going to see them!"  We heard that Ragol is dangerous, so I thought he was
  just joking.  But I haven't seen him for days.  Perhaps he did go down to Ragol.
  So I asked the Hunter's Guild to find Dr. Guls.  Please find him, and have him come
  back here!
- I hope you find him.  Please find Dr. Guls and bring him back here!

FOnewm in Guild
- Yes, that's me.  I sold the Ragol animal data to Dr. Guls.  He paid me a lot!  He
  really loved this one particular animal.
- Sorry, I don't remember which one he loved.

FOmarl in Guild
- Hello there.  No, I haven't seen Dr. Guls.  Not in the city, and not on Ragol.

FOnewearl in Town
- I don't know.  A biologist in white?  Sorry, not interested.

Army Soldier with Elenor
- Hey, you!  Don't talk to that android!  Know yourself, hunter!

- U...a....  Oh, [NAME]!  How have you been?  Me?  Of course I'm fine!  I'm doing
  errands for Dr. Montague now...  Oh, sorry.  It seems that I have to go right now.
  See you later.

[Elenor disappears.]

Army Soldier who was with Elenor
- I have nothing to say to you.

[Transport down to Forest 1]

- ......

[Encounter strange Rappy again]

- ......

[Encounter strange Rappy one last time]

- ......
- ......
- Hmm, bingo!  You've got a great eye!  How did you know it was me?  I thought my
  disguise was perfect.  Don't you think the Rappy is very cute!?  It's hairy, soft,
  cute, so lovely and pretty...!  I'm in Rappy's group, I'm playing with Rappy, I'm
  living with Rappy!  It's the happiest I've ever been in my life!  What?  My
  assistant's asking me to go back now?  I've collected enough data by living among
  them.  OK, I'll return.  I'll just spend a little more time here with the Rappy.
  Then I'll leave.
- I said I'll leave soon.  Don't worry.  That's OK.  You can go back now.

[Return to Pioneer 2]

FOnewearl in Town
- I was so surprised!  I saw a Rappy enter the city, and a man emerged from it.

FOmarl in Guild
- Hello, there.  Was he on Ragol?  Really?  Sorry about that.  I wasn't aware of it.

FOnewm in Guild
- Was it the yellow one he was infatuated with?  For me, it's just a big and disgusting

Dr. Guls
- I've had enough fun!

Guls's Assistant
- Finally, he's returned to the lab.  Thank you very much.  Please visit the Guild to
  get your Meseta.
- Please visit the Guild to get your Meseta.

- You've been awarded 800 Meseta.

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