The English versions of the Phantasy Star series are loaded with inconsistencies; indeed, even the very names of the planets do not remain consistent throughout the series. Further, the Phantasy Star games are role-playing games, and anytime an actor plays a role, he brings his own interpretation of the character and the story into the role.

Ever since first playing the games, in my capacity as the "actor" in charge of the characters, I have created ways to explain away the series's inconsistencies. The body of my explanations makes up a good summary of how I interpret the Phantasy Star games. Since June of 1996, I have publicly discussed my theories and interpretations in arenas such as The Phantasy Star Discussion Board. Here, I present detailed essays on many of theories. If you wish to discuss them with me, you by all means may do so, either at the above-mentioned The Phantasy Star Discussion Board or via email.

"Mike has plenty to back up his theories. Heck, if there's one thing Mike is NEVER short of, it's facts to back up his theories. It doesn't make him right but it definitely means he has a clue. In fact, if ANYONE has a clue, it's DEFINITELY him." --Rika, on the Phantasy Star Discussion Board.

Also, be sure to check out Orakio Rob's Phantasy Star page, on which you'll find some of my theories translated into Portugese.

Introduction to the Theories
The Two Phantasy Stars
Not a theory, but the straight facts about the differences between the Japanese and English Phantasy Star series.
Separate But Equal
Okay, so there are two Phantasy Stars... but will the real Phantasy Star please step forward? (Updated to include a response to the "Japanese purists.")
The Theories
Phantasy Star II's Date
AW 1284, or AW 1286?

Noah and Lutz
Is the man Rolf meets at Esper Mansion the man who fought with Alis? It's simple, really...

Character Birthdays
Maybe theirs is the same as yours?

Phantasy Star Online Numans
A Numan's life span is indefinite?

Ragol is Not Earth
And the Ruins are not the Alisa III...

The Whole New World
Pioneer 2 came from Coral... does this mean there's no Algoian connection?

Phantasy Star II's Ending
I wonder what the people will see...?

Noah's Gender
Let's lift the Frad Mantle and find out...

Fate of the Worldships
Did they all escape into space, or did most of them land on Mota and Dezo?

Phantasy Star Online's Date
So just when does the game take place?

Why the Earthmen Truly Are Evil
It's not a matter of perspective; Mother Brain's creators were objectively immoral.

Further, my friend Neilast has written essays on several of her brilliant theories, most of which I agree with 100%. I strongly suggest you give them a look!

The Thea Theories
Gryz and Odin's Axe

The "Dezo Flip" Theory

Why The Profound Darkness Truly Is Evil

The Light, The Darkness, and God

The Nei Qualifier

Orakians and Technique Usage

Magic, Techniques, and Skills

Why Alys Brangwin is Not Alis Landale

Abilities After Level 99

The following are not theories designed to explain game inconsistencies, but are instead essays on the series, usually critical essays about the characters, stories, or themes found within the games.

On the Characters and Story of Phantasy Star I
What are the central themes of Phantasy Star I that make it the best game of the series?

The True Message of Phantasy Star II
The game is a warning, but it's not a warning about technology.

Phantasy Star and the Raglan Scale
There is a list of qualifiers as to what makes someone a traditional hero. How do Phantasy Star's heroes rate?

And now for something completely different...

Finally, for an opposing view to many (if not all) of the Theories I have listed above, you should check out Conner's Phantacy. Conner McCloud is a fellow phan who has also written several theories on the plot inconsistencies in the Phantasy Star saga, and since he and I almost always disagree, he calls me his arch-nemesis. Which is true, but what he fails to mention is that I'm The Great Light (ie The Good Guy Who is Right) and he's The Profound Darkness (ie The Bad Guy Who is Wrong), but that's okay, because he doesn't think The Profound Darkness is evil anyway. Seriously, though -- you should check out his page, because good, well-thought out theories on Phantasy Star are always fun to read.