"A Newman's lifespan is not definite. I may die tomorrow. Nobody knows. Science and technology. It's not as almighty as many people believe." --Sue, "Waterfall Tears"

Much has been made of the above quote since Phantasy Star Online's release. It's definitely right up there with Bernie's comment about the 10-nation-alliance as one of the most talked about lines of dialogueue from Phantasy Star Online.

The trouble is, see, I don't believe it.

Sue's comment here is very intriguing, but after thinking a lot about it, I'm 100% convinced it's not true. Why? Well, that's simple.

Because of Dr. Jean Carlo Montague.

When the Hunter's Guild offers you the quest "Doc's Secret Plan," the Guild tells us, "Dr. Montague is a renowned scientist in bio-technology. He needs help." Dr. Montague is also a FOnewm. Now if Sue is correct, and PSO's Numans really do just drop dead at any time, then considering Dr. Montague is (A) a bio-technology expert and (B) a Numan himself, why is he creating pink androids and sending you down to Ragol to test weapons instead of finding a way to make 100% sure he'll wake up in the morning? It doesn't make sense!

I'm going to risk raising the wrath of my fellow Algoian Scholars here, but I'm going to flat-out say Sue is wrong and PSO Numan lifespans are not indefinite -- at least not in the "I could die tomorrow" sense she uses. I have no doubt, however, that Sue believes what she is saying. Considering the fact that Sue works for Black Paper, it's highly probable that she was a creation of Black Paper: genetically bred by the crime syndicate specifically to be a courier for them. (Or an assassin, or who knows what else Sue is capable of.)

Keeping in mind that Black Paper is generally made up of Not-So-Good People, I think Black Paper probably installed a "kill switch" inside Sue -- an instant-termination device to be used to "eliminate the evidence" should Sue ever attempt to leave the group. It is because of this kill switch that she could die at any time; but rather than tell Sue the truth ("Betray us and we kill you, no hard feelings!"), Black Paper probably just told her that Numan lifespans aren't definite.

Maybe Dr. Montague is so eccentric that he doesn't care if he drops dead tomorrow; he's going to work on his androids anyway. But I think the Doc is smarter than that. Or, others have suggested that Montague is a "better made" Numan, perhaps bred in a government lab whereas Sue was probably bred by Black Paper. Montague, being of "higher quality," doesn't have to RSVP with "As long as I don't drop dead between now and then, I'll be there!"

But I don't think that's the case, either. Sue makes no mention of different quality Numans, and in fact, her words definitely seem to be implying that she's speaking of the Numan race as a whole.

No, I think the whole "indefinite lifespans of PSO Numans" thing is yet another conspiracy perpetuated by Black Paper. Someone call Mulder and Scully -- I'm sure the Cigarette-Smoking Man is somewhere in Mine 2.

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