Herein you will find the resources this site has collected thus far on Phantasy Star Online. Please note, if this is one of your first visits to this site, isn't about game play help, so the stuff you will find here is a little different than what you will find elsewhere.

Phantasy Star Online Dream Cast
The latest addition to this site's trademark feature. What Hollywood actors and actresses would best portray Phantasy Star Online characters, if the game were made into a live action movie?

Phantasy Star Online Complete Script
It's not complete yet, but Rune Lai (author of The Restoration Saga), JWL, and myself are compiling the complete script of game dialogue.

Phantasy Star Online Image Compendium
A very modest collection of Phantasy Star Online pics, mostly notable only for being the sole place on the net you can find a picture of my HUmar character, Mike Ripp. There's also a pic of Red Ring Rico here, which a lot of people seem to want to see.

PSO: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
My review of the latest installment in the Phantasy Star series. How does it compare to its legendary predecessors?

Phantasy Star Online Trivial Facts
Several interesting but trivial bits of information obtained from the official Sega Phantasy Star Online immersion site. Just what is the scientific classification for a Pan Arms, anyway?

Phantasy Star Online Gameplay Help
A good list of links to sites that can help you find the info you need.