Sending Phantasy Star Virtual Greeting Cards is easy and fun! On the next page, your screen will be divided into two windows. Use the left window to design your card, specifying the card's text and background colors, picture, music, and of course, your message. In the right window, you will see your card come together step-by-step. It couldn't be easier!

The card creation system requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher, or Netscape 6 or higher. It will not work in Netscape Navigator 4. The interface also requires that JavaScript be turned on in your browser, but if you're using one of the supported browsers, it is probably already turned on.

Create your Phantasy Star Virtual Card

If your browser does not meet the above specifications, that's OK -- you can still use the old Virtual Card page to make your cards. The result is the same; the creation process just isn't as flashy. Use the old Phantasy Star Virtual Card page.