Herein you will find all that Rune Lai (of The Restoration Saga), JWL, and myself have compiled so far of Phantasy Star Online's script. Please email any errors/corrections to

Needless to say, if you have not played and/or finished Phantasy Star Online yet, this will contain massive spoilers. Read only if you want the plot and exact script of Phantasy Star Online revealed to you.

Just about complete: All that is left to be scripted are Rico's pods from the Ultimate Mine and Ruins, and Online Quest "St. Valentine's Day."

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(387k, ASCII text format)

Rico Tyrell The Search for Rico

This section contains all dialogue from Pioneer 2, the Principal's Office, and the message pods Red Ring Rico leaves behind on Ragol.

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Hunter's Guild Quests

Magnitude of Metal
A valuable commodity on Ragol was lost?!

Claiming a Stake
Find and bring back a greedy landlord!

The Value of Money
A wife is depressed.

Battle Training
Find a hunter who is working down on Ragol.

Journalistic Pursuit
A journalist wants to go down to Ragol.

The Fake in Yellow
What is the biologist on Ragol doing?

Native Research
Collect data on the native animals.

Forest of Sorrow
The data from the capsules is unusual...

Gran Squall
Gran Squall, a pleasure boat, departed before the explosion. Find the survivors.

Addicting Food
Possible food problem aboard Pioneer 2.

The Lost Bride
Cicil got fat by using too many recovery items. Help her diet!

Waterfall Tears
A female hunter and the hunters seeking her are missing.

Black Paper
The Mastermind behind the missing hunters is a trader?

Secret Delivery
Deliver a top secret package underground!

The Grave's Butler
Grave's butler disappeared. Why?

Knowing One's Heart
Messages from a dead friend?

Dr. Osto's Research
Find Dr. Osto's notes. He was on board Pioneer 1!

Unsealed Door
We've unlocked Dr. Osto's report! I want to see what he uncovered!

Doc's Secret Plan
Dr. Montague is a renowned scientist in bio-technology. He needs help.

Seek my Master
A hunter's lost on Ragol. What happened?

From the Depths
A research team was lost when a big earthquake struck. Find them.

Bernie Download Quests

Letter From Lionel
A mysterious letter was delivered to the Hunter's Guild.

Soul of a Blacksmith
A blacksmith wants to make a weapon using Ragol's unknown materials.

Central Dome Fire Swirl
Rescue the people engulfed in a mysterious fire!

The Retired Hunter
I will kill 10000 monsters before I die!

Soul of Steel
Rescue Ult!

Dr. Montague


Online Quests

Retrieve a weapon from a Dragon!

Retrieve a weapon from a De Rol Le!!

Retrieve a weapon from a Vol Opt!!!

The Missing Maracas
Get out there and find the missing maracas!

The Tinkerbell's Dog 2
Find a pet that ran away!

Garon's Treachery
"Shoot a movie on the surface of Ragol" What are Garon's expectations?

Rappy's Holiday
Let's play with Rappy!

Mop-up Operation #1
Mission: Sweep monsters from forest.

Mop-up Operation #2
Mission: Sweep monsters from caves.

Mop-up Operation #3
Mission: Sweep machines in the mines.

Mop-up Operation #4
Mission: Sweep monsters from the ruins.

Endless Nightmare #1
Exterminate all monsters in the forest on Ragol

Endless Nightmare #2
Mission: Sweep monsters from caves

Endless Nightmare #3
Exterminate all monsters in the mine on Ragol.

Endless Nightmare #4
Exterminate all monsters in the ruins on Ragol.

Today's Rate
Infiltrate the depths of the laboratory and delete the research data!

Towards the Future
The enemy simulator is complete. Challenge the other hunters.

Hunters : Defeat all Enemies!

White Day
Let's make a bouquet as a present for White day!

Challenge Mode

| Battle Mode