The Tinkerbell's Dog 2

Online Quest: The Tinkerbell's Dog 2
Find a pet that ran away!

Client: Neighborhood child
Quest: A pet that was kept in secret ran away.  Owner wants it brought home.
Reward: ??? Meseta

Neighborhood child
- [NAME]?  I'll get right to it...  Please listen.  I want you to find my dog, Rocky.  Rocky
  lived with me for a long time before getting on this ship but... I took my eyes OFF
  him and he was gone.  I can't find him anywhere.  So I think maybe he got on a
  transport for Ragol...  Even though I want to go look for him, I can't.  I came here
  thinking that some hunter would listen to my request.

  - Hey, hey!  How long you gonna keep me waiting?

  Neighborhood child
  - Oh, sorry, sorry.  We are nearly finished talking.  [NAME], this time we want you to
    cooperate with Sonic.

  - Hello, [NAME]!  I'm Sonic...  Sonic the Hedgehog.  Let's get busy!!

  Neighborhood child
  - Sonic saw that I was in a jam and despite the risks he came to help.

  - Let's put OUR heads together and go find Rocky.

  Neighborhood child
  - Sonic doesn't seem to know much about Ragol.  So go with him and show him
    around.  Please!  Find Rocky and bring him back to me!
- Rocky's features?  Well, he's always got a hair up his big butt.  Oh yeah...he's fat.
  He loves sweet stuff.  That's why he's so huge.  Please!  Find him and hurry back!

Woman in town
- Are you journeying to Ragol?  You'd better turn off the laser barrier before
  searching for something.  But Sonic can probably take care of two switches
  for you.  Once you pass here, searching goes out the window.  Watch yourself.
  And just 'cause Sonic is almighty doesn't mean that he can turn off all the
  barriers.  If you want to do something about the non-blue barriers...

FOnewearl in town
- You see that?  A yellow fox...  A red echidna...  But my peepers ain't what they
  used to be!

Man in town
- You know what?  Every time the Tinkerbell's get a new dog they name it Rocky.
  Some families have just got no class I guess.

[Transport to Pioneer 2.]

- Hey, [NAME]!  It looks like there are lots of dangerous places on this planet.
  But, no need to worry!  Somehow it'll all turn out right!  Ten to one my friends
  are already here.  If we get them to help us, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, we'll
  find Rocky.  Here we go!

[When you find Tails...]

- Sonic!

- Tails!  What are you doing here?

- Huh, somehow I ended up here.  But, I just knew I'd see you Sonic.  That's right!
  Sonic!  Bet you didn't know that anyone can turn off purple lasers [sic] barriers?
  Hm-hmm.  Didn't know did you?

- Tails, that's enough of your lip.  I got something I want you to help me with.  To
  tell you the truth...  ...

- Oh, I got it.  If that's what you want, I'll help you out!

- Way to go, Tails.  I knew you would!  And...  Here we go!

[When you find Knuckles...]

- Sonic!!

- Knuckles!!  I ended up being knocked out to the same place.

- Oh.  It was a nightmare.  But I feel some kind of power on this planet.  Maybe there are
  Emeralds on this planet!

- Maybe.  Anyway, it's worth checking out!  Yo Knuckles!  I've got something I need your
  help with.  To tell you the truth...  ...

- Don't be so cold!  Spit it out!

- So you'll help?  I knew I could count on you Knuckles.  I hear you.  And...  Here we go!

[Later, as you enter a room with Knuckles in tow...]

- Hey, Knuckles!  If we don't hurry and catch up with him, we're in big trouble!

- You said it.  We can't let Rogue the Bat get the Master Emerald!

- Hold it, Shadow!!

[And later, as you enter a room with Tails in tow...]

- Tails!  We've got to be going home to our world!

- Guess so.  I was worrying about Amy.

- You're right.  Let's hurry back to that pyramid and put a stop to that
  guy's treachery!

- Let's hang tough, Sonic!!

[When you find a small ring...]

- Got a small ring!

[When you come across a laser...]

- Turn off the laser?

  If YES
  - Have someone turn off the laser?

    [If the laser is successfully turned off by the character listed below...]
    - It's OK!!

    - Leave it to me!!

    - Leave it to a man!

    [If the laser is UNsuccessfully turned off by the character listed below...]

    - No, this isn't my turn!

    - Hmm. I can't release it.

    - I am way out of my league with this one.

    [If the laser is turned off by the character below, using his/her last try...]
    - Darn it!  I'll be hard to search much more
    - Sorry but... I give up this time.

    - I'm pooped.  I need a break.  Sorry.

    - It's no use.  I got no power.  Let me rest a while.  Sorry but you do the rest.

    [Note: If Knuckles or Tails use their last try, they leave the quest.  If Sonic uses
     his last try, the quest ends.]

[Enter a room and find Rocky...]

- Hey?  Could that be...

- Rocky is nowhere to be found.

[Transport to Cave 3, find the Cake Sisters and the Shortcake Bus]

Sister 1
- To tell the truth, we aren't really bakers!  We're the cake sisters!  What do you think
  of the heat and humidity here?  It's perfect!  Pioneer 2 didn't allow us to make cakes,
  so we came down here!  Hey, want to try one?
- What?  Monsters?  Our enthusiasm for cakes is the strongest in the whole universe!

Sister 2
- Are you surprised to find a cake shop in a location such as this?

Sister at Counter
- Welcome!  Welcome to Nuara Cake Shop!  We've got the best cakes in the business!
  So what will you have?

  [Whether you choose "cake," "cake," or "cake" the response is the same.]

  Thank you!

- Got a cake!

Sister at Counter
- Sorry, I already gave one to you.  I can't give you more than one.

[Return to Forest 1]

- Hey?  Could that be...

- Bow-wow!  Rocky started eating the cake.  And how.  You caught Rocky!

- That kid will really be happy now!  [NAME]!  We'll be going now!  Later.  See you !!

[Return to Pioneer 2]

- Us meeting like this means...  [NAME] may have the makings of a treasure hunter!
  Hmph.  Can't stand losing!

- Isn't it great we found Rocky!?  Ah-ah.  We have to get back to our real homes.  If
  only we had a huge energy source to power my machines...
- See you again!

Sonic [If you did not find all 5 rings]
- I'm so glad we found Rocky!  Today was funny.  Hope to see you again!  So long !

Sonic [If you found all 5 rings]
- I'm sure glad we found Rocky!  !?  ...Do you feel something?

  - Five rings started ringing!  The small ring is getting brighter and...

  - Talk about energy!  If I had this, maybe I could get back to my world in Tail's
    machines.  You think I could have those rings?

  [If you choose GIVE]
  - !  Thanks!  Now I can get back to my world now!  [NAME]!  I'll never forget your
  - Thanks.  With this I can get back to my world!!

[But if you did find all 5 rings, and you finish the quest with all three characters
 still with you, and you choose KEEP, then the quest takes a completely different twist,
 and you must play Janken with Sonic and his friends.]

- Okay then, how about a game of rock, paper, and scissors?  If we win, we get the rings.
  If [NAME] wins, I'll give you this glove.  Deal?

  [If you choose NO]
  ...  Okay, I see.  Have it your way.  Sorry but I give up.

  [If you choose YES]
  - Well, we're off!

[Janken against Knuckles]

  - Start with me.  Hit it!  One  Two  Three

    [If you tie...]
    Come again.

    [If you lose...]
    Ha-ha, how do you like me now!  Too bad but...  That ring is mine now!

    [If you win...]
    Darn it, I lost... Tails, it's up to you.

[Janken against Tails]

  - Move over, it's my turn! [NAME], I never lose.  Go! One Two Three...
    [If you tie...]
    And again.

    [If you lose...]
    Yippee!  The ring is ours.

    [If you win...]
    Ah... You got me!  Sonic...

[Janken against Sonic]

    - Hey, [NAME]!  I'm your last opponent! One Two Three...

    [If you tie...]
    And again.

    [If you lose...]
    Yes!  As agreed, I'll take the ring!

    [If you win...]
    Sorry but that's the way it is.  As agreed, this is [NAME]'s now.

    - Got Sonic's Glove.

    I won't lose again!
[And whenever you lose to any opponent, Sonic says this]

    - !?  Yes!  As agreed, I'll take the ring!
    - Thanks.  With this I can get back to my world!!

[Regardless of number of rings found, Janken or no, the quest then ends like this:]

Neighborhood child
- Oh!  Rocky!!  Rocky's back!  Thanks.  Thank you [NAME]!  The Guild is holding your
  reward.  Please go and pick it up.
- Now, Rocky and me are back together again.

- You've been awarded 1500 Meseta.

[Non-quest related dialogue -- lyrics to "Sonic's Theme"]
Well I don't show off, don't criticize
I'm just livin' by my own feelings
And I won't give in, won't compromise
I just only have a steadfast heart of gold
I don't know why, I can't leave though it might be tough
But I ain't outta control, just livin' by my word
Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason
I got my way, my own way
It doesn't matter now what happens I will never give up the fight
There is no way I will run away from all of my frights
Long as the voice inside me says "go" I will always keep on runnin'
There is nothing to stop me from going to the very top
It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right

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