Pioneer 2 after dragon is defeated

- We'll check all the data you send, but you still need to report to him.

- The Principal is waiting for you.  You may enter his room.

- The government hasn't made an official statement.  Why!?

- Regardless of the problem, most of out troubles are taken care of by hunters.  Cases that
  need an army rarely occur.  Pioneer 2 doesn't have a big army, so sometimes hunters handle
  the big cases.  Hunters work together when given this opportunity, though they prefer
  working alone.

- Nobody on Pioneer 1 was found on the surface?  Perhaps they're taking refuge somewhere...
  Or...?  No, no!  It can't be.

- Did you know?  I heard that somebody was sent to do some research on Ragol and that
  they finally... found a message from Red Ring Rico!  She must be alive, she must!  Don't
  you think so?

- If I wear a red armlet maybe I'll have the same courage Rico.  I know it's a silly
  idea.  Ha, ha.

Principal's Office after dragon is defeated

- The... The dragon, did it attack you!?  You think the native animals on Ragol attacked
  Pioneer 1 to defend their territory...  It's possible...  But why did it happen all of
  a sudden?  Continue investigating please.
- Rico!  No, I didn't say anything.  Please continue your research.

- I heard that you found messages from Rico.  But she's still missing.  Please, please find
  her as soon as you possibly can!  Please!

Scientist Behind Desk
- A huge dragon!?  No data.  Pioneer 1 didn't mention it in their report...  We didn't
  know Ragol was such a dangerous planet!
- As a scientist, I'm very interested in the ecological system of Ragol...  But as a citizen
  I'm frightened.

Pioneer 2 after dragon is defeated and after talking to Principal

- Do we always need to look sad or serious when we're in trouble?  Even when you're in a
  lot of trouble, remain calm.  I like it.  It makes you seem professional.  It's very cool.

- People in this area have no sense of this crisis at all!  This immigration plan is the
  key to our future!!  I don't trust hunters.  They treat their jobs like... as if they were
  going shopping.

Rico's Message Pods - Caves 1
- Wow... this cave is a treasure trove of discoveries.  Creatures that have never been
  discovered by people.  Completely unknown animals.  They look like mutant forms of
  the native animals...  Perhaps the government has kept this a secret...?  It's
  possible... but for what purpose?
- The Nano Dragon is a fierce monster.  It becomes stronger as it kills others.  I suggest
  you defeat it as quickly as possible.
- If you hear an alert, be careful!  There must be land mines around you.  You can
  detect them if you use the Trap Vision.

Normal/Hard/Very Hard Pods:
- Be careful of the Poison Lily's poisonous spit.
- Evil Sharks attack in obvious straight movement patterns.  Don't get surrounded.
- The attack range of the Grass Assassin is wide.  Move quickly to enter its blind spot!

Ultimate Pods:
- Be careful of the Ob Lily's poisonous spit.
- Vulmers attack in obvious straight movement patterns.  Don't get surrounded.
- The attack range of the Crimson Assassin is wide.  Move quickly to enter its blind spot!

Rico's Message Pods - Caves 2
- You may find yourself trapped by a parasite mine in the ground.  To free yourself, ask
  someone to hit you with a technique or a gun.
- Pofuilly Slime tends to attack at close range.  That's not good for Rangers and
  Forces.  Be careful.
- I never imagined that a trap would look like a switch!  How devious!
- I know that Pioneer 1 had some strange aspects to it.  In the data that I procured,
  the consumption rate was much higher than the population...  Perhaps there were a lot
  of non-registered citizens onboard.  Why?  What was their purpose?
- My first question about Ragol was, "Why didn't any sentient life exist here?"  But...
  look at this monument!  This is identical to the one I saw in the forest!  It's NOT
  ours though...  Was there an ancient civilization on Ragol?  But these monuments are
  the only evidence I see...  It'd be strange if there was a civilization, indeed...
  Can I decipher the characters with my simple tools?
- Ah, the characters on the monument...  I don't have any idea how to proceed.  I need
  more samples.

Rico's Message Pods - Caves 3
- Pan Arms are a little tricky.  They get stronger when they combine.  But they're really
  quick when separated.  Don't panic, OK?
- I saw it with my own eyes.  An animal metamorphosed when it was pierced by a tentacle
  from that giant worm.  Were the monsters I saw in the cave all changed by that giant
- I've got such mixed emotions... I'm scared, but excited, inspired even!  Should I act
  as a scientist now?  Or should I act as a hunter who is facing unknown enemies?  I
  feel like someone's herding me somewhere... but where?  To the underground... I feel
  like I'm being invited.

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