Online Quest: Lost SOUL BLADE
Retrieve a weapon from a Vol Opt!!!

Client: Hopkins, hunter
Quest: My weapon was taken from me when I was fighting a Vol Opt.
Reward: ??? Meseta

- Co... could you help me?  Please?  I almost defeated the Vol Opt.  But... but...  My
  SOUL BLADE...  My dad gave SOUL BLADE  It's really important to me.  I can't believe
  it was stolen.  I cannot do my job without it!  Please get it back for me.
- Please get my SOUL BLADE, back to me.  Perhaps the Vol Opt holds it!

RAmar in Guild
- It's a "talent" of his, I guess.  How does he keep losing that...  Again and again?

HUnewearl in Guild
- Did Hopkins do it again?  He never learns...

[Transport to Ragol, defeat Vol Opt.]

- Vol Opt defeated!  Hopkin's SOUL BLADE found in the Vol Opt's remains!

[NOTE: "Hopkin's" is the correct dialogue.]

Quest Board - SOUL BLADE
- My dad gave SOUL BLADE

[Return to Pioneer 2]

HUnewearl in Guild
- Honestly, tell me!  You don't want to do this any more, do you?

RAmar in Guild
- Um.  Anyway, thanks for taking care of Hopkins.

- My item!  This is great!  Wow!  Thank you very much!  You're great!  Please get your
  reward at the counter!  This is all I can do to show my appreciation.
- Please go get your reward at the counter!  Thank you!

- You've been awarded 20000 Meseta

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