Mop-up Operation #3

Online Quest: Mop-up Operation #3
Mission: Sweep machines in the mines.

Client: lieutenant
Quest: I want the machines in the mines underground to be swept out.
Reward: ??? Meseta

- I'm a lieutenant in the 32nd WORKS division of the Pioneer 2 outer space task force.
  Pioneer 2's army is ill-equipped, so we ask hunters to help out.  I received the council's
  order to go to Ragol to do some research.  So I want your help.  Before I send my unit,
  sweep the underground mines of machines.  The mission will start in 5 minutes.  Finish
  your duties before the mission starts.  I admit that our soldiers are too weak.  Good luck.
- Report to me when you've completed the mission.

- The army finally decided to start their research.

Soldier in Town
- Ha!  Hunters are just like the street fighters downtown.

[Transport to Pioneer 2.  Each time you clear a room, the following message is displayed...]

- + XX seconds

[ which XX is the number of seconds added to your countdown clock for clearing the room.
 The number of seconds added is different depending on the difficulty of the quest.]

[After you have cleared the last room of Mine 1...]

- Mission complete!  Job complete!  You will be taken to the lobby after you receive your

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Soldier in Town
- Ha!  You were lucky that you completed the mission.

- I don't understand why we have to fight for the soldiers.  We can always reject a quest
  that we dislike.

- Did you destroy all the machines?  Good job.  That's one task done.  We'll start our
  mission now.  Get your reward at the Hunter's Guild.
- I appreciate your help.  Get your Meseta at the Hunter's Guild.

- You've been awarded 10000 Meseta.

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