Principal's Office after Vol Opt is defeated
(But Rico's analysis of the ruins entrance is ignored...)

- I am responsible for 30,000 people on Pioneer 2.  Should we abandon Ragol
  and just depart?  But we don't have any other planet that we can settle on.
  We need a home...

Scientist Behind Desk
- Based on our analysis, I discovered that the robots you fought against
  were restructured mechanisms that were used on Pioneer 1.  It is my job to
  find facts.  Reasoning with the collected facts is someone else's job.
  But...  I... I'm scared.  Very scared.

- By now, you must know that Ragol is a dangerous planet.  That is
  something!  Nobody on Pioneer 1 survived.  We have to leave here right now.

Pioneer 2 after Vol Opt is defeated

- Pioneer 1 carried a lot more weaponry than we did.  If we really have to land on Ragol, we
  should get them...

- Well, I'd handle everything if I had stronger weapons!

- What should we do if Ragol isn't the place for us...?  We can't go back, and we can't
  proceed.  Where is home now?

- There are probably other ways to make money, anyway.  Increasing your experience is
  probably more important.

- This is just a hunch that I have... OK?  Pioneer 1 didn't want to report the ruins, or
  their plan to excavate it.  Someone's hiding something.

- Did you know?  It's been rumored that Rico left a lot of messages on Ragol.  Her messages
  must be important clues that'll help solve this mystery.

- Have you found Rico yet?  That unfortunate accident...  With Rico there...

Principal's Office after Vol Opt is defeated

- The underground ruins...  Are they the cause of everything?  Did people from Pioneer 1 go
  down into the ruins?  [NAME], Please continue investigating.

Scientist Behind Desk
- Ruins found underground...  Did sentient life exist on Ragol at one time?  But Pioneer 1
  didn't find any traces of sentient life on the surface.  It's a perplexing question...

- Pioneer 1 somehow knew of the existence of the ancient ruins that were underground.  And
  they were going to excavate it for research...  And something happened.  ...Something!

Rico's Message Pods - Ruins 1
- Why am I here, with monsters lurking everywhere?  Did the army even stand a chance against
- Frontal attacks against Delsabers are ineffective.  So don't try it.  Go around to its back.
- Don't let yourself get surrounded by Dimenians!
- Do you see the crystals floating around a Chaos Sorcerer?  One is used for attack, and
  the other is for healing.
- I can't move... what a horrific trap.  I wish I had a friend here...
- Wreckage...!  These weapons are from Pioneer 1.  They must've already entered the ruins,
  and from the look of things, fighting went on.  It must've been a big battle.  Seems our
  army was hurt badly.
- I can see a distant view through this window...  The "ruins" are huge.  I would never have
  imagined such a great civilization...
- Claws should be easy to defeat.  They are weak.  But be careful when they combine into a
- What is this big hole?  It looks like... remnants of some type of energy explosion.
  ...Energy...?  Was the Central Dome destroyed by this!?
- Dark Belra's are very slow, but they have lots of health.  Prepare for a long battle.
- Those strange characters were found here and there.  I think I have enough samples to
  decipher the meaning of the message on the monument.  "Light makes darkness, a pair exists,
  but it doesn't always exist.  Reincarnation goes forever.  The rule is here.  It should be
  sealed.  MUUT DITTS POUMN"...  Does it make sense?  I wish I had enough time to study
  these unknown characters...

Rico's Message Pods - Ruins 2
- I haven't studied all the characters yet, but I've got some usefull information.  This is
  the most important fact that I have found.  There was NO ancient civilization on Ragol.
  We didn't discover ruins.  This is a spaceship.  A gigantic spaceship.
- I'm now inside the ancient spaceship.  Well, it's not just a spaceship.  It's a... "casket."
  Something or somebody was sealed in this spaceship to remain buried here.  What is IT?
  Why was something buried in such a manner?  Anyway, I know that a monster is sleeping in
  this cave.  We've opened the forbidden door.
- You need to wait until a Dark Gunner stops to hit it.  It's impervious to damage when it's
  moving around.
- Still moving...  This ship's still operating!
- Be careful of the Chaos Bringer's charge.  Dodge the charge, then attack it from behind.
- I want to run away!  But I have no place to return to...  Perhaps no one will ever find
  this message and listen to it.  Ever...  Pioneer 2 will not come down when they discover
  that this planet is dangerous.  Will somebody from Pioneer 2 still come to save us?
  Who knows?  Regardless, I leave this message here.  This is evidence of my existence.

Rico's Message Pods - Ruins 3
- This mist is very unusual...  Be careful!
- Dark Falz!  That's the name.  The god of destruction that revives in the millennial cycle.
  Perhaps this entity encountered a civilization thousands of years ago.  They could not
  defeat it, but managed to seal it in this gigantic spaceship.  They abandoned it somewhere
  far from their planet.  It was this place, Ragol.  We've come to a terrible place at the
  worst possible time...
- Dark Falz is a consciousness.  This entity has no body.
- I miss my father.  I wasn't a very good daughter... was I?  Is my father OK now?
- Don't let it come in.  The dark consciousness looks for the best animal to obtain its
  temporal host body.
- The door is already opened.  We opened it.  This may be the beginning of the end of the
  universe.  We have to do something...  We must do it.  We have to defeat it now!  Defeat
  it before that dark "thing" revives with the perfect body.

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