Battle Mode

Battle Mode
Woman in the City
- When joining a battle, you will be transferred to a training simulator.  Defeat your
  opponent as many times as possible in this timed contest.  What a great simulator!

Kid #1 by Transporter:
- Experience and items here cannot be used elsewhere.  My dad said that you can't save
  them, and you can't take them with you.  ...but I'm just a kid, I really don't know
  what he's talking about.

Kid #2 by Transporter:
- My grandpa told me to be careful when setting traps.  "They blow up quickly," he said.
  But I don't know what he means.

Woman in the City
- Who is stronger?  Have you ever thought about it?  You'll find out how strong you are
  by using the training simulators.  Victory is a matter of chance...  You can't win all
  of the time.

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