From the Depths

Guild Quest: From the Depths
A research team was lost when a big earthquake struck.  Find them.

Client: Irene, secretary
Quest: A big earthquake occured on Ragol.  The research team that was underground there has
Reward: 8000 Meseta

- This is an urgent quest from the council.  A big earthquake was confirmed under the
  surface of Ragol.  The size of this quake was similar in power to that of the explosion.
  An army research team was sent to Ragol to investigate the quake.  But they haven't
  returned yet...  The army quickly decided to send hunters to find the lost researchers.
  The council also decided to send hunters.  [NAME], we want you to go below the surface of
  Ragol.  According to the lab, the epicenter is located far beneath the ruins.  Rescue the
  research team and also report to us on the status of the area.  ......  This is a
  confidential mission.  Don't talk about it to anybody.
- This is a confidential mission.  Don't talk about it to anybody.  ......

[Transport down to Ragol.  An earthquake occurs while in a corridor.]

- !!!

[Encounter a large room with two hunters, Takuya and Type:O, sprawled on the ground.  They
 disappear into mist.]

Unidentified Speaker
- ...?

[Another earthquake occurs upon leaving the room.]

- !!

[Enter next room where two other hunters are now standing.]

- It's so cramped here...  100years...

- ...something...
  ......  !!

[The hunters disappear in another fog of mist.]

[Enter gigantic chamber where a lone Force stands in the middle of the room.]

Nadja (Force)
- ....  who  ...?  What...?  You save me?  Where am I...?  I can't
  remember...  We all fell down, and...

[Mist swirls around the Force.]

Different Voice
- Yes...heard that voice...  What?  Oh, yes... please take me back home...

[Mist fades.]

- When we arrived here, there were no traces of the research team...  One of us started
  acting strange... and we heard a voice...beneath us.  Are you listening to me?

[Even more mist appears around Nadja.]

Different Voice
- COME CLOSER...  ...COME...I...  EVOLVE...

[Mist fades.]

- But I hear nothing anymore.  Hey, are you really listening to me?

[Mist returns greater than before.]

Different Voice

[Mist fades.]

- What???  Did you say something?

[Mist comes back with the same amount of intensity.]

- Wouu... ...!  Stop!  Stop that!  Don't come near me!  Noooooo!!

[Nadja attacks.]

[Encounter Ash on the next level down.]

- Who is it?  Are you from Pioneer 2?  I'm Ash, a hunter!  I'm here because the army was
  asking for help!  [Pause]  !!!

[An earthquake strikes and monsters appear.  After they are defeated...]

- You...!  Hey, do you remember me?  It's me, Ash!  You saved me that time.  I've trained
  myself to be tougher since then.  Do I look different?  ...Are you... are you still
  normal?  Huh?  !!

[Another earthquake occurs.]

- Here is...  Hey, why are you here?  The research team?  Oh, they were all killed.  I found
  evidence of it.  I saw a strange machine near the monument.  It's what caused the quake.
  If you're going there, let me go with you.  I want to become strong like you.  You're my
  role model now.  I want to prove to you that I'm better now.  Let's go!

[Find the machine.]

- It's vibrating...  Is it reacting to this monument?  I think these monsters are strange...
  The more that are killed, the stronger the next monsters become...  It seems like
  something is controlling them.  They just come at us as if they were soldiers ordered to
  do so...  ......  Yes... these unending monsters are fighting to protect something.  Did
  this machine find something significant?  ......

[Examine the machine.]

- It's not working...

- ......  Was it examining this monument?  Perhaps it happened to touch something sealed in
  this ruin...  Earthquake, panicked guys, monsters...  Anyway, let's copy the data and then
  turn it off.

- Got Monument Data!

- Machine stopped...

- ......  Can you go on ahead?  I'll go look for any survivors.

[Ash leaves.]

If you did not give Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and defeated Kireek in
"Waterfall Tears" and "Black Paper"...

[Encounter room where Ash is sprawled on the ground with Kireek over him.]

- [NAME]!  Watch out!  It's him, but... he's not... what he was!

- Waaaaar....  I'll... kill... you...
- Ugggh!  Gaaah!


- Did you defeat him?  ...damn...  You don't have to worry about me.  I'll be along shortly.

[Non-quest related lines]

- Gyaaah! [when attacking]
- Nice! [when healed]
- Ow! [when injured]
- I died... [when slain]

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- Were they all dead?  Oh...  ......  I'm so sorry...  I'll send this data to the lab for
  analysis.  You're done.
- Thank you.  Visit the Guild for your reward.

- You've been awarded 8000 Meseta.

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