Secret Delivery

Guild Quest: Secret Delivery
Deliver a top secret package underground!

Client: Simons
Quest: I want this package to be dropped off on Ragol, underground, immediately.
Reward: 4500 Meseta

- So you're [NAME].  I'm Simons Olo.  I work at the lab.  Please deliver this box to Ragol
  as soon as possible!  Sorry, it's heavy.  It I can't tell you.  I
  think you've heard about the mutants in the underground.  This box will be used to
  study those animals!  Got it?  Anyway, we have no time to waste!  Finish this job as soon
  as you can!  What should I do if Dr. Montague discovers what I've done...!  Now, please
  hand it to YN-0117 on floor B2!  Quickly!  Just put it on YN-0117 directly.  It's easy.
  You can contribute to the mission...  Err!  I mean, the study.
- You're running out of time!  Please go!  If you're late, YN-0117 will...!  Oh, my poor

Soldier in Guild 1
- I just don't understand scientists at all!  How do they get so attched to their machines?

Soldier in Guild 2
- Why are you still here?  Don't you know how critical this missi...  Uhh... nothing.
  Forget about it.

Man in Town
- Do you have any photon weapons?  I can't believe it!  Photons are out of date!
  Imagine the strongest weapon ever...  So hot that it'd be cool!  If you were a hunter,
  would you want one?

  [If you say "!!"]
  - You're clever indeed.  Hey, listen to me.  I'm actually a member of a secret
    organization known as "WEAPONS."  You really don't know?  Are you really a hunter?
    A group of Freemasons seeking an ultimate weapon!  "WEAPONS!"  You are interested
    in it, aren't you?

       [If you say "!!"]
       - Right, right.  That's very natural.  If you want, I can recommend you for
         membership.  But know this!  It's not easy to become a member of "WEAPONS."
         You'll need to get final approval from our boss.  And to meet our boss,
         you'll need approvals from the other members.  We have 6 people now.  Me,
         the boss and 4 other members.  You can meet our boss if you get approvals
         from the other 4 members.  I don't know where they are or what they're
         doing now.  We have a rule that we never interfere with each other.  I'll
         admit you.  Take this as evidence of my appoval.

       - Got "WEAPONS EMBLEM!"

       - It'll be an arduous task becoming a member of "WEAPONS."  Good Luck!

       [If you say "??"]
       - You aren't?  OK, that's all.  See ya.

  [If you say "??"]
  - Perhaps you'll never realize what I was asking you...

Man in Town [Regardless of how you ended up answering the above questions]
- The ultimate weapon!  When can I see such a wonderful thing?!

Man in Town [after returning with four approvals]
- Good, good.  You got all the approvals.  Now all you have to do is see our boss.  Don't
  get her angry!

Man in Town [after obtaining Akiko's Frying Pan]
- What?  Was she angry?  Oh, that's bad!  That's very bad!

Woman Near Shops (Akiko)
- He's left without doing any work again...  Perhaps he's doing that stupid thing with
  those emblems...

Akiko [after returning with four approvals]
- Hey you!  The one with the "WEAPONS" emblem.  My husband gave that to you, right?
  He's doing it again...  What?  Boss?  Ah, I see.  It's me!  Are you surprised?  Ha, ha.
  You've got approval from 5 members?  What a good obedient kid you are!  Anyway, you
  did a good job.  Let's see...  OK, here you are.  I used it for a long time.  It's
  very good.  If you see the man who gave you that emblem again... tell him that his boss
  says that he has to return immediately.

  - Got "Akiko's Frying Pan"!
- Now where's that man?  He better be...

[Transport down to Cave 1.]

[Encounter Bernie]

- That seems to be an energy pack.  EM-05?  Is that a product number?  I have no idea.
  YN-0117?  I've never heard of it before.  I didn't know that there was another hunter
  who worked alone here...  I realized that I'm just one of their tools.
- What am I doing here?  I'm a professional, so I can't say, of course.  I know what
  you mean...  A transmission from a girl was suddenly lost.  I'm trying to track it.

[Encounter a RAcast in some kind of recharging chamber.]

RAcast (Type:O)
- ...wait mode...  ...input command...

  [If you choose "Cancel"]
  - ...canceled...

  [If you choose "EM-05"]
  - ...error...  ...exclude mode...
  [RAcast attacks you.]

  [If you choose "YN-0117"]
  - Transmission to YN-0117 is not available now.  Bio-structure analysis is not
    available now.

[Transport to Caves 2]

[Encounter two RAcasts (Type:O and Type:W) just as in Caves 1... same dialogue, too.]

[Find Elenor unconscious]

- ...sleep mode...
  ...input command...

  [If you choose "Cancel"]
  - ...canceled...

  [If you choose "EM-05"]
  - ...clear sleep mode...

  [If you choose "YN-0117"]
  - ! Yes, master!  YN-0117 is waiting for your... your...?  ...I can't move...  Oh,
    excuse me, but I think that's mine.  From Master Olo?  Perfect!  Would you mind
    inserting it into my back for me?

    [Elenor stands up]

    My name is Elenor.  I'm an android who's serving Dr. Montague.  I ran out of energy
    and was stuck here.  Oh, it's you!  [NAME]!  How are you and your Mag?  ......  I'm
    glad it was you who came to help me again.  Oh, I'm on duty!  Well, I'm OK now.
    Thank you very much.  Please tell Mr. Olo that I'll go back after I complete my

    [Elenor disappears.]

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Soldier in Guild 2
- Good job.  Now we can proceed with the mi...research.

Soldier in Guild 1
- Was it completed?  Thank you.  Simons will tell you about the reward.

- Did you make it in time?  Excellent!  Thank you!  You saved my life!  I won't get scolded
  now!  Thank you very much.  Please visit the Guild counter for your reward.
- YN-0117, please come back.  I'm anxiously waiting for your return.

- You've been awarded 4500 Meseta.

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