Magnitude of Metal

Guild Quest: Magnitude of Metal
A valuable commodity on Ragol was lost?!

Client: Garon, trader
Quest: Retrieve items that were stolen on a trip back from Ragol.
Reward: 500 Meseta

- Are you the Hunter from the Guild?  I'm Garon, a trader.  I want you to go down to
  Ragol and retrieve my lost items.  It's really important!  A business opportunity of the
  likes that no one has ever seen before!  I'm sure I'll become a zillionaire when I get
  it all back.  That useless Ranger said that an android took them.  Find that android and
  get back my items!  Understand?  If you need any more info, ask that stupid, incompetent
- Go talk to that useless hunter if you need more details!  He should be around somewhere.

Dacci (RAmar in Town)
- Garon's commodity?  Ah, they're just Mags.  Garon happened to find out that Mags could
  be found on the ground.  He asked me to collect some for him.  I accepted it for the
  Meseta.  I collected enough Mags on Ragol to make everyone happy, but then, I thought
  about the Mags and the hunters who used them before.  Mags are just protectors invented
  by a scientist.  But we're given one when we become hunters.  It's kind of tradition.
  Mags are an essential piece of equipment for hunters, right?  When I was thinking this,
  an android appeared, and...  It was right, though, Garon shouldn't use them to get Meseta.
- No, the Mags weren't stolen.  They voluntarily left...  I'm not lying to you.  It's
  the truth.

Man in Town
- I don't think Garon is a good trader.  I heard that he belongs to a suspicious traders
  group.  His view on things is so narrow that he'll never be a successful trader.
  Credibility is important for people to have.  It's an invaluable commodity.

[Transport down to Ragol... find Elenor Camuel.]

- Well... one's still missing...  !  I was surprised...  Ah... excuse me, but have you
  seen a Mag around here?

  If you say... "No, I haven't."
  - Thanks, anyway.  I wonder where it is...  A Mag left me when I wasn't paying attention.

  [This repeats until you say "I'm looking for it."]

  If you say... "I'm looking for it."
  - What?  You came here to retrieve Mags?  No, no!  I didn't mean to take them from
    the Ranger.  But they all looked so sad, so I just started talking to them.  And...
    they looked very happy.  I just wanted to say hello.  But... they all wanted to come
    with me, and they chased after me.  Then everyone returned to their master's place.
    They aren't here now.  Only one Mag was saying that it would come with me, but it
    disappeared.  Sorry about that...  Are you going to look for it?  Let me join you.
    Maybe it didn't stray too far from me.  By the way, I'm Elenor.  Elenor Camuel.  I'm
    an android.
- Are you mad because I let the Mags run away?  I'm sorry.  But please listen, I don't know
  if you're aware of this, but... Mags are intelligent.  When a hunter equips a Mag, it
  recognizes him or her as its master.  Some Mags are clever.  They can protect or heal
  their masters!  Moreover, some can do a lot of photon damage.  Doc told me, but... I
  forgot...  Aaa...anyway!   Mags'll try to help you if you're nice to them.  Mags feel
  very sad when they lose their masters.
- My Mag and Doc's Mag are twins.  They were as small as two peas when they were new.  But
  they look different now.  It's strange...  Don't you think?
- Excuse me, I don't know if I should tell you this... but...  [NAME], your Mag is hungry...
  It's true!  It's alive.  It needs something to eat.  And it's best to give a Mag its
  favorite item.  Each Mag has its own characteristics and its own favorite items.  Some
  like Monomate, others like Dimate...  To feed your Mag, open the menu window, select Item
  Pack, then MAG.  Then select Give Items.  That's it.  It's easy.  Try to "know" your Mag.
  It grows as its Master gains experience.
- [NAME], your Mag is very cute.  It likes you a lot, [NAME]!  ...Huh?  How can I
  communicate with Mags?  Well, because...  ???  I'm so sorry... I just don't know.
- Oh, I just remembered!  When Mags get damaged, they charge energy to endure the pain.
  The charged energy can be converted into a Photon Blast!  ...but I'm not sure...  When
  the energy is fully charged, your Mag tells you to use the power!
- Hey!  There it is!  There!  Over there!  Can you see it?

- Got missing MAG!

- Hi again...  ......  I see.  It visited its ex-master to say bye-bye.  Now it's done.
  It says that it wants to have a new master.  See?  Mags prefer a master that loves them.
  [NAME], please take care of your Mag.  Even if you can't hear its voice, know that it
  understands you.
- Mags are good partners to hunters.  I "know" my Mag.  I can feel my Mag because I'm very
  close to it...  

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- I'm happy to hear that.  The Mags would be much happier going back to their masters.

Man in Town
- Has Garon learned this?  I don't think so...  

- Whaaaat?  This is the only one?  Their masters were already ...dead...  ......  Anyway,
  you can get your Meseta at the Guild!  Your job is finished.
- I lost so much Meseta!  I could've been a... zillionaire...

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