Addicting Food

Guild Quest: Addicting Food
Possible food problem aboard Pioneer 2.

Client: Trekka
Quest: I want to eat something sweet!
Reward: 1500 Meseta

- I'm Trekka.  I'm really embarassed about this story, but listen to me.  Pioneer 2
  doesn't really restrict us on food consumption.  But certain types of food are
  restricted, especially sweets.  But I love sweets.  I was looking forward to landing
  on Ragol because it meant eating sweets!  But the landing was postponed!  And I really
  need my sweets!  Perhaps you hunters can go to Pioneer 1 to get some sweets.  Sorry
  that this sounds like a stupid request.  But I am quite serious!
- I want to eat something sweet... very sweet...

FOnewearl in Guild
- I know who she is!  She's famous for starting sweet-mania!  She's in such great shape
  now, but she used to be... oops!  I must stop here to uphold her honor.

RAmar in Guild
- I don't know what to do.  My quest is to find three sisters, but there aren't any clues.
  I went everywhere on Pioneer 2.

RAcast in Town
- I'm helping to find the 3 lost sisters.  They were bakers with their own high standards
  for baking.  I don't understand why they'd leave the ship.

Man in Town
- Yes!  I know who those sisters are!  They were looking for the perfect baking environment.
  They were professionals.  So, their bread was very delicious!  I loved it!  What?  You
  are doing some other quest?

[Transport down to Caves 1, make your way to Caves 3, find the Three Sisters' Shortcake

Sister 1
- To tell the truth, we aren't really bakers!  We're the cake sisters!  What do you think
  of the heat and humidity here?  It's perfect!  Pioneer 2 didn't allow us to make cakes,
  so we came down here!  Hey, want to try one?
- What?  Monsters?  Our enthusiasm for cakes is the strongest in the whole universe!

Sister 2
- Are you surprised to find a cake shop in a location such as this?

Sister at Counter
- Welcome to Nuara Cake Shop.  Which would you like to purchase?

  [Whether you choose "cake," "cake," or "cake" the response is the same.]

  Thank you!

- Got a cake!

Sister at Counter
- Sorry, I already gave one to you.  I can't give you more than one.

Quest Board
- cake: A very sweet and tasty treat!

[Return to Pioneer 2.]

Man in Town
- Have you found the three sisters?  Oh, sorry.  I thought you are doing that quest.

RAcast in Town
- Personally, I think they did a fine job baking on Pioneer 2.  Humans are difficult to

RAmar in Guild
- What?  You saw three girls on Ragol?  Really?  All my efforts were in vain...

- Oh, that... that's...!  I learned about this in history class!  It's a cake, isn't it!?
  Please, give it to me!!

- Passed cake!

- Mmm... Th... thanks!  You can get your Meseta at the Hunter's Guild.
- I know I'll gain weight again if I eat too many sweets.  Sweet food is really addicting...

FOnewearl in Guild
- When does she stop eating?  Will she become...  That's why sweets are dangerous.  They're
  really addictive.

- You've been awarded 1500 Meseta.

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