Dr. Osto's Research

Guild Quest: Dr. Osto's Research
Find Dr. Osto's notes.  He was on board Pioneer 1!

Client: Three scientists
Quest: We want to see Dr. Osto's research memo.  He is a renowned doctor who was on board
       Pioneer 1.
Reward: 5500 Meseta

- Have you read the latest research notes about Ragol?  These strange mechanical enemies
  appeared in No Man's Mines.  We are assuming that Pioneer 1 did some studies there.  After
  that explosion, the area unexpectedly started working again.  So, here's your job.  Go and
  find Dr. Osto's documents.  If our assumption is correct, he must have left his research
  data.  Use this disk when you find his computer.

- Got Security Disk!

- You can unlock the security system with it.  Access his data and bring it back to us.
  Good luck.

- Dr. Osto was renowned for his work in electricity and genetics.  He and Dr. Montague are
  two of the greatest scientists in the world.  Dr. Osto was sent to Ragol by the council.

- What?  All data regarding Dr. Osto was deleted from Pioneer 2!  What was he doing on Ragol?
  Everything is a mystery...

Dr. Montague
- Where is Elenor?  I haven't finished her maintenance yet...  It seems that her emotional
  range is just a wee bit too wide.  I want to try a few more patterns for her.

Dr. Montague [If you have completed "Doc's Secret Plan"]
- Hello, [NAME]!  Long time no see.  Elenor wanted to see you again.  Oh, yes!  Did I
  tell you about the weapon?  It's completed!  Ha, ha, ha.  I am quite confident of its
  quality!  You can find materials in the mines or in the ruins.  Ha, ha, ha...
- I can make you one if you bring me some materials.  You can find the materials in
  the mines or in the ruins.  Ha, ha, ha...

Dr. Montague [If you have completed "Doc's Secret Plan" and you have a monster part]
- Hey, you have some very good quality material!  I'll make a weapon for you with that
  material!  Stay here.

  Sorry to make you wait.  But take a look at this.  Weapons are made using compressed
  Photon energy technology.  This was made using the same procedure, but with another
  energy source.  This Photon energy was drawn from the monsters living underground.
  Disturbing? Not at all! Ha, ha, ha.

  - Got [ITEM NAME]

- It's a real pain guarding Dr. Montague.  He's a doctor, but he's still very young.

[Transport down to Ragol... find Hunter.]

- Sorry.  I was ordered to kill anybody who came over here...
- ......  You...  You'll die if you get too involved.

[Find Sue.]

- Aagghh!!  You frightened me!  Are you a [CLASS] from Pioneer 2?  Are you going to the mine?
  Me?  Well, I'm going there as well!  ......  Hey, we need to cooperate, don't we?  Right,
  right.  Cooperation.  Just until we finish investigating the mines.  A great idea, right?
  It'll be easier for both of us!  Let's go!
- Is this the first time you've been here?  It's my first time.  Ah, yes.  I came here
  because I took a quest.  Same as you.
- Won't open?  Is the mechanism broken?  ......  Let me take care of it.
- See?  I have the knack.
- I'm glad I saw you.  I was feeling helpless.  I lost sight of my friend.  It was so
  lonely here.  I thought I'd never see anyone ever again.  By the way, where are you going?
  ......  I see.  It's a secret.  OK, I won't ask you.

[Meet Ranger.]

- Su...!  ...!

[Arrive at computer.]

- Main computer...
  ...Access denied.
  Searching OSTO HYLE..
  ... hit 1 item.
  Code required.

  If you choose... "Cancel."
  - Canceled.

  [This repeats until you choose "Use the disk."]

  If you choose... "Use the disk."
  - ......
    Starting transfer...
    ...Facility data...
    ...Beta772 process...
    ...Excavation Notes...
    ...Beta772 overrun data.
    Data transfer done.

- ......  Wow, you're very good with computers...  That's surprising!  Are you searching for
  Dr. Osto's report?  Me too.  I came down here to get his information.  Are you...?  ......
  No, nothing...  Anyway, we have the same objective.  Let's help each other.  Let me copy
  that data.  Is that a problem?
- OK...  My job is done.  But I want to see if I can find any other records.  And I have to
  find my friend.  It's time to say good-bye.  See you.  ......  I don't know your name.
  Will you tell me?

  If you say... "Sure."
  - [NAME]...  My name's Sue.  It was fun working with you.  See you later!

  If you say... "No.  sorry..."
  - Oh yeah?  Hmm, OK then.  I think it's an appropriate choice.  See you later!

[Return to Gekigasky after Sue leaves.]

- You...  You better forget about what you saw today...

[Non-quest related lines]

- Time to wipe them out! [when attacking]
- No problem! [when she casts Anti on you]
- Thanks! [when healed]
- Hey, you with me? [if idle too long]
- Haaah! [when using attack technique]
- Umph! [when injured]
- Ow! [when injured]
- !!! [when slain]

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- Excellent!  Are they Dr. Osto's files!?  Perhaps we can find out what happened on Ragol by
  examining them.  Thank you very much.  Visit the Guild counter to receive your Meseta.

- Anyway, it's great to know that you found his data!  We'll study it!

- I can't believe this!  You say you saw strange men in the mines?  What can we extract from 
  this data!?

- You've been awarded 5500 Meseta.

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