Gran Squall

Guild Quest: Gran Squall
Gran Squall, a pleasure boat, departed before the explosion.  Find the survivors.

Client: Travel Agency
Quest: The pleasure boat, Gran Squall, is lost.  Find the survivors.
Reward: 1000 Meseta

Travel Agency Representative
- Are you [NAME]?  I work for the travel agency.  The Gran Squall is a pleasure boat.
  It departed for Ragol before we received news about the explosion.  Our communication
  with the ship has been lost.  To ease concerns, we decided to implement a huge search
  on Ragol.  Some hunters are already down there looking for survivors.  Any kind of
  clues would be fine.  I expect you to find something.  If you find anything, report
  it to me right away.  And don't talk to the other hunters.  We don't want rumors
  to spread.
- If you find something, tell me directly as soon as you can.

Soldier in Town
- If you want to keep your job, you'd better keep your mouth closed.  Nobody'll give you
  a job if you disobey orders.

Man in Town
- A pleasure boat?  Before the explosion?  I doubt any civilian boat could go before
  the council opened the line.

Woman near Shops
- I happened to see Great Sword Zoke a few days ago!  He was cool!  But his android wasn't
  with him.  I heard that she's always with him.  Zoke was around the transporter with a

Woman near Shops [after acquiring WEAPONS emblem]
- Oh, you're wearing that emblem!  Are you a weapon maniac, too?  My fave is the Katana!
  I wish I had one of the four Legendary Katanas!  Zoke owns three of them, so only one's
  left!  Hmmm... where would I find it?  Hey, are you going to join "WEAPONS?"  Approval?
  Freemasons?  Ha, ha!  What are you talking about?  "WEAPONS" is just a club that a
  bored trader started.  So you don't need any approvals.  So relax!

  - Got an approval?
- The Katana is great.  I feel a soul in it.

Woman near Shops [after making it into WEAPONS]
- Have you met Akiko?  Was she angry?  I see...  She's always angry because her husband
  is like that.  But it's fun to talk to him about weapons.

[Transport to Forest 1]

- Are you looking for the pleasure boat, too?  Do you really believe the story about the
  pleasure boat?

  [If you say "Yes."]
  ......  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Hey, are you serious?  You're interesting.  Ha, ha.
  Oh, I'm sorry.  Forgive my rudeness.  Want to come with me?  I'll give you some
  good information.  Come on!  [Bernie joins you.]

  [If you say "No."]
  I agree with you.  Ha, ha, ha!  I think you're correct.

Gizel (HUmar in Forest) (NOTE: Not the same Gizel from "The Value of Money")
- Are you working on the quest offered by the travel agency?  I'm doing that, too.  But
  I can't find any traces at all...  Let me know if you find anything.

- Don't you think that this quest is strange?  A pleasure boat departed before the council
  made first contact?  No way!  I really doubt that the ship really fell to the ground...

- You searching for the Gran Squall?  Will you share your info with me?

  [If you say "Yes."]
  ......?  You know nothing, am I right?  You have no information to share.  Me?
  Oh, well...  I... I'll collect all the info from now on.

  [If you say "No."]
  You want to monopolize the money, right?  Same as that man in black.

[You and Bernie come to a locked door.]

- Won't open?  Is the mechanism broken?  Let me take care of it.
  [Bernie opens door.]
  See?  I have the knack.
- ??  The information?  Oh, yes.  Can you keep a secret?  Do you swear?  The true
  meaning of this quest is not what it appears to be.  The Gran Squall crashed on Ragol.
  That's true.  But it's not a pleasure boat.  The Gran Squall's a secret military ship.
  I don't know what its purpose was.  Anyway, it crashed on Ragol.  I confirmed it with
  my source who's working on another quest with me.  My source says there must be a
  survivor.  My true quest is camouflaged by the travel agency's quest.
- We'll use that transporter, OK?

[Transport to Forest 2]

- I'm looking for a little lady.  I heard that a chip's implanted in her body to get her
  data.  If we're close enough to her, we can detect her with this machine.  ...I don't
  understand why they had to implant the chip into her...
- It shows that her signal is coming from this direction.  But there seems to be a big
  party waiting for us.  I'm glad that I joined up with you.

[Find FOnewearl, Rupika]

- She's badly injured...  It's a miracle that she's still alive.  Hey, you!  Thanks for
  the help.  Can you go on ahead and report it to the travel agency?  I'll go with her
  later.  Don't worry.  I'll contact my other client about this girl before we
- Trust me.  You fought alongside me.  I never betray my party.  But I'm forgetful.
  Ha, ha, ha!

[Non-quest related lines]

- Time to take you down! [when attacking]
- Watch this! [when casting Gifoie]
- Gaaah! [when injured]
- Thank you very much! [when healed]
- Ok, let's take a break. [when idle too long]
- It's over. [when killed]

[Transport back to Pioneer 2]

Man in Town
- I heard that a survivor was found on Ragol.  They said it was a little girl...  Is it

Soldier in Town
- You shouldn't talk about your job, even when it's complete.  Got that?  Never forget

Travel Agency Representative
- Excellent!  We didn't expect there to be any survivors.  Let me confirm this...  Only
  Bernie and you know about the survivor?  ......?  Oh, Bernie is the Ranger who brought
  her here for you.  It's his nickname.  He's always been a mysterious man...  I'll take
  care of the girl.  Don't worry.  The Guild will pay you your reward.
- The Guild will pay you your reward.

- You have been awarded 1000 Meseta.

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