Battle Training

Guild Quest: Battle Training
Find a hunter who is working down on Ragol.

Client: Zidd
Quest: Please find a hunter and bring him back.  He went down to Ragol for a quest.
Reward: 500 Meseta

- Are you [NAME]?  I'm Zidd.  I asked a young hunter, Ash, to do some research on
  Ragol.  He's supposed to be done with the job by now, but he hasn't returned yet.
  Perhaps he got himself into some trouble...  So I want to ask you to go to Ragol
  and rescue him.  Not by yourself.  Please go with that hunter over there.  First
  of all, can you bring him here?  I'll talk to you later.

- Are you [NAME]?  It's the first time I've had a partner.  Zidd asked me to do this
  job first.  Unexpectedly, he told me I'd have to work with someone else...  I had
  to say YES as he is my client...

[Try to beam down to Ragol before talking to Zidd again]

- Speak to Zidd first.

[Return to Zidd]

- Hello again, [NAME].  He's Kireek, your partner for this quest.  He is a HUcast.  He's
  a pro.  Perhaps you can learn a lot from him.  Kireek, I know you are unhappy, but I
  need two hunters for this.  One has to retrieve the data disk that I asked Ash to get.
  The other is to help Ash return here if he is injured.  This is my personal agenda.  It
  has nothing to do with business.  Ash is my cousin.  I don't want to lose him.  Please

- .....  I have no choice.

- What are you doing here?  Please hurry up and find Ash.  Good luck.

[Beam down to Forest 1]

- Here come the wild animals of Ragol.  If you're close enough, a cursor shows you which
  enemy you can attack.  Don't let them surround you!
- Be careful.  Even if you defeat one group, another one may be hiding near you.  Watch
  the radar.  Prepare for the battle so you don't get surrounded.
- That's the door switch.  Press it.  Did the door open?
- In some areas, you must defeat all the enemies to unlock the door.  Perhaps it's a
  security reason...  Other doors can be opened through switches.
- If you're with your teammates, they'll watch your back.  If you're alone, try to change
  the view often to look around.
- What's wrong?  Is it difficult to hit the enemies?

  [If you say "Yes, very..."]
  All right.  I'll teach you some of the basics.  Stop and listen to me.  First of all,
  there are three different types of attacks.  "Attack" is a fast striking move, but
  it's not very powerful.  A charged "Heavy Attack" is more powerful, but it can be
  easily dodged.  "Extra Attack" generates a special power from your weapon.  Understand?
  You can do up to 3 combo attacks if you attack rapidly.  This is a simple tip to help
  you increase your hit rate.  How do you choose which attack to use?  Judge it by the
  enemies you face.  Make sure you survive.  Try some attacks when you see some monsters.

  [If you say "No problem."]
  All right.  It's OK as long as you aren't a liability.

- [NAME], did you learn the trick?  Two easy "Attacks", then a critical "Heavy Attack"
  as a finishing blow.  This is one example.
- One can also use Techniques.  Techniques use up TP but they always hits enemies.
  Unfortunately, androids can't use Techniques.  I envy those who can.
- Here's a simple battle tip...  Be mindful of the colors during the battle.  The cursor
  above the enemy is a hint on how to attack an enemy.
- [NAME], look at your controller.  The cursor colors correspond to the button colors.
  If an enemy is marked with a red cursor, press the red button!  Got it?

[Enter room where Ash lay.]

- Wh...who is it!?
- I don't know who you guys are, but be careful...  They're...still hiding around here.
- ......

- I can hear something...  A growl...?

- Got the data disk!

[Talk to Ash again, after defeating Savage Wolves, he stands up]

- (breath)  Thank you...  Wha...?  Zidd?  Now I know why you guys are here...  He
  always treats me like a kid...  I completed the quest, but suddenly, they attacked
  me here.  Monsters appeared and I dropped the disk.  I couldn't do anything.
- How vexing...!  I appreciate that you guys came to save me, but I...

- I'll take this boy with me.  You deliver the disk to the client.  Then we can finish
  this job.  [NAME]..., train yourself.  Become much stronger to impress me...
  Ha, ha, ha...

[Return to the Hunters' Guild]

- Thank you.  I'll keep practicing!

- Kireek already left after receiving the Meseta.  Phew...  I have never seen such an
  intimidating android.  It was like that android was built for battle.  This must be
  the disk that I asked Ash to find.  Thanks.  Ash is enduring the pain, since he
  won't go see a doctor.  You can get your reward at the Hunter's Guild.  Thank you.

- You have been awarded 500 Meseta.

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