Opening Sequence
The "Pioneer Project" --A plan born of desperation, conceived in response to the
imminent destruction of their home worlds.

As plans for the evacuation began, unmanned probes were sent into deep space to
find a habitable planet.  When a potential site was discovered, the first interstellar
transport ship, Pioneer 1, was sent to establish a colony.

Pioneer 1 confirmed that the Planet Ragol was a suitable location, and the initial
colonists started preparing the planet for the main wave of refugees, beginning with
the construction of the Central Dome.

7 years later...

Pioneer 2 completed its long voyage with the main wave of refugees aboard.

But as Pioneer 2 entered orbit and opened a communications link with the Central Dome, an
enormous explosion shook the entire planet.

All contact with the thousands of men and women of Pioneer 1 was lost...

[In PSOv2, "The Whole New World" is played with lyrics.]

Innumerable stars
Won't tell us where to go
It's a long long run
To the palace in the sun

With hopes and dreams
Our ship will cross the sea
To the whole new world
Shining like a Pearl
The whole new world

Principal's Office
- Are you [NAME], the [CLASS]?  I'm Principal Tyrell.  We have a bad situation...  We need to
  act quickly.  Did you hear about the explosion on Ragol?  Very well.  Pay attention and
  listen to me.  We've lost contact with Pioneer 1.  We have no idea what has happened.
  We've sent unmanned search units, but communication seems to cut off near the surface.
  What happened on Ragol?  What occured on Pioneer 1?  Are the people on board alive?  The
  council made a decision to send a manned search team.  You are a skilled Hunter.  We need
  your help.  We have no choice...  We need a place to settle on.  [Pause]  Uh, could you...
  ......  ...No, it's nothing.  Take care and good luck.
- I didn't say anything.  Go talk to my secretary.  Irene will help you.
- We can't return to our planet.  Now we must emigrate to Ragol.  If we don't settle on
  Ragol, then we'd just drift about in space forever...  I'm putting my trust in you.

- Well, let me brief you on your mission.  Once you're on the surface of Ragol, check
  the status of the residential area.  Checking the status of the Central Dome is a good
  idea.  A transporter was launched earlier.  You can go down to Ragol directly from the
  city.  It may be a little risky, so please be careful.  That's all.  ......  Um, excuse
  me...  Oh, sorry... no, nothing.  I wish you the best of luck.
- This is just between us, OK?  The Principal's daughter was on Pioneer 1.  After that
  explosion, he's been constantly worrying about her.  He can't even sleep.  This is a
  personal request.  If it's possible...  Find out what happened to her.  He isn't in
  a position to ask you such a personal favor.  Red Ring Rico...  A famous hunter and a
  top scientist on Pioneer 1.  Rico's his only daughter.  Please, look for her!
- Red Ring Rico is the principal's daugher.  I hope she's safe...

Scientist Behind Desk
- Our planet was tearing itself apart, we couldn't stop it.  So we started searching for
  a new planet, and we found Ragol with unmanned search units.  A huge interstellar
  transport ship was sent to Ragol.  That was Pioneer 1.  Pioneer 1 confirmed Ragol as a
  suitable location to settle on.  And a second ship departed.  That was us... Pioneer 2.
  Oh, sorry.  You already knew that.
- Pioneer 1 and 2 are identical spaceships.  Each Pioneer can travel in space, holding
  30,000 people.

- When our ship was led by the signal from Pioneer 1 to land on Ragol, we saw... that
  strange explosion!  Pioneer 2 decided to orbit Ragol and collect data before landing on
  the surface.
- I was against the immigration!  If a planet dies, the people have to die with it.  Don't
  you think so?

Pioneer 2
- The explosion occured just after the landing announcement.  The news spread very quickly
  among the citizen levels.  The people who have family on Pioneer 1 are worried.

- The Hunter's Guild...  We generally call all Hunters, Rangers and Forces just "hunters."
  The Guild is a place for hunters to get a lot of information.  They also assist hunters
  by finding jobs at the counter.  They aren't a local office of the government.  They're
  totally independent.  They have total extraterritoriality inside the Guild.

- Tell me, tell me, tell me!  What happened?  How are they?  We have no info at all!
  Without any info, we can't go on!  Your mission is important!
- Pioneer 1... is anyone still alive?

- Ah, I miss her...  Did you know that Red Ring Rico was on board Pioneer 1.  They asked
  her to go because she's a great scientist, but she's also a famous hunter.  I believe
  that she can deal with any emergency situation, but that explosion was HUGE...  Ah, I
  really miss her...

- Rico loved the color red.  She always wore something red.  The red armlet on her left
  arm left an impression on people.  So that's why we call her Red Ring Rico.  Well, she
  must be alive.  I know how tough she is.

- This area is for A rank hunters who sometimes take part in secret missions.  It is
  isolated from other areas for security reasons.  Thank you for understanding.  Take
  this transporter for instance.  It has direct access to Ragol.  But access is restricted.
  Only a few hunters are permitted to use it.

- Pioneer 2 departed after Pioneer 1 confirmed that Ragol was suitable for colonization.
  Because of Pioneer 1's report, we only brought a small army and very few weapons.  Did
  we take too big a risk?

- Busy, busy!  People in this area are always getting themselves hurt.  It's OK though.
  If it's just a wound, we can heal them.

Woman in Shop
- Have you met the tekkers?  To discover the true power of an unknown item, it must be
  examined by them.  But you can't always believe them.  Each tekker has its own specialty.

Rico's Message Pods - Forest 1
- Ah, testing, testing...  Cough!  I'm Rico, Rico Tyrell.  I'm a hunter.  This capsule is
  for anyone who has come here looking for me.  I hope this helps you.  I don't know who
  you are, but you must know that there's something unusual about Ragol.  This is important.
  Pay attention to everything around you if you want to survive.
- Disable the laser fences by using the colored switches.
- What made the animals become so violent all of a sudden?  They weren't before.  They
  were very quiet and friendly...  There must be some cause.  I'll find it.  I know I'm
  a fool.  This won't make me any richer.  Perhaps that's why I'm exalted by them...
  Red Ring Rico, ha, ha.  But I'm not really the great hunter citizens say I am.  They
  needed a hero.  And I just happened to fill that position.
- Wow... bodies of dead animals...  We hunters sometimes use firearms, but this...  They
  were killed by firearms that are much stronger than ours!

Normal/Hard/Very Hard Pods:
- Boomas... I don't like their weird faces.  Be careful, you don't want to get surrounded
  by them.
- Red gates are locked.  Green means they're open.  Of course you knew that...
- Mothmants will keep appearing, one after another.  You have to strike them out at the
- Don't show your back to a Savage Wolf!  It'll attack if it sees this opening.
- Rag Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on.  When a Rag Rappy falls
  down, it may still be alive.  So be careful.

Ultimate Pods:
- Bartles... I don't like their weird faces.  Be careful, you don't want to get surrounded
  by them.
- Everytime I get an abnormal status, I wish I were an android.  Androids can optimize
  themselves, so they hit with greater accuracy.  More than anything, it's great that
  they can set traps.  Wish I could...
- Mothverts will keep appearing, one after another.  You have to strike them out at the
- Don't turn your back on a Gulgus, otherwise it'll pounce on you.  You might get
  paralyzed if you get bitten.
- El Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on.  When an El Rappy falls
  down, it may still be alive.  So be careful.

Rico's Message Pods - Forest 2
- A disaster occurred.  Things were shaking, then something broke through the surface.
  And then it exploded in the Central Dome!  I don't know what to say...  For 7 years,
  we've tried to adjust and improve the environment.  What was it?  Was it related to
  the accidents we've had recently?
- Look for a switch to activate the bridge!
- I heard that this tall column was built to commemorate the immigration of Pioneer 1.
  But... it may just be me, but it doesn't look very new.  And these patterns... aren't
  they characters?
- Tactics are important, but strategy is vital.  You have to think about how you can put
  yourself into an advantageous situation.  Look, learn, analyze and judge.  Think
- Pioneer 1 may have damaged the ecological system of Ragol before we were aware of it.
  So, the native creatures tried to remove the invaders.  That's one supposition.  But
  what about the explosion!?  I need more information.  I have to go do some research.
- No.  It won't open.  It might be easier to look for another way to get in.

Normal/Hard/Very Hard Pods:
- If you can't hit a Hildebear, try standing in front of it.  Of course, I don't miss.

Ultimate Pods:
- Watch out For Hildelt's lightning attack.  I prefer NOT to get electrocuted.

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