Journalistic Pursuit

Guild Quest: Journalistic Pursuit
A journalist wants to go down to Ragol.

Client: Nol, Journalist
Quest: It's my duty to report what's on Ragol.  Take me with you.
Reward: 1200 Meseta

- Are you a [CLASS]?  Hi, I'm Nol Rinale, a journalist.  Have you seen the online news
  on Pioneer 2?  That's my job.  Oh, don't worry about these clothes.  I seek the truth.
  And I want to be able to let everyone know the truth.  Information is controlled by
  the government.  We journalists are just given information to broadcast to the
  public.  A long time ago, there was "newspaper" media.  It was a daily report of the
  truth that journalists collected.  I envy the old days.  I know there's a way to
  Ragol via a transporter.  Access is restricted.  No, I don't want to disclose it.  I
  just want to go to Ragol.  What is Ragol like?  Was there really an explosion?  Does
  Pioneer 1 exist at all?  I want to see the truth with my own eyes.  Please go with
  me.  The government wants to restrict the media.  They try to monitor us.  That's the
  reason why I'm wearing these clothes... a disguise.  But I don't know how to fight
  battles!  It's your job to guard me!  Got it?  Well, first, I want to check the
  Central Dome out.  Please take me around the Central Dome.

Soldier in Town
- A journalist is working around here without permission.  This area is restricted.
  [NAME], please let us know if you see a suspicious person.

[Transport down to Forest 1]

- I'd never have guessed!  The native animals on Ragol are vicious!
- This is the residential area, isn't it?  This area here?  What happened to the people
  living here?  What are these animals?
- There were rumors that a huge explosion occurred, but there's no marks.  Something's
  weird here.

[Transport to Forest 2]

- It's scary...  Don't you think so?  The people on Pioneer 1 must have started to
  settle down here.  But we haven't met anyone yet.  Nobody lives here now!
- Hey, look!  Can you see that input device for weather observation?  If it works,
  perhaps we can access the main computer here!
- (...breath...)  I came here to discover the truth, but... but... I'm confused...
- Central Dome...!  If there was an explosion, why aren't there any signs?  A lot of
  people were living there!  What happened to them?  Was everybody... involved in the
  accident...?  All of them...?

[Examine input device for weather observation.]

- Does it still work?

- "Accessing Pioneer 1..."
  "Access denied."

- It works, but we can't enter the main computer of Pioneer 1 with it.  How about local
  data?  ......  ...... ......  Everything was working OK until IT happened.  Every log
  ends at the same exact time.

[Examine computer again]

- "Accessing computer..."
  "Access denied."

- ......  Hey, [NAME]...  That's enough.  Your job is complete.  Why?  Well... because...
  I think I saw the truth.  I saw a lot of monsters.  No marks of an explosion.  No
  survivors.  I wanted to report the truth to Pioneer 2, but I changed my mind.  I'm
  pretty frightened now.  I'm scared.  People on Pioneer 2 already feel uneasy about the
  situation.  I don't want to give them any more anxieties.  Maybe something's hidden
  ahead.  I don't think I should find out...  I'm too scared to know.  That's why I
  decided to stop here.  It's all over.  Can you bring me back to Pioneer 2?

[Non-quest related lines]

- Thanks. [when healed]
- I'm dead! [when slain]

[Transport back to Pioneer 2]

- I think it's a good time to call it quits now.  I must return to the residential area
  before they find us.  I really appreciate you helping me out.  Don't forget to visit
  the counter at the Hunter's Guild.

Soldier in Town
- A journalist is working around here without permission.  This area is restricted.
  [NAME], please let us know if you see a suspicious person.  But personally, I'd
  like to know what's happening on Ragol.

- You've been awarded 1200 Meseta.

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