Endless Nightmare #1

Online Quest: Endless Nightmare #1
Exterminate all monsters in the forest on Ragol

Client: soldier
Quest: Monsters seem to be constantly regenerating in one area of the forest.  Exterminate
Reward: ??? Meseta

Soldier (Client)  [NOTE: "what I am" and missing punctuation is correct.]
- First of all, don't ask me what I am.  I only want you hunters to accomplish this  Now, let
  me explain what I want you to do today.  Go down to the forest area around the Dome.
  Eliminate the monsters until no more appear.  There will be an almost endless stream of
  monsters, so be careful.
- Report to me when you defeat all the monsters.

Soldiers in Guild
- Can't you see that I'm on duty?  I can't talk.
- Can't you see that I'm on duty?  I can't talk.

HUnewearl in Town
- I heard that soldier... is working for Leo Graheart, a high ranking officer.

- I don't trust soldiers.  They never admit that they've made mistakes.  They're too

Tekker in Town
- You!  Go to the shop and buy enough Monomate before you leave.  Believe me!  You will
  have a tough fight very soon.

[Transport to Pioneer 2.  When all monsters defeated...]

- Mission complete!  Job complete!  You will be taken to the lobby after you receive your
  reward.  You will be taken to the lobby

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Tekker in Town
- How was it?  Now you believe my words, don't you?

Soldier (Client)
- Well done.  Go to the Guild Counter to get your reward.

- You've been awarded 8000 Meseta.

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