Black Paper

Guild Quest: Black Paper
The Mastermind behind the missing hunters is a trader?

Client: Kroe, hunter
Quest: Black Paper is the mastermind behind the missing hunters!
Reward: 2000 Meseta

- [NAME] the client is asking for you by name via BEE.  This quest was received via mail.
  It's from a girl, Kroe.  She wants you to come to her place.  Here is her letter.  The
  details are written in it.

- Got Mail from Kroe!

- Please read the letter to get the full details.

Letter in Quest Board
- Mail from Kroe, delivered via BEE System.  Please forgive the urgency of this Quest.  My
  situation is desperate.  I found a man who I suspect is involved with the missing hunters.
  He is a weapons trader.  He is called Black Paper.  Black Paper seduced my sister, Anna.
  I'll tell you what happened later.  Anyway, I am with him now.  Please come here as soon
  as you can.  I'm in an underground cave where I see a big hall that looks outside.  He's
  about to finish his business transaction.  This might be the only chance to arrest him!
  Please help!  Kroe Waynes

- Black Paper?  They say that he's got a bad rep.  A trafficker of weapons, android parts
  and sometimes humans...  I'm scared.

- Is it true?  About Black Paper?  I want to go and arrest him right away if he is the
  mastermind.  But my mission requires me to stay here.  Sorry that I have to leave this
  matter in your hands...  Be careful.

- ......

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and told Bernie about Sue in
"Unsealed Door"...

- ...You again...  [NAME]?  Are you following me?  It doesn't seem like it'll work.  Just
  kidding.  What?  Oh, please!  What do you really want to know!?

  If you say "Why were you on board?"
  - Why was I on Pioneer 2?  I had no real reason.  I just wanted to leave our planet.  I
    wanted to see something new.  That's it.  So I joined the Pioneer 2 project.  May I
    go now?

  If you say "What is your purpose?"
  - My purpose?  Just research.  Personal research.  I want to know what's living
    underground on Ragol.  That's it.  I'm going to the ruins.  I don't need any help.
    ......  I have to go now.

  If you say "Nothing."
  - Are you sure?  Well, OK then.

[Sue leaves.]

[Transport down to Ragol...]

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and told Bernie about Sue in
"Unsealed Door"...

[Find Bernie.]

- Oh!  It's you again.  You're still alive.  I don't recall hearing your name before...
  I'm Bernie.  It's not my real name, but everybody calls me Bernie.  You?  [NAME], eh?
  Nice name.  By the way, do you remember what I said to you the other day?  Like I said,
  I'm helping someone who's trying to solve the Ragol cases.  Can you help us?  It's not a
  bad idea because...  Uh...

[An earthquake occurs.]

- Sorry, I have to go.  Talk to you soon.  Bye, [NAME]!

[Spot a group of hunters.]

Unidentified Speaker
- !!!

- Hey you!  Leave now, if you know what's good for you!
- It's over.

Unidentified Speaker
- !!!

[Hunters disappear.]

[Catch up with them again.]

- !!!

- You're still alive?  ...shoot!
- I'm dead.

[Catch up with group a third time.]

Unidentified Speaker
- That HURT!

- Wha...what happened!?

- You deceived me!

- Glad to see you again!  It's me, Kroe.  Remember?  Sorry to bother you again, but I don't
  know who else to rely on.  [NAME], thanks for distracting the two guards back there.
  They were arrested.  Now we can find the missing hunters.  It was a good lesson for Anna.
  She's been quiet these past few days.  Thank you very much.  I really appreciate it.
  I'll go back later with these two guys.
- Please go back to Pioneer 2 first.

If you did not give Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and defeated Kireek in
"Waterfall Tears"...

[Find Kireek.]

- I've finally found you.  My new rival.  I only fiNd purpose, liFe, when In battle.  It
  meAns that yoU make me aliVe now.  I thouGht tHere was nothIng here...  I Am so happy...
- What!?  WheRe does this fEEling come from???  My...braiN...  ...Ghhh...

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- Did you arrest him?  That's great!  Everything will be straighted out soon.

- Do you know the rumor?  Black Paper isn't an individual.  One of "them" also hides on
  Pioneer 2.

- You really came here, after my simple request!  ......  We're orphans.  It hasn't been
  easy for us to survive by ourselves...  Perhaps Anna was tempted by his superficial
  kindness.  But it's OK now.  We can support each other.  What?  How did I deceive him?
  Oh, it was easy.  We're twins.  I look like Anna.  I just pretended to be Anna to stay
  with him.  I knew it was risky, but I believed you would come, [NAME].  Let me say
  thank you again.  DOn't forget to get your Meseta.
- Well...  I can see you again later, can't I?

- Quest completed.  Receive your reward at the counter.

- You've been awarded 2000 Meseta.

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