Knowing One's Heart

Guild Quest: Knowing One's Heart
Messages from a dead friend?

Client: Elly Person
Quest: I got a message from a friend, Calus, who was onboard Pioneer 1.  He's alive!  Find
Reward: 3500 Meseta

- I'm Elly.  Elly Person.  I happened to meet Calus on the Net, and we've been sending
  messages.  He was aboard Pioneer 1.  We promised to meet on Ragol when Pioneer 2
  arrived.  Then suddenly, the messages just stopped.  I heard that Pioneer 1 was
  destroyed when it exploded.  But I got a message from him a few days ago.  He's
  alive!  I want to go and rescue Calus.  I need your help.  Please go with me!

RAmar in Guild
- Do you know what BEE is?

  [If you say "Yes."]
  - If you receive something from Ragol, it must be sent through BEE.

  [If you say "No."]
  - Are you really a [CLASS]?  OK, I tell you about BEE.  It's a data transporting
    system that the council placed on Ragol.  With this system, we can send messages
    from here almost instantaneously.

HUnewearl in Town
- Survivors on Ragol?  No, I've never seen any.  I've only seen people from Pioneer 2.
  Was Pioneer 1 really destroyed?

[Enter Transporter Room]

- Well, just a minute...  Let me send a message to Calus.  "Calus, this is Elly.  I'm
  coming to Ragol to find you.  Where are you?"  Perhaps he'll send me a reply soon.
  Then it'll be easier to find him.  OK, let's go.

[Transport to Mine 1]

- I just got a message!  "Elly?  R..lly?  Don't he..e."  It's from Calus!  He's
  alive!  Calus, I'm going to save you.

- I got another message.  "D..n't com.. here."  What's he talking about?  He must be in
  danger!  Come on!  Let's hurry!

- I got another message.  "Elly, I'm fine.  It was a joke.  After the explosion, I took
  refuge in an underground mine.  I want to see you.  Please come here."  I'm relieved
  to know that he's OK now.  Calus is always like this.  He likes joking.  He always makes
  me so happy.  He's very clever.  And he always gives me good advice.  Oh, I'm
  saying too much.  It's strange.  I've never met him before.  Finally, I'll see him.
  I'm excited, but I'm a little nervous.  I'm sorry.  We don't have time to waste right
  now.  Let's go.

[If you told Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research" and have then been following the
 Bernie sub-plot through "Unsealed Door," "Waterfall Tears," and "Black Paper," Berine
 appears here.]

- [NAME]!  You're so tough!  One of my comrades died.  I'm not real happy now.  It's very
  dangerous around here.  Hey, have you seen the monsters down below?  I haven't seen any
  yet.  There's lots of debris from Pioneer 1.  What happened there?  ......  Pioneer 1
  was mining something.  The ruins...  Destroyed Pioneer 1.  We need more info.  Oh, I've
  got to go!  Sorry.  I'm looking for my company.  I'll see you later.  Don't get
  killed!  OK?  Bye!

[Further on...]

- Here's another message.  "You'll see an entrance to the mine if you go straight."
  Now, we must be very close to him, right?

- Is Calus here?  I've been looking forward to meeting him for such a long time.  Calus,
  are you OK?  I'm here to see you.

- A message!  "Don't come in, Elly!  Get away from here!"  ???  Wha...what the...?

[Enter room with a computer in it.]

- .....  Elly...?  Elly, are you OK?

- !!!  Is "he" a machine?!

- Elly, I really enjoyed talking online with you.  I didn't want you to see the truth.
  But I didn't want to deceive you.  And I did want to see you, really...  I was going
  to tell you everything when you and Pioneer 2 arrived.  But... then that huge
  explosion occurred.  I have no idea what happened to us.  I only know that I was
  hacked by something after the accident.  I'm slipping away.  I'm changing into
  something that isn't me...  I feel as though I need to seek an organic body.  But
  I don't know why.  Something has customized Pioneer 1's machines to attack Pioneer 2.
  I didn't want you to come here.  Something could've attacked you.  But it sent you
  messages to lead you here...  I'm really happy to know that you are safe.  I really
  wanted to see you... just once.

- Once?  Why once, Calus?

- I'm struggling against the hacking, but I'm losing.  I've concluded that the only
  option left is to shut myself down.  All systems will be down shortly.  I'll

- Wait!  Calus, wait!  What should I do?  I don't want to lose you.  Wait.  That's it.
  A back-up!  I have to at least have his back-up!

- .
  Back-up completed.

- Calus...

[Inspect computer again]

- System shutdown...

- Let's go back to Pioneer 2.

[Non-quest related lines]

- Ugggh! [when injured]
- Thanks! [when healed]
- Sorry, I can't to it... [when killed; "to it" is correct]

[Return to Pioneer 2]

- ......  I think it's a good time to call it quits now.  I really appreciate you
  helping me out.  Don't forget to visit the counter at the Hunter's Guild.

HUnewearl in Town
- An engineer on Pioneer 1 was working on an "independent computer."  His name was
  Dr. Calus.  I heard that he passed away when he was young.

RAmar in Guild
- What's wrong?  You look sad.  Are you OK?  It seems that something serious is going
  on.  Sorry, forgive me.

- You have been awarded 3500 Meseta.

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