Unsealed Door

Guild Quest: Unsealed Door
We've unlocked Dr. Osto's report!  I want to see what he uncovered!

Client: Three scientists
Quest: We want to see sample Beta772, mentioned in Dr. Osto's records.
Reward: 5500 Meseta

- Hello, [NAME]!  It's me, Mome.  Don't you remember me?  I was in white when you met me
  before.  I asked you to find Dr. Osto's data...  Remember?  We examined his data and we
  know what he was studying now.  He was doing research on unknown bio-cells.  Wonderful!
  The test sample called Beta772 is especially interesting.  We believe Beta772 is the key to
  solving the mystery of the animals.  So I want to see it!  I want to see Beta772 with my
  eyes.  Dr. Osto wrote that they lost control of it and it escaped underground.  There's a
  possibility that it's still alive.  Go with me and find it.  This is a summary of Dr.
  Osto's data regarding Beta772.  YOu can read it if you select it from the Quest Board.

- Got Data 1, 2, 3!

- First of all, I want to check his computer.  Let's go.

- I agree that Dr. Osto's research was amazing.  But I think he was too arrogant.  Creating a
  new lifeform is dangerous...  It might even have some bearing on the Pioneer 1 accident.

- Maybe Dr. Mome is correct...  Or maybe he isn't.  Nobody knows.  It was a worthwhile trip,
  looking for the truth.

- Hang it!  Why do I have to guard such a little baby?  A genius in bio-technology!?  Ha!

Dr. Montague
- Where is Elenor?  I haven't finished her maintenance yet...  It seems that her emotional
  range is just a wee bit too wide.  I want to try a few more patterns for her.

Dr. Montague [If you have completed "Doc's Secret Plan"]
- Hello, [NAME]!  Long time no see.  Elenor wanted to see you again.  Oh, yes!  Did I
  tell you about the weapon?  It's completed!  Ha, ha, ha.  I am quite confident of its
  quality!  You can find materials in the mines or in the ruins.  Ha, ha, ha...
- I can make you one if you bring me some materials.  You can find the materials in
  the mines or in the ruins.  Ha, ha, ha...

Dr. Montague [If you have completed "Doc's Secret Plan" and you have a monster part]
- Hey, you have some very good quality material!  I'll make a weapon for you with that
  material!  Stay here.

  Sorry to make you wait.  But take a look at this.  Weapons are made using compressed
  Photon energy technology.  This was made using the same procedure, but with another
  energy source.  This Photon energy was drawn from the monsters living underground.
  Disturbing? Not at all! Ha, ha, ha.

  - Got [ITEM NAME]

[Quest Board Data]

Data 1
- I collected cells from the captured animals.  Vitality, procreation, adaptability from the
  DNA samples, all A rank.  I started several tests with them.  Beta772 reacted remarkably.
  These characteristics was found after Beta772 contacted other animals.

  1. Fusion
  It takes cells of other animals to evolve.

  2. Transplant
  It transplants its cell into other animals.  Animals that acquire Beta772's cells behave
  differently.  Beta772's cells affect even insects and plants.  Everything...  It also
  makes them prone to aggressive behavior.

Data 2
- Beta772 suddenly began to grow right after the earthquake yesterday.  I noticed that it
  began self-replication.  Cell count increased.  It's already over 2m.  It will become
  roughly 10m in one month.

Data 3
- Beta772 rampaged when we tried to move it to a bigger case.  23 staff members were
  injured.  6 killed.  Beta772 ran into the drain pipe.  It must be captured immediately.
  Based upon the data we have collected, Beta772 will contact other creatures in order to
  breed.  I cannot forecast how it will evolve.  It is extremely dangerous.

[Transport down to Ragol... find Bernie.]

- Are you...?  No, nothing.  Never mind.

[Meet Sue.]

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research"...

- It's you again, [NAME]...  The second research?  Hey, let me give you some advice.  It's
  not a good idea to be involved with Dr. Osto's research.  Be careful of Black Paper...
  Especially of the Black Hound.

If you did not give Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research"...

- It's you again...  More research?  Hey, let me give you some advice.  You're better off not
  searching for Dr. Osto's research.

[Return to Bernie.]

If you gave Sue your name in "Dr. Osto's Research"...

- I think...  Have I met you before... hmm?  I'm not very good at remembering people, but I
  think I know you.  Is she your friend?  I mean the girl who was talking to you.  Could you
  tell me what she was talking to you about?  I'm just curious...

  If you say... "No, sorry..."
  - ......  Right.  You're not obligated to tell me.  I'm sorry.  Forget about it.

  If you say... "Sure."
  - Hmmm, Su... no, I mean, she gave you a warning...  Do you know what Black Paper is?
    Underground traders who sell weapons, and parts of androids and slaves.  No individual
    runs it.  It's a syndicate that runs a black market.  Black Hound is an android that was
    created solely for battle.  I heard that Pioneer 2 had one.  I don't know what you want,
    but be careful if you want to stay alive.  ......  Just one more thing to tell you.  That
    girl is a member of Black Paper.  Be careful.

[Find lab area.]

- OSTO HYLE lab #1
  Bio-technology R&D
  Lead Researcher

[Find computer.]

- Does it still work?  Please check the drain pipe from the mine.  You read about it in the
  data, didn't you?  We need to find where Beta772 has gone.

- "Access denied..."
  Pipe Structures..."

- I see...  According to this, the drain pipe is located somewhere above here...  Perhaps the
  water's sent through the drain pump.  The water seems to be running through the pipe above
  this area.  [NAME], what do you think?
- If Dr. Osto's memo is correct, Beta772 must be quite large by now.  It has the ability of
- The original shape of the Beta772 looked like an arthropod.  ...Like a centipede.

[Fight De Rol Le.]

- It's a monster and nothing else...!  We made a big mistake!  What should we do?  Even Dr.
  Osto couldn't control it.  We can't do anything...  But...  ...Oh, yes.  Yes!  There's
  another genius aboard Pioneer 2!  Yes, that's a good idea.  We have to ask him about that
  monster...  [NAME], this is enough!  Let's return to Pioneer 2!

[Non-quest related lines]

- All right. [when healed]
- Ouch! [when injured]
- I'm dead! [when slain]

[Transport back to Pioneer 2.]

- To be frank with you, I didn't think I was going to make it back...  His study exceeds what
  little we know about the science...  Thank you.  Go to the Guild for your reward.
- Thank you for the help.  Go claim your reward.

- We'll ask Dr. Montague to research that cell.  It's too difficult for us to handle...

- The fear that Dr. Mome experienced might be the only truth on Ragol.  ...I'm scared.

- You've been awarded 5500 Meseta.

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