The Grave's Butler

Guild Quest: The Grave's Butler
Grave's butler disappeared.  Why?

Client: Matha Grave
Quest: My butler, Blant, has disappeared.  He's been like a father to me.
Reward: 3500 Meseta

- My name is Matha Grave.  My parents are so busy.  They're scientists.  So I'm usually
  alone.  Blant is our butler.  He always took care of me.  But he's disappeared.  Where
  is he now?  I miss him.  I want to find him!  Please help me.  Please find Blant!

RAmar in Guild
- Blant was a responsible man with a good heart.  He taught me much...  If he left, there
  had to have been a good reason.

FOmarl in Guild
- Blant was a renowned Ranger.  Why did he disappear, leaving Matha behind?

HUcast in Town
- Blant?  I saw him in the cave.  I've never seen him wear so much protection before.
  What's he doing?  He was in a rush.  I'm not sure if he's still in the cave.

[Transport down to Cave 1.]

Message Pod
- If possible, please deliver my message to Miss Matha Grave.  I'm Blant.  A butler to
  the Grave family.  The Graves are famous scientists: a biologist and a physicist.
  They've been working hard, doing research for the government.  So I've been taking care
  of their only daughter, Miss Matha Grave.  Their research was top secret, the
  government alone knew what they did.  When Mr. Grave was chosen as a crew member for
  Pioneer 1, he told me, "We won't be bringing Matha with us.  Don't let her go on
  Pioneer 2."  I was angry with his order at that time, but...  Well, here comes
  another monster.  Maybe later...

  MATHA: .... Blant ....

Message Pod
- Mr. Grave said nothing, but he showed me his computer monitor.  I can't describe it,
  but I saw some results from genetic engineering.  Mr. Grave kept silent.  A chill ran
  down my spine.  Is the "Pioneer Project" really just an immigration plan?!

  MATHA: ...Genetic engineering? ...

- No thank you!  I'm busy!  What?  You're looking for a Ranger?  Sorry!  Well, I think
  he was going this way.
- No thank you!  I'm busy, OK!?  Oops, you again.  Are you still looking for him?
  Let's see...  He went this way.

Hopkins [NOTE: Same name and class, but different appearance than the Hopkins from the Online
- Did you see it?  There was a capsule with some messages inside.  Frightening.

Message Pod
- Matha Grave missed her parents terribly.  She wanted to see them.  So, I decided to
  get on Pioneer 2 with her, ignoring his order.  I felt uneasy.  What was Mr. Grave's
  mission?  What was waiting for us?  I instinctively reached for my armor when we
  reached Ragol.  I had to see Pioneer 1 and uncover the truth.  If Ragol was really
  a dangerous place, I had to keep Matha safe.  I sneaked into the transporter without
  telling her anything.

  MATHA: .........

[Transport to Caves 2]

Message Pod
- What I saw on Ragol was terrible.  The Central Dome was destroyed.  Wandering monsters.
  I never encountered anyone from Pioneer 1.  Where were Mr. and Mrs. Grave?  If they
  aren't alive, Matha will be very upset...

  MATHA: .........

Message Pod
- I've been wounded pretty badly from battles...  I can't look for Mr. Grave.  Too weak
  now...  I don't think I can return to Matha either.  It's all over.  They're surrounding
  me.  They're coming.  I'm satisfied with my life.  My only regret is, I've left Matha
  alone.  She was always alone, without her parents.  And now, I can no longer take care
  of her.  Matha, listen to me.  Your father and mother left without you.  It was
  because they loved you so much.  Don't misunderstand.  I don't know who is reading this
  message... but please tell Matha.  Tell her that I hope she lives with courage...
  I'll always be with you.  Always...  So long...  .....

  MATHA: ... Blant ...

- .....  Well, [NAME]...  That's enough, thanks.  Can you take me back to Pioneer 2?

[Non-quest related lines]

- Ugggh! [when injured]
- Thank you very much. [when healed]
- !!! [when killed]

[Telepipe opens, return to Pioneer 2]

HUcast in Town
- Really?  I miss Blant...  Little lady, he was a faithful man.  He was always thinking
  of you.  You have to live as Blant hoped you would.  Be strong.  Be kind.  That's his
  gift to you.
- I hope that little girl understands...

FOmarl in Guild
- Blant...!  Is it true?

RAmar in Guild
- Blant's a very kind and noble person.  Yes, indeed.

- You've been awarded 3500 Meseta.

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