Seek my Master

Guild Quest: Seek my Master
A hunter's lost on Ragol.  What happened?

Client: Shino, android
Quest: My master, 'Great Sword Zoke' disappeared.  Help me find him.
Reward: 6000 Meseta

- Greetings.  My name is Shino.  [NAME] please help me find my master, Zoke Miyama.
  I have not received any communication from him since he went to Ragol.  What?
  Oh, I understand.  It is true that androids these days are independent.  But not I.
  My exterior has been replaced, but I am an old type model.  I have served Mr.
  Miyama for over three generations.  I have always been with my master, but he went
  to Ragol by himself.  He would not allow me to accompany him.  So I stayed on
  Pioneer 2.  I have been waiting, because Zoke ordered it.  But he has not returned.
  He has not relayed any messages either.  This is very unusual.  I am afraid Zoke
  is in trouble now...  The signal from Zoke's swords are registered to my sensor.
  I can detect them if they are in close proximity to me.  I want to find Zoke with
  my sensor.  Please help me.

FOnewm in Town
- Great Sword Zoke?  Of course I've heard of him.  All hunters have.  I just know him
  by name.  He's a legendary hunter who uses three weapons.  I heard the government
  keeps an eye on him because of his power.  He's not that young now.
- They say that Zoke is always with his faithful android.  Just like you.

Tekker in Town
- You...  Want to hear about the legend of the 4 swords?

  [If you say "Yes"]
  - Long ago, the families of 3 famous blacksmiths were executed by a king.  The
    3 blacksmiths wanted vengeance against the king and the nation.  The three
    blacksmiths and one of their pupils each created a sword.  And their nation
    collapsed soon after.  It was said that the four swords led the nation to
    ruin.  These 4 swords were said to have the power to destroy a planet.  And
    Zoke, the Great Sword, had 3 of these 4 legendary swords.  The legend was so
    famous that many created "the 4th legendary sword."  There are so many fakes.
    It's difficult to tell which is the real one.
  - And Zoke, the Great Sword, had 3 of these 4 legendary swords.

  [If you say "No"]
  - You aren't interested in the old story?

[Transport to Ruins 1]

- ......  No signal on this floor.  Let us move on to the next floor.

[Transport to Ruins 2]

[When leaving the second room, what feels like an earthquake hits.]

- ......  It's not an earthquake.

[A few rooms later.]

- ......  Signal detected.  Near here...  He must be around here somewhere.  Where is he?

[Next room]

- Got sword, KAMUI!

- Confirmed.  This is his right-handed sword.  I cannot believe that he left it behind...
  Look at the walls.  These marks were made with swords...

Quest Board - KAMUI
- AUW 1977 model.  Made by Tengai.

[Next room]

- ......  Signal detected again.  It is on this floor.  This is him...

[Next room -- you find Bernie collapsed on the floor]

- ......  Shino...?  Ha, ha, ha...  It's a shame...  I made a mistake.  I wanted to
  help Zoke, but I was just too weak...
- ...Shino

[However, if you've been following the "Bernie Sub-Plot," Bernie says this instead.]

- ......  It's you again [NAME]...  Ha, ha, ha...  It's a shame...  I made a mistake.  To
  tell the truth, I had no interest in Ragol, or the government...  I just wanted to help
  Zoke.  He was my benefactor.  I wanted to help Zoke, but I was just too weak...
- - ...Shino

[Next room]

- Got sword, YASHA!

- This is his left-handed sword.  It is broken, too...  Residual Photon on the
  very unusual.  What is this?  It is not in my database...  Zoke, are you...?

Quest Board - YASHA
- AUW 2018 model.  Made by Kikoku.

[Next room, another earthquake.]

- ...Again, I felt a tremor...  ......  Perhaps I can say that I have a bad premonition
  about this.  If I were a human.  ......  !  Signal detected...  Zoke always brings
  three different swords.  One of them must be here.  Zoke...!

[Next room, find Zoke collapsed on floor.]

- ...
  ...  Shino, why are you here?  I told you not to come.  This planet is...
  critical to you.  That's why I told you to stay on Pioneer 2.  You idiot...  ......
  Shino, I'm about to die.  Give the people on Pioneer 2 my message.  Leave here
  immediately.  Right now.  Listen, Shino.  I appreciate the service you've provided
  for me over all the long years.  You are free now.  You can choose to find a new
  master or to live your own life now.  Please do as you wish...
- ......

- ......  ...[NAME] thank you very much.  I will stay here.  "Leave here immediately,
  Pioneer 2!"  I don't know the basis for which he said his last words...  But it must
  be important to Pioneer 2.  But for me, it is much more important to be with my
  master, Zoke.  Can you tell the Guild Zoke's message for me?  Take this.  It is
  Zoke's sword and it proves you completed this quest.

- Got sword, SANGE!

- Zoke, I shall always be at your side.  ......

Quest Board - SANGE
- AUW 1963 model.  Made by Jou'un.

[Non-quest related lines]

- Umph! [when injured]
- Thank you very much. [when healed]
- Zoke... [when idle too long]
- No, it can't be! [when killed]

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Tekker in Town
- Perhaps Zoke's mind was occupied by the mystery of the swords...

FOnewm in Town
- Zoke is dead...?  I've never met him, but he's highly respected by all the hunters
  here.  I'm so sorry.

- You have been awarded 6000 Meseta.

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