Mop-up Operation #1

Online Quest: Mop-up Operation #1
Mission: Sweep monsters from forest.

Client: lieutenant
Quest: I want the monsters in the forest around the Central Dome to be swept away.
Reward: ??? Meseta

- I'm a lieutenant in the 32nd WORKS division of the Pioneer 2 outer space task force.
  Pioneer 2's army is ill-equipped, so we ask hunters to help out.  I received the council's
  order to go to Ragol to do some research.  So I want your help.  Sweep the forest
  around the Dome for monsters, then I'll send my unit.  The mission will start in 5
  minutes.  Finish your duties before the mission starts.  I admit that our soldiers are
  too weak.  Good luck.
- Report to me when you've completed the mission.

- It's not easy for us to finish jobs from the army or the government.  We know that they
  don't like us at all.

Soldier in Town
- Ha!  We could do it ourselves without you hunters if we had enough weapons.  Don't

[Transport to Pioneer 2.  Each time you clear a room, the following message is displayed...]

- + XX seconds

[ which XX is the number of seconds added to your countdown clock for clearing the room.
 The number of seconds added is different depending on the difficulty of the quest.]

[After you have cleared the last room of Forest 1...]

- Mission complete!  Job complete!  You will be taken to the lobby after you receive your

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Soldier in Town
- Ha!  Don't show me your smug face!

- Oh, all done?  You were sent to clear the area for the army?  I wouldn't have done it.

- Did you kill all the wild animals?  Good job.  I'm glad its done.  Become much stronger
  to impress me... train yourself.  We'll start our mission now.  Get your reward at the
  Hunter's Guild.
- I appreciate your help.  Get your Meseta at the Hunter's Guild.

- You've been awarded 10000 Meseta.

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