The Lost Bride

Guild Quest: The Lost Bride
Cicil got fat by using too many recovery items.  Help her diet!

Client: Cicil, Force.
Quest: I'm too fat to go back to my fiance.  Please help me diet!
Reward: 2500 Meseta

- Nice to meet you, I'm Cicil.  Guess what?  I'm getting married!  But...  I know I'm
  out of shape, but if I...!  I'm staying on Ragol to exercise and get in shape before
  I see him.  But every time I go hunting, I use all the recovery items.  So I
  decided that I need help to control my diet.  It's simple.  What you do is go to a
  target point with me.  But you have to guard me so that I won't need to use any
  recovery items.  If I get hurt, I'll use a recovery item.  The target point is the
  waterfall in the cave.  Got it?

HUnewearl in Town
- Hang on, Cicil!  I understand.

Albert (Cicil's Fiance)
- Cicil suddenly disappeared one day... and she hasn't returned.  It's been a week since
  she's disappeared!  Why isn't she back?  Perhaps... something happened to her!?
  Or... perhaps she doesn't love me anymore?!  Oh no!  I'm feeling faint just imagining
  that!  She's very beautiful.  She's in great shape and she's smart too.  She's
  perfect for me!  She is my goddess!
- She's very beautiful.  She's in great shape and she's smart too.  She's perfect for
  me!  She is my goddess!

Soldier near Check Room
- If I had the chance, I'd go to Ragol and fight.  But I can't.  I'm a soldier.  So I can't
  move without orders to do so.

Soldier near Check Room [if you have WEAPONS emblem]
- Wait, that... that emblem...!  You agreed to the wonderful thought of "WEAPONS,"
  didn't you?  Using photons isn't really that aesthetic.  When I say weapon, what word
  do you think of?

  [If you say "Enthusiasm"]
  - You're right!  We have to be enthusiastic about weapons!  I'm always maintaining my
    weapons at least three times a day!  Keeping your weapons in good condition is vital.
    What?  "WEAPONS"?  No problem!  I welcome you!

  - Got an approval!

  [If you say "Explosion"]
  - What are you talking about?  I don't want to talk to those who don't know what a
    weapon is.
- I hope I get to use this sabre freely some day!

[Transport to Caves 1, make way to Caves 2, enter waterfall room.]

- !!!  Waterfall!  Thank you very much!  I did it!  I did it!  I've got to go now!  I
  have to weigh myself.

[Non-quest related lines]

- Thanks! [when healed]
- I'm so tired... [when idle too long]
- I'm starving!  I'm running out of patience! [when near-death, ending quest]

[Return to Pioneer 2]

- I will do my best so Cicil will not have to worry about me.

HUnewearl in Town
- As you know, Albert is an unreliable man.  He didn't care about the money for the
  wedding.  So she decided to earn the money by herself, and went to Ragol.  She soon
  earned enough money for the wedding.  But at the same time, she realized she might
  have made a mistake.  Did you know that Albert calls her "my goddess?"  So, I...
  I mean, she can't go back with that kind of misconception.  I'm scared.  I heard
  what happened to Cicil.  I must make sure that I take every item.  If you're on a
  diet, you have to be careful that you don't go back.  I hope Cicil can keep her
  slim body.
- If you're on a diet, you have to be careful that you don't go back.  I hope Cicil
  can keep her slim body.

- I really want to say thank you!  Look at me!  Now I look like this!  Finally I can go
  back to see Albert.  Please receive your money at the counter.

- You've been awarded 2500 Meseta.

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