Endless Nightmare #4

Online Quest: Endless Nightmare #4
Exterminate all monsters in the ruins on Ragol.

Client: soldier
Quest: Monsters seem to be constantly regenerating in one area of the mines.  Exterminate
Reward: ??? Meseta

[NOTE: In the above, "...area of the mines" is correct.]

Soldier (Client)
- First of all, don't ask me who I am.  I only want you hunters to accomplish this particular
  quest.  Now, I'll explain what I want you to do today.  Go down to a specific area in the
  ruins.  Eliminate the monsters until no more appear.  There will be an almost endless stream
  of monsters, so be careful.
- Report to me when you defeat all the monsters.

Soldiers in Guild
- Can't you see that I'm on duty?  I can't talk.
- Can't you see that I'm on duty?  I can't talk.

HUnewearl in Town
- I heard that soldier... is working for Leo Graheart, a high ranking officer.

- I don't trust soldiers.  They always do nothing in fear of making a mistake.  Cowards...

Tekker in Town
- You!  Run to the shop and buy enough Monomate before you leave.  Believe me!  You have a
  tough fight ahead of you very soon.

[Transport to Pioneer 2.  When all monsters defeated...]

- Mission complete!  Job complete!  You will be taken to the lobby after you receive your

[Walk near pile of rocks...  Cloud of white mist appears...]

Unidentified Voice
- .....  Machine stopped...  It looks like someone changed this.

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Tekker in Town
- How did it go?  Now you believe me, don't you?

HUnewearl in Town
- I don't trust soldiers.  Whenever they can't do something successfully, they do nothing.

Soldier (Client)
- Well done.  Go to the Guild Counter to get your reward.

- You've been awarded 8000 Meseta.

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