Doc's Secret Plan

Guild Quest: Doc's Secret Plan
Dr. Montague is a renowned scientist in bio-technology.  He needs help.

Client: Dr. Montague
Quest: I need someone to test my prototype weapon.
Reward: 9000 Meseta

Dr. Montague
- [NAME], I heard about you from Elenor.  I'm Jean Carlo Montague.  A scientist.  Please
  call me Jean.  Simply speaking, I'm a genius.  Ha, ha, ha.  I've been studying Ragol's
  lifeforms.  The council begged me to.  Even the monsters and machines underneath.
  By the way, why are officers so paranoid?  I don't like it.  Don't bring the animals
  back here!  Don't go to Ragol!  Don't, don't!  So I called you.  Ha, ha, ha.  I want
  to try an experiment, but the council must not know.  As you can see, I'm a Force,
  but I am also a blacksmith.  I created a weapon based on the data I collected from
  Ragol.  I want you to test the prototype.  Elenor said you were reliable.  It's very
  simple.  All you have to do is kill monsters with it.  You can bring Elenor with
  you.  She will give you more information.  Everything clear?  It'll be fun.
  Ha, ha, ha.

- Hello, [NAME].  I'm glad to see you again.  Well, let me inform you about the
  experiment.  The experiment should be done in the ancient ruins.  I already placed
  the test devices on a certain floor.  [NAME], you need to kill the monsters at
  these locations.  The test devices record data and also absorb Bio-Photon energy.
  I placed 3 devices on the floor.  Don't forget to bring the test devices back
  after the battles.  ......

  [Elenor gives you test devices.]

  A...are you ready?  Let's start.

Dr. Montague
- Elenor's a very advanced android.  She is my masterpiece.  Look at her emotional
  expressions!  Ha, ha.  Recently, she's been talking about you.  A lot!  Pretty
  neat, huh?  She looks so happy now that she has friends.

Soldier in Town
- Hang it!  Why do I have to guard such a little baby?  A genius in bio-technology!?

Man in Town (Simons Olo from "Secret Devliery"?)
- I think I've met you before.  Oh, you're with YN-0117 again!  I guess Dr. Montague
  is up to something again.  I know it's useless trying to stop his secret plan.
  Be careful.  OK?

[Transport to Ruins 1]

- [NAME]!  The first test area is right here!  Test devices activated.  Watch out!
  Monsters are approaching!

- Got Test device 1!

- We've collected all the data we need here.  Shall we move to the next area?

[Journey further... to second test area.]

- Test area.  Devices activated.  We'll engage the monsters.

- Got Test device 2!

- OK, we've got the data for this area, too.  What?  ...Oh, this machine?  Doc was
  saying that it changes the nature of Photon energy...?  Sorry, I don't know...  I
  don't have enough info about that.  Doc said most animals on Ragol are affected by
  one type of Photon.

[Travel to the waterfall room, the final test area.]

- [NAME], here's the last test area.  Devices activated.  Be careful!

- Got Test device 3!

- We're all finished.  The experiment is done.  Let's go back and report to the Doc.

[Non-quest related lines]

- Thank you very much. [when healed]
- Ugggh! [when injured]
- Umph! [when injured]
- !!! [when killed]
- Time for a breather. [when idle too long]

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Simons Olo
- Have you completed his quest?  I want him to return to the lab as soon as possible.
  We have to report on the unusual Photon energy on Ragol...  (sigh)

Soldier in Town
- Doctor Montague has disappeared...  I'll be punished unless I find him...

- Ah...  ...Well...  I...if you...  N...nothing.
  [Elenor disappears.]

[Enter Guild]

- The doctor is satisfied with your results.  And it was a lot of fun for me...
  ......  ......  ...well...  Please ask Doc about the reward.

Dr. Montague
- Finished?  All right.  Guess what.  The weapon you used was made using the data from
  the monsters on Ragol.  Surprised?  Ha, ha, ha.  I found out that the Photon energy
  on Ragol is unusual.  I thought about using the extraordinary power of Photons in
  weapons.  So I created it.  Amazing, huh?  If you bring me some materials, I think I
  can make a weapon for you.  Maybe next time.  Now, your job is done.  Please get
  your reward at the Guild counter.
- What's wrong?  Please get your reward at the Guild counter.

- You've been awarded 9000 Meseta.

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