Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode
Woman in the City
- This transporter will not take you to Ragol.  The government created these training
  simulators.  I heard that it ranks hunters.  What a great simulator!

Kid #1 by Transporter:
- Experience and items only apply to the stage they were earned on.  That's what my
  dad told me, but I'm just a kid.  I don't understand.

Kid #2 by Transporter:
- Use the R trigger to see the title that you received.  My grandpa told me that before,
  but I didn't pay attention.

Woman in the City
- Each stage has their own set of rules.  Read them before starting a game.  When a stage
  has been cleared, a title is given to allow you to progress.  You can play the same
  stages even after you have cleared them.  You will receive wonderful rewards after you
  cleared all stages.  Good luck!

Soldier in the City
- The emphasis of this simulation is to help others!  The simulation will end when any
  player in your group is dead.  Pay attention to each other's condition and help each
  other.  For example, when you have a Force, give health items to him/her.  Good luck!

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