Pioneer 2 after De Rol Le is defeated

- 2 years have passed since Pioneer 2 left home.  I thought that I could finally stand on
  real ground...  The planet is just in front of us, but...

- Some hunters get their jobs directly from the government.  The government usually offers
  jobs as a last resort since Pioneer 2 has little to offer.

- An underground cave was found?  It's not a natural occurence, it's an artificial
  creation.  What was Pioneer 1's purpose there?

- Did you know?  They were finally able to launch the transporter after numerous attempts?

- Did you... go down to Ragol?  ...Wow, you're really brave.  I envy your courage.

Principal's Office after De Rol Le is defeated

- Visit the lab and tell them about the creatures you encountered on Ragol.  It seems our
  initial perception of Ragol is wrong.  Based on what you've told us, Ragol isn't the
  paradise that Pioneer 1 stated it was.  The cause of the explosion is still not known.
  We haven't heard anything from the people on Pioneer 1!  [NAME], please...!  Continue
- Where are they?  Where is Pioneer 1?  I need to know!

Scientist Behind Desk
- I'm assuming the monsters you saw in the cave as mutant variations of the native life.
  And this big crustacean...  It has an organ shaped like a needle, to inject its sap into
  other animals.  I'm probably being too hasty, but I think I have a theory...  It's very
  possible that this sap is changing the animals into these mutant monsters.

- If that huge creature caused all of those accidents, we should be safe now.  It was
  defeated by [NAME], the skilled [CLASS]!  ...Do you really think so?  Was it really the
  last one?  Nobody knows!  Ha, ha... there must be more.  Hundreds of monsters like that
  must exist... ha, ha, ha!

Pioneer 2 after De Rol Le is defeated and after talking to Principal

- Do only what you can do.  That's the best way to deal with everything...  Never mind.

- If we had more soldiers, we wouldn't need to use hunters!

Rico's Message Pods - Mine 1
- This area...  Apparently technology was involved in creating this.  Why did they dig so
  deeply into the ground?
- To defeat Canadines, first disrupt their formation.  The red one is the leader.  Kill
  it first.  It makes the battle easier.
- Don't panic if you see more than one Sinow Beat.  Just find the real body.
- I'm attacked by robots this time...  What are they?!  They were customized robots
  originally for industrial use.  ...Who did this?  I can understand animals being
  metamorphosed by a crustacean into mutants, but...  These were robots.  Somebody
  modified them.  Was it done by someone from Pioneer 1?
- I heard a rumor that the government was building a secret underground factory.  Were
  the robots manufactured in that secret factory?  Or, was the factory a decoy?  The
  government was developing another project behind it...  Information is always
  controlled by the government.  We don't know the truth at all.  We hunters are always
  used by the government.  We're just tools to them.

Rico's Message Pods - Mine 2
- Here, I found the third one.  Will it fit together when all the parts are combined?
  "Light, darkness, pair, exist, unlimited, rule, seal..."  I can make out each word,
  but I still don't understand the meaning of the whole thing.
- A Dubchic will get up when knocked down from an attack.  There must be a switch to kill
  them all simultaneously.  Look for it.
- To defeat a Garanz, you have to strip it of its hard shell first.  Its protection will
  drop, but its attack power will be enhanced.  Be careful!

Rico's Message Pods - area between Mines and Ruins
- I can now say that there was an ancient civilization on this planet.  Ruins buried in the
  ground.  This is the evidence.  The government was about to secretly conduct an excavation
  to study the ruins.
- No intelligent life was discovered when Pioneer 1 landed here...  Something else must have
  caused the destruction of this ancient civilization.  What happened on Ragol in the past?
- The government was decoding the characters as well.  Here is their analysis.  I'll try to
  fill in the gaps with my own data.

  "Light, darkness,...
  a pair, no, ...
  exist, no exist...
  unlimited, seal, ...

  What's the last line?  An incantation?  Seal, seal...  What is sealed?  Where?  Is it about
  this door?  Was it sealed with the words, MUTT DITTS POUMN?  Maybe each word in the
  incantation means something?  I found three monuments...  Are they keys to open the door?

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