Soul of a Blacksmith

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A blacksmith wants to make a weapon using Ragol's unknown materials.

Client: Ozwald
Quest: I want to make a new weapon using unknown materials on Ragol.
Reward: 2500 Meseta

- Are you a [CLASS] from the Hunter's Guild?  I'm Ozwald, a blacksmith.  Nice to meet you.
  I think it'll be an easy job for you, too.  It's simple.  Go to Ragol to collect some
  raw weapon material.  The weapon made by the materials on Ragol will be yours.  Good
  deal?  I'm just interested in the creation process using unknown materials.  Now, I want
  you to collect three different materials on Ragol.  Take this memo with you.  This is a
  list of what I want.  Oh, one more thing!  About the third one.  I'm not sure that kind
  of material exists there.  So, it's up to you.  Just bring back what you think is good.
  Find something good to make a strong weapon.  OK?  Here's the list.  Read it carefully.
  Don't disappoint me, OK?

  - Got the material memo!
- Hey, what's up?  Not done yet?  Hurry up, hurry it up.  I can't wait.

Quest Board - Material Memo
- 1. Miwontite
  Often found in the river

  2. Dragon fang
  Grown in Dragon's jaws.

  3. Mineral
  Use your best judgement.

Woman in Town - Ozwald's Wife
- Let me apologize for my husband for asking such a big favor...  His ambition is to be
  better than the "big three" blacksmiths.  "Big three" is a rewarded name for famous
  talented blacksmiths.  Good luck, anyway.

[Transport to Forest 1... find something in the river...]

- Got a miwontite!

Quest Board - Miwontite
- Miwontite

[Find a second item in the river...]

- Miwontite is already in the inventory.

[Proceed to Forest 2 and defeat dragon...]

- Got a dragon fang!

Quest Board - Dragon fang
- Dragon fang

[Return to Pioneer 2, then transport to the Cave for the mineral.]

[If you get the mineral in Cave 1...]

- Got a red mineral!

Quest Board - Red Mineral
- Red Mineral

[If you get the mineral in Cave 2...]

- Got a green mineral!

Quest Board - Green Mineral
- Green Mineral

[If you get the mineral in Cave 3...]

- Got a blue mineral!

Quest Board - Blue Mineral
- Blue Mineral

[Return to Pioneer 2]

Ozwald's Wife
- Did you find all the minerals on the list?  Oh, that's wonderful!  He'll be excited when he
  sees them.  He sometimes acts just like a kid.

Ozwald [if you found Red or Green Mineral]
- Yes, yes!  You finally came back.  Well, I've never seen this mineral before.

Ozwald [if you found Blue Mineral]
- Yes, yes!  You're finally back.  Hmmm...!  I think you found a very special mineral!!

[Regardless of wht mineral you found, you now choose your weapon type.  If you choose a
- OK, just wait a few minutes!

  [Screen goes black, then comes back up.]

  - Hey, I'm back.  Look, this was made with the materials that you found on Ragol.  This is
    yours.  I hope it helps you.

  - Got a [WEAPON NAME]!

[If you choose "Wait and reconsider"...]
- t t EEE UjAj̬z"i jjajjjEEEB

Ozwald - After making your weapon
- The Guild will pay your reward.  Sorry, I know it's not much Meseta.  That quality material
  you brought back really excited me.  Thank you!
- The Guild will pay your reward.  Sorry, I know it's not much Meseta.  You did a good job!
  See you.

Ozwald's Wife
- Thank you.  I helped him with his task for several days.  I'm sure it's a good weapon.
  Please use it.

- You've been awarded 2500 Meseta.

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