The Value of Money

Guild Quest: The Value of Money
A wife is depressed.

Client: Gizel's wife
Quest: I want my husband to stop wasting money.  He buys too many weapons.
Reward: 300 Meseta

Gizel's wife
- I don't think he knows the meaning of the word "waste."  He buys weapons without a
  second thought.  He could buy much better weapons earlier if he saved his money,
  right?  He'll listen to you since you're also a hunter.  Convince him.
- My husband?  He may be at the shop, browsing for weapons again.

Man in town
- Oh...(sigh)...  That weapon was great... really great...

Man in town [after acquiring WEAPONS emblem]
- ...(sigh)...  It was awesome... really awesome...  I saw a Ranger holding an unknown
  weapon that spread flames...  It was like a beautiful flame sprayer.  I've never seen
  such an innovative weapon before...  I want it...  Oh, that emblem...  Are you a
  "WEAPONS," too?  I see.  You want to join us.  I think that's fine.

  - Got an approval!

  Remember!  Don't try to learn too much about us.  We're Freemasons.
- I know it's an old-fashioned weapon, but I love bazookas, too.  Oh, sorry.  I can't
  stop talking about weapons!

[First time you talk to him]
- What?  Who are you?  An errand from my wife?  I'm buying weapons too often?  Shut up.
  Expensive weapons are strong.  With strong weapons, I can kill expensive monsters,
  and I can be rich.  So it's smart of me to buy better weapons.  Understand?

[Subsequent times you talk to him]
- What, what?  Did ya forget to say something?  You can't convince me.  I'm not wrong.
  Expensive weapons are strong.  With strong weapons, I can kill expensive monsters,
  and I can be rich.  So, it's smart of me to buy better weapons.  Understand?

  [If you say "Yes, you're right."]
  - Good, good.  This issue is just between my wife and me.  Well, you can go now.

  [If you say, "No, I don't understand.]
  - Why don't ya understand?

     [If you say "Because I'm a fool."]
     - Oh, that's too bad.  You'd better go to school every day.

     [If you say "It's not always true."]
     - You're saying that the expensive weapons aren't always strong, right?  But listen.
       Even if its attack power isn't very high, it may be good.  For example, it may
       have a good hitting ratio.  The most important thing to get is a good point for
       the price you pay.  You can't convince me.  That's it?
     - Bye now.

     [If you say "Because you're a fool."]
     - What?  Am I wasting money by buying all the time?  Am I changing weapons too
       quickly, ignoring cost vs. performance?  I... I can't rebut it.  You're right...
       But... I... I can't stop buying weapons.  Forgive me.
     - Please, forgive me...

[Return to Gizel's wife after saying, "Yes, you're right."]
- I can't believe it.  He snubbed you?  My goodness...  What he's saying isn't wrong,
  but he's not being economical.  Take a firm stand!  OK?

[Return to Gizel's wife after saying, "Because I'm a fool."]
- You were fooled by him, weren't you?  I can't believe it.  I said it's not
  economical 'cause he buys without thinking.  Take a firm stand!  OK?

[Return to Gizel's wife after saying, "It's not always true."]
- Expensive weapons aren't always strong?  I'm not talking about that.  Buying weapons is
  fine, but he needs to be smart when he buys things.  Take a firm stand!  OK?

[Return to Gizel's wife after saying "Because you're a fool."]
- Did he finally understand?  Now I know.  He has a weapon-fetish.  But we can't afford
  to waste money to keep him happy all the time.  Tell him, NO MORE SHOPPING.

- Weapon-fetish?!  Y...yes, I am!  Look at this luster!  Beautiful... I love it.  New
  weapons are so beautiful and shiny.  I love buying them.  What??  NO MORE SHOPPING?
  It's too cruel...
- It was my only...

Gizel's wife
- Thank you.  Was he really that disappointed?  I'll allow him to buy weapons later.
  Good job.  Please go and receive your money at the Guild.

- You've been awarded 300 Meseta!

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