As longtime visitors to the site know, has never been nor will it ever be a source for gameplay help; this site is about celebrating Phantasy Star through Dream Casts, Fanfiction, Theories about the saga (oh so many theories...), and more. But no gameplay help. If you want gameplay help, there are a ton of other sites out there that will oblige you.

As a public service to Phans everywhere, though, here are some of the best places to get Phantasy Star Online gameplay help...

But please do remember to come back here to when you've got the tip you need!

The Phantasy Star Pages
If you're just getting into Phantasy Star thanks to Phantasy Star Online, here's your first tip: Maxx's The Phantasy Star Pages was the first Phantasy Star site on the net, and it's still the best one. Check out Maxx's Phantasy Star Online section for some good tips, and if you're still stumped even after viewing all the sites listed here, ask your question on the Phantasy Star Discussion Board.

Phantasy Star Online Discovery Database Project
Created by Evan "Jayde Stargunner" or "Khan" Michaels, this site is a database of user-submitted Phantasy Star Online item finds. Great stuff here.

Phantasy Star Online Rare Items Chart
Phans DarkclawX and Kurisitaru found this information on a Japanese web site, translated it, and put it into some beautiful, well laid out HTML. It's a chart that documents what chance you have of finding different rare items, based on your Section ID. Very cool reading!

Phantasy Star Online V2 Rare Items Chart
Similar to the one listed above, this one was translated by Parn and Evan Michaels.

Phantasy Star Online page at
There is lots of great information here. Most useful to me, so far, has been the Mag FAQ.

Phantasy Star Online Perfect Guide at
This is the official Hint Book from Versus Books, and it is excellent, not just for its gameplay help, but also because it contains a section on past Phantasy Star games that is above and beyond anything I would have hoped to see in my wildest dreams in a PSO Hint Book. Versus Books did a tremendous job on this one.

You can also email me if you would like, but I guarantee there are a zillion people you'll meet through the links above more advanced and more well-versed in the game than your friendly neighborhood webmaster.