This theory is compatible with Phantasy Star Ultimate.

First of all, let me state up front that the issue of Noah's gender is one of opinion. Based on facts from the game that are about to be outlined, Noah can be either a male or a female. It is up to the individual gamer to decide which gender he or she prefers.

Now, then, onto the facts promised.

Facts that prove Noah is a female

  1. Upon reaching the Governor, he tells Alis and friends, "In the Maharu Cave lives an esper named Noah. I will give you a letter of introduction to present to her." This is the only time Noah is ever referred to as a female.

Facts that prove Noah is a male

  1. PSI Instruction Book, Page 17 -- "WAND - When you get this weapon, give it to Noah. It is the strongest and most powerful weapon he can use."
  2. PSI Instruction Book, Page 20 -- "FRD MANTLE - Noah uses this item. It is best for him and can be obtained from Master Tajima."
  3. PSI Instruction Book, Page 35 -- "NOAH - He is an esper wizard and lives in Motavia. Best known for his magical powers, Noah is a close friend of the Governor."

And so it comes down to this: do you believe the single reference in the more canonical game? Or do you believe the multiple refrences in the less canonical (but still canonical!) instruction book?

Personally, I go with the numbers. It's easy to say that the one time the Governor calls Noah "her" is a mere slip of the tongue. It's harder to say, "All those refrences in the instruction book are wrong!" However, as stated above, the game itself does explicitly call Noah a female. Anyone who wishes to hold that opinion may do so armed with facts to back it up. I, however, will politely disagree.

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