I started this project some time ago, back when I thought it would be fun to learn the Klingon language as presented in Marc Okrand's The Klingon Dictionary and as heard in the various Star Trek movies and series. As I went through my studies of Klingon, I became fascinated with the concept of "fictional languages" and my favorite green-skinned ice-dwellers, the Dezorians, came to mind. To make a long story short, I began to develop the Dezorian language, but I resisted posting any of my work until it was a completely functional language.

Many months later, I can see now that I lack both the time and, most probably, the patience required to reach that extensive a goal. However, considering that Dezorian has already appeared in some of my fanfics, and inspired by the Introduction to Palmalatin page found at Neilast's Beyond Algo website, I now present this most basic of lessons on the probably always to be a work-in-progress Dezorian language.

All of my knowledge regarding the Dezorian language comes from one source, and that source has insisted on introducing himself here to all of you. He feels that for all the training he's given me regarding the Dezorian language (which, by the way, is called duTorus^oor buvikvaa in Dezorian), the least I owe him is a chance to introduce the lessons contained herein. I fully agree -- perhaps it will help to explain to you, student of Dezorian, why so little about the language is currently known.

A little while ago, something happened that I never thought possible. What was it, you ask? I found someone who didn't find my jokes to be funny? Ha! That most definitely is impossible. No, this is something that I thought would never happen but yet I acknowledged that it could. And recently, it did! I actually found something in this galaxy more funny than my sense of humor! Now I know, human, that you're no doubt wondering what this could possibly be, and so now, because I am highly virtuous, I will tell you.

It's the way you people talk! Ha ha ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? But it's true. You people talk so strange -- especially all of you mechanical dolls out there. If it wasn't for that blue-haired wizard casting some sort of translation magic (I could have done it myself, but frankly, I didn't feel like it, ha ha!) I wouldn't have understood a word they said!

But, I forgive them. After all, they saved my life and saved the galaxy -- because the galaxy no doubt would have fallen apart without me to keep it company. Ha! You, however, have no excuse. That is why I have officially endorsed this instruction manual in the Dezorian language, what we call duTorus^oor buvikvaa. I know it all looks like gibberish now, but read these lessons and soon you'll find it's your primitive language that's the gibberish around here. So there! Now I'm off to find a drink.

Wonderfully yours,
reje caad rejepum jooksejpum laaksej duTorusjas
(Raja, Priest of Raja's Temple on Dezoris)

PS: Why did the Dezorian Penguin cross the road? Give up? So he could learn our lanmguage! Ba ha ha! I'm just too much for myself!

Ahem. Perhaps now, folks, you understand what I have to go through to get new information regarding Dezorian. Nevertheless, Raja continues to teach me (as long as I continue to buy the drinks), so any new information I receive will be passed on to everyone. In the meantime, though, here's what I've managed to learn so far:

Symbol Key:

Alphabet and Pronunciation:



Basic Sentence Structure:

Names and Phrases:

The Dezorian Glossary
English/Dezorian -- Dezorian/English