Dezorian Refrence Guide

Amprilani -- Formal reprimand ceremony for a military officer; a mix between a regular trial and a court martial.

Dezorian (as in language) -- Common tongue of Dezo.

D'zris -- One of Dezo's gods.

g'grat -- The lowest social status on Dezo. Reserved for the banished, the most vicious of criminals, etc.

kem'pallah -- Headgear worn by all Dezorians, rich or poor, as a sign of social status.

kensec -- Greeting in Pennzat.

Kinsai Zasrr -- Overseer of the Tekkan-kinsai.

palah -- Greeting in the common tongue, Dezorian.

Pai'tekkan -- Title of Dezo's highest ruler.

Pennzat -- Language reserved for only the highest of social classes.

Ran'tekkan -- Heir to the position of Pai'tekkan (usually the first son of the Pai'tekkan).

reisha -- friend.

s'dkin -- One of Dezo's four torture palaces. Sometime in the past, the Espers hid them with magic, renamed them to Menobe, Guaron, Ikuto, and Naval, and used them to store powerful weapons. Plural: s'dkini.

Sinc'tekkan -- Title of Dezo's second highest ruler.

Sinntal -- Oldest known ancestor, usually the one who founded a family line.

Tekkan-kinsai -- Battle to determine the new Pai'tekkan.

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