These are the past polls Hopkins conducted on this web site. Voting on these polls has now been closed.

This poll ran from July 18, 2003 to May 23, 2004:

Compare the most recent Phantasy Star I remake artwork to one of the originally released images.

The first released PSI remake image
First released remake image
Recent remake artwork
Recently released remake artwork

The first released remake image was better.245%
The recent artwork is better.17539%
I like both remake images, but Odin's hair is still atrocious.15936%
I still prefer the original Sega Master System version. 7817%

This poll ran from January 19, 2003 to July 18, 2003:

Which was your favorite Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast version) online quest?
One of the Hopkins "LOST..." quests22%
"The Missing Maracas"67%
"The Tinkerbell's Dog 2"1011%
"Garon's Treachery"55%
"Rappy's Holiday"1011%
One of the "Mop-Up Operation" quests22%
One of the "Endless Nightmare" quests89%
"Today's Rate"55%
"Towards the Future"1214%
Other 1011%

Did you defeat Very Hard "Mop-Up Operation #3" in PSOv1 and/or Ultimate "Mop-Up Operation #3" in PSOv2?
Yes, I am one of the few, the proud4654%
No, I tried, but I wasn't strong enough1214%
Because it had no rare items, I never bothered to play that quest 1922%

These are the past polls the Commander of Mota conducted on this web site. Voting on these polls has now been closed. We welcome you, however, to participate in Hopkins's current poll.

This poll ran from December 3, 2002 to January 19, 2003:

What's your initial opinion of these two screenshots from the just announced Phantasy Star I remake for PlayStation 2 and Xbox?

PSI remake PSI remake
(Images found at

Thumbs up16664%
Thumbs down3011%
Reserving judgment at this time 6324%

This poll ran from July 1, 2002 to December 3, 2002:

Which leader would you most likely vote for?

The Governor
The Governor
The Commander
The Commander
Mother Brain
Mother Brain
King Rhys
King Rhys
Principal Tyrell
Principal Tyrell

This poll ran from March 6, 2002 to July 1, 2002:

Who would win in a fist fight?


This poll ran from December 5, 2001 to March 6, 2002:

Who is your favorite android character?

Elenor Camuel
Elenor Camuel

This poll ran from September 9, 2001 to December 5, 2001:

Has Phantasy Star "jumped the shark"? (For an explanation of what the term "jump the shark" means, check this page at

Phantasy Star jumped the shark with Phantasy Star Online.4526%
Phantasy Star jumped the shark sometime prior to Phantasy Star Online.4023%
Phantasy Star has never jumped the shark.8549%

This poll ran from May 17, 2001 to September 9, 2001:

Who is your favorite Phantasy Star Online character?

Elenor Camuel4021%
Alicia Baz147%
Dr. Jean Carlo Montague105%

This poll ran from March 10, 2001 to May 17, 2001:

What is your favorite area of Phantasy Star Online?


This poll ran from January 28 to March 10, 2001:

Which character class will you be (or are you) in Phantasy Star Online?


This poll ran from December 12, 2000 to January 28, 2001:

So... are you excited yet about Phantasy Star Online's February release?

I'm answering this poll from a tent outside Electronics Botique, that answer your question?2827%
I'll be there when the store opens the day it comes out!3332%
Once the game is released, I want to buy it as soon as I can.1918%
I'll probably pick it up sometime.1716%
I have no plans to buy it.43%

This poll ran from October 13, 2000 to December 12, 2000:

Which Phantasy Star game had the best music?

Phantasy Star I3023%
Phantasy Star II3426%
Phantasy Star III3628%
Phantasy Star IV 2721%

This poll ran from July 28, 2000 to October 13, 2000:

Which Phantasy Star character would you most like to see cameo in Phantasy Star Online?

Alis Landale1511%
Someone from Phantasy Star III118%
Chaz Ashley2015%
Other 3628%

This poll ran from May 13, 2000 to July 28, 2000:

Sega recently released these drawings of four of the characters from Phantasy Star Online. Which one is your favorite of the four?


This poll ran from April 15, 2000 to May 13, 2000:

It was recently announced that Phantasy Star Online would be an action RPG featuring real-time battle as opposed to a traditional RPG with turn-based combat. What is your reaction to this news, and has it affected your interest in Phantasy Star Online?

I like it and I'm now more interested.57%
I don't like it and I'm now less interested.1015%
I like the news, but it hasn't affected my interest.1116%
I dislike the news, but it hasn't affected my interest.3249%
I don't care either way. 710%

This poll ran February 5, 2000 to April 15, 2000:

If you could possess one Phantasy Star spell, technique, or skill, which would it be?

Talk 156%

This poll ran January 4, 2000 to February 5, 2000:

Of the Phantasy Star series's four "main heroes," which is your favorite?

Alis Landale3936%
Agent Rolf3533%
Prince Rhys of Landen65%
Chaz Ashley 2523%

From November 22, 1999 through January 4, 2000, I ran a Christmas poll. The question was simple: are you asking for a Dreamcast for Christmas this year, and if not, why? I felt certain this poll would indicate that the best way Sega could drive Dreamcast sales would be to release a new Phantasy Star game for it, and the final poll results proved I was correct.

No, I won't get one until Phantasy Star Online is released.3247%
No, I won't get one until Team PS's new game Eternal Arcadia is released.11%
No, I already have one.1725%
No, I have no interest in Sega Dreamcast. 68%

After Sonic Team unveiled the first five screenshots of Phantasy Star Online to the public at the Fall '99 Tokyo Game Show, polled fans for their initial reaction to them. This poll ran from September 19 through November 22, 1999.

Absolutely perfect in every way! I love them!3534%
These are OK... Nothing terrible, nothing spectacular.1514%
This is supposed to be Phantasy Star?! I hate them!1110%
I'm reserving judgment until I see more.3837%

From July 24 through September 19, 1999, this site ran its biggest poll yet. It was a standard "What is your favorite Phantasy Star game?" poll, but I dare say it was the largest of its kind taken yet in Phantasy Star fandom.

Those polled were asked to name their first, second, and third favorite Phantasy Star games. After polling was completed, the votes were then tabulated, and each game was given three points for every first-place vote it received, two points for every second-place vote, and one point for every third-place vote.

Here are the final results of the poll, along with the vote totals.

Phantasy Star IV 197
36 first place votes, 34 second place votes, 21 third place votes.
Phantasy Star II 180
31 first place votes, 32 second place votes, 23 third place votes.
Phantasy Star I 147
27 first place votes, 19 second place votes, 28 third place votes.
Phantasy Star III 100
11 first place votes, 19 second place votes, 29 third place votes.
Phantasy Star Gaiden 7
0 first place votes, 2 second place votes, 3 third place votes.
PSII Telemodem Games 1
0 first place votes, 0 second place votes, 1 third place vote.
Phantasy Star Adventure 0
0 first place votes, 0 second place votes, 0 third place votes.

7-4-99 through 7-24-99
It was recently announced that the team that made PSI, PSII, and PSIV is working on a Dreamcast title called Project Ares. How does this news affect the chances of a new Phantasy Star title?

Project Ares is just a code name! This IS Phantasy Star V, baby! (4)15%
It should be a cool game. Maybe it's a warm-up for Phantasy Star V. (16)62%
Team PS has moved on. There will never be a new Phantasy Star game. (6)23%

4-5-99 through 7-4-99
Which Phantasy Star space ship is the coolest?

Luveno (2)6%
Tyler's ship (1)3%
The Agents' ship (4)12%
Noah (4)12%
Alisa III (9)26%
Landale (14)41%

3-14-99 through 4-5-99
What do you think of Phantasy Star Gaiden, as translated into English by Magic Translations?

I adore it in every way! (9)35%
It's okay, I kind of liked it. (5)19%
I played it but didn't like it at all. (2)8%
It's an absolute disgrace to the name "Phantasy Star." (0)0%
I haven't played Phantasy Star Gaiden. (10)38%

2-14-99 through 3-14-99
Chaz and Rika...

...happily ever after. (24)50%
...married and divorced, all in one year. (15)31%
...a couple for a long time, but they each end up marrying someone else. (4)8%
...lifelong friends, but just friends. (5)10%

1-18-99 through 2-14-99
If you lived in Algo, where would you most want to live?

Camineet, PSI era (2)13%
Paseo, PSII era (4)27%
Aukba, PSII era (2)13%
Aboard the Alisa III (1)7%
Aiedo, PSIV era (6)40%

1-11-99 through 1-18-99
When you were playing the role of Alis, how did you answer the Governor?

Yes, I would love to become queen of the system. (7)33%
No thanks. I do not want to become queen. (14)67%