First, I should state up front that all that is required to view this site is a web browser. I've tried my best to make a site that is at the very least accessible and readable in any browser. That being said, I have not gone for bare-bones Lynx-style text. I want something a tad more flashy than that, thanks. But I do try to keep cross-platform operability in mind.

So without further ado, here's what I recommend you have on your computer for optimal viewing of this site:
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or at the very least, version 5.0 or higher. This can be downloaded for free from This site should still be completely viewable in lesser browsers such as Netscape, Opera, or Mozilla, but it was designed on and for Internet Explorer. Besides, you really should be using Internet Explorer anyway for the best available overall Internet experience.

  2. The font Cyn: This is a nice looking font that I use extensively in the site. You can download it for your Windows PC in ZIP format here. Aside from viewing this site, you'll soon use it anytime you want a nice elegant font. You can thank me later.

  3. Enable Javascript: If you do not see an image of the city Camineet and the words "Site Requirements" in big white letters at the top of this page, then you do not have Javascript turned on. You really should do so. Trust me, it's completely safe -- and you're hearing that from someone who is fiercely anal when it comes to Internet security on his computer, so much so that only a selected handful of websites are allowed to place cookies on my computer. To activate Javascript in Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Security, Custom Level, and click "Enable" next to "Active Scripting." If you're using Netscape, first see #1 above, and then for now, go to Edit, Prefrences, Advanced, and click "Enable JavaScript." If your browser does not support JavaScript, go immediately to #1 above.