Ever since www.camineet.net's inception, one of its most popular features has been the random quotes from Phantasy Star characters that appear at the bottom of every page of the site, along with that character's image. Now, by popular demand, you can view all 150+ quotes in the random rotation here.

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"How do you do? I am Dr. Amy Sage."

"These are my parting words to you: those who give up are doomed."

"Remember, I'm Shir of the wind! Nothing can catch me!"

"I have little talent, except that I am good with a gun."

"I'll find Maia if I have to search forever!"

"We will be fellow travelers. I'm Alis; what's your name"

"I don't want to die here not even knowing who was trying to destroy Mota using Mother Brain."

"Now it's time to see you really fight, Rhys!"

"Chaz... I entrust to you the care of Elsydeon!"

"A greater evil is awakening.. Not in Copto.. Still, I must.."

"Space Century 342. Camineet on Palma."

"If he drinks this medicine, he'll be OK, but I cannot open the bottle."

"Someone keeping information from me is the sixth most dangerous thing in this world!"

"Our duty is clear; we must protect the planets of the Algol system from evil."

"I think that a devil's trap is behind Mother Brain."

"Where is Orakio? It's been 1,000 years, but I'd know his black sword anywhere!"

"I ain't much fer them slimy critters, but...if any machines or robots git in yer way, I kin bust 'em up real good!"

"Who are you? I'm busy with my training now! Do not be a nuisance!"

"I am haunted by nightmares every night."

"Who knows what happened to Algo, I don't know what to say."

"This is Pandora's box! It contains all that is evil, all that you call the dark force!"

"I have the Power Topaz, but you won't get it without a fight!"

"Ayn, please help my friend--rescue Thea!"

"Dark Force owns my soul and he shall own yours!"

"Is shorty here your current companion? He's still a kid."

"Stop cowering! Men are such cowards!"

"In a far off country, before Alys picked me up, I did some pretty bad things."

"I've learned so much from Seed. About oceans, mountains, towns, and people!"

"I'm not surprised you've never seen it before. This is what they call 'magic.'"

"I want to help with the power of science!"

"Look at this luster, this massiveness! What a functionally beautiful design!"

"An droid, the droid -- whatever."

"Money, huh... Do you really think that Alys was fighting just for money?"

"Oh, the greatest, my one and only ultimate god, Dark Force!"

"Even though the battle against the ultimate fiend is over, my mission as Lutz must continue..."

"I'll protect Algo -- and drink all I want! Ha ha!"

"What have you come for? Do you intend some mischief?"

"Hi! I'm Miki! Do you like Sega games?"

"Of course it is terrible to be born a monster! But I couldn't stand by while you tried to get revenge by creating monsters!"

"I must not let your brother die unavenged."

"This time, you're not the only hero."

"Do you really wish to kill an old man?"

"I value all life, including Biomonsters. I am willing to fight to defend weaker life forms, though."

"I had believed that Mother Brain never makes mistakes. But those monsters all over Mota are just too much!"

"Be careful out there!"

"Teleport on! Bye-bye!"

"I understand that Rolf and the others are going to the Biosystems lab to get the recorder."

"Ahh, home at last. But there's no time to relax!"

"Later, ace!"

"Welcome to my shop! What can I do for you?"

"Mota is going to flood! Run for your lives! It's a catastrophe!"

"Hey, he looks smart. I'll give lessons for 2000 meseta."

"I'm sorry, but we really aren't able to return people who aren't human. It just doesn't work."

"Why are you all looking so unconcerned?! Yikes!!!"

"Rune! Couldn't you have applied a little bit of self-control?!"

"We're lucky to be alive after that crash! We must try to make it to Landen, Sean."

"I choose you, Sari, as my one true love."

"The stars aren't in the right places. We were transported across space and time when we went through the black hole's surface."

"You've come a long way since we last met."

"Perhaps someday we will find out where I'm from and who I am!"

"So, you've found me after all, rabble!"

"When we were young, your mother and I were shown that our world is really a huge spaceship."

"I have the Twins' Ruby; it should come in handy. Please take me to my father right away!"

"That's what our world really looks like? It's a spaceship!"

"I know that you rescued Lune's sister, Alair. Lune must have sent you three to infiltrate us!"

"Take care, kids, and mind your manners."

"An evil force from times beyond legend is using us to satisfy its desire for pain and suffering."

"That's Emperor Demon to you, worm!"

"I guess 1,000 years of exile has warped him. All he wants is to kill Orakians and cyborgs!"

"Tremble, fools, for I roam the worlds again!"

"You are our hope. You must be strong and live with pride."

"If you're scared, just walk behind big sister Kyra!"

"I was very young when Laya fought Orakio. She left with a knight who wore a black sword."

"I am Dark Force, master of Death!"

"This evil city is too evil to leave standing!"

"Adan, you must take me with you!"

"This evil city is too evil to leave standing!"

"This evil city is too evil to leave standing!"

"This evil city is too evil to leave standing!"

"Those pilots cut it pretty close!"

"Father wants me to accompany your party. It is my duty to find out what happened."

"Watch over and protect me Nero!"

"Lassic is leading our world to destruction."

"I don't care whether it's rash or not. I've already made up my mind!"

"No, Mother.. I've never been alone."

"Oh, my Lady Alis, we did it! We REALLY did it!"

"Hello! I.. ah.. er.. seem to be lost!"

"You there! Turn the knob in my ear.. .. right side!"

"Dr. Luveno has returned? He will build another spaceship?"

"Now that my staff is assembled I can begin. There is, however, a slight fee of 1200 mesetas involved."

"I'm the Great Damor, Soothsayer! Do you believe in my prophecies?"

"Ah, my young pupil, Noah. You are preparing to face Lassic?"

"I have faith that you will kill Lassic and return here eventually."

"Hey, bring that cat over here!"

"I'm but only Lassic's shadow! Even if you defeat me, you've gained nothing at all!"

"The Dark Castle has been destroyed, Lassic killed... Do you, Alis, wish to ascend your father's throne and become the Queen of Algol?"

"Our reunion was preordained by prophesy.."

"A gentle breeze caresses Baya Malay. But does the breeze knows of the hardships that they endured?"

"Even though the memories of evil fade away, their names will be kept in the hearts of the people of Algol forever."

"I am like a mother protecting her child. And now I will take my child, Algo, by the hand and lead it down the path of destruction."

"Our planet was green and lovely, and we had a highly advanced civilization. We are the last of our race."

"But there is another Nei within me; a Nei who is trying to stop me."

"I have created monsters to wreak revenge on the people who so carelessly and selfishly played with life."

"The machine amplifies not only the physical but the heart as well."

"Please save my brother!"

"I'm glad that's over with. Now I can sleep better."

"Our wages are really low. We can't make it without doing side work."

"Baron Labs kidnapped Doctor Miller? I don't believe that. The director is a great man."

"I'm amazed you've come this far. However, you will not defeat me!"

"How vexing...! I appreciate that you guys came to save me, but I..."

"See? I have the knack."

"Become much stronger to impress me... Ha, ha, ha..."

"I have orders to kill you. Let me devour your soul."

"See? I have the knack."

"I don't know your name. Will you tell me?"

"Black Paper? I know it. They're traders who sell weapons, and parts of androids and slaves."

"I want to become strong like you. You're my role model now. I want to prove to you that I'm better now. Let's go!"

"Want to come with me? I'll give you some good information. Come on!"

"As you may know, Black Paper isn't a normal group of traders. It is another facet of the 10-nation-alliance."

"One of my comrades died. I'm not real happy now."

"But please listen, I don't know if you're aware of this, but... Mags are intelligent."

"Please tell Mr. Olo that I'll go back after I complete my mission."

"I'm helping to find the 3 lost sisters. They were bakers with their own high standards for baking."

"I'm an assistant at a laboratory. Ah... sorry, I can't tell you which lab I'm working at."

"Personally, I don't agree with this plan. Even though it's for research, we shouldn't kill animals for data."

"I'll investigate the cause of their unnatural behavior. It's the only thing that I can do now."

"Oh, yes! Did I tell you about the weapon? It's completed! Ha, ha, ha."

"Simply speaking, I'm a genius. Ha, ha, ha."

"This Photon energy was drawn from the monsters living underground. Disturbing? Not at all! Ha, ha, ha."

"Are you surprised to find a cake shop in a location such as this?"

"Our enthusiasm for cakes is the strongest in the whole universe!"

"But every time I go hunting, I use all the recovery items. So I decided that I need help to control my diet."

"Superficial strength won't defeat Anna. She is very tough."

"I'll generate the PHOTON BLAST! > Everybody"

"Oh, don't worry about these clothes. I seek the truth. And I want to be able to let everyone know the truth."

"My exterior has been replaced, but I am an old type model. I have served Mr. Miyama for over three generations."

"I don't know the basis for which he said his last words... But it must be important to Pioneer 2."

"What happened on Ragol? What occured on Pioneer 1? Are the people on board alive?"

"Where are they? Where is Pioneer 1? I need to know!"

"Rico! No, I didn't say anything. Please continue your research."

"Red Ring Rico is the principal's daugher. I hope she's safe..."

"I heard that you found messages from Rico. But she's still missing. Please, please find her as soon as you possibly can! Please!"

"It's me, Mome."

"I'm dead!"

"It's a monster and nothing else...!"

"Ah, testing, testing... Cough! I'm Rico, Rico Tyrell. I'm a hunter."

"But... look at this monument! This is identical to the one I saw in the forest! It's NOT ours though..."

"Was it sealed with the words, MUTT DITTS POUMN? Maybe each word in the incantation means something?"

"Dark Falz! That's the name. The god of destruction that revives in the millennial cycle."

"I miss my father. I wasn't a very good daughter... was I? Is my father OK now?"

"We have to defeat it now! Defeat it before that dark 'thing' revives with the perfect body."

"Ten to one my friends are already here. If we get them to help us, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, we'll find Rocky."

"Sonic! Bet you didn't know that anyone can turn off purple lasers barriers?"

"But I feel some kind of power on this planet. Maybe there are Emeralds on this planet!"

"I only fiNd purpose, liFe, when In battle. It meAns that yoU make me aliVe now."

"I'm Hapsby. Thanks for finding me. I can fly the Luveno for you."

"Omigosh! The lake is overflowing!"
"Ca... can you help me? Please?"
"I almost killed a Dragon. But... but... My HEAT SWORD... My dad gave HEAT SWORD to me..."
"It's really important to me. I don't know how it was taken from me. I cannot do my job without it! Please get it back for me."
"Please get my HEAT SWORD, back to me. Perhaps it's in the Dragon's stomach!"
"My dad gave HEAT SWORD to me"
"I almost killed a the De Rol Le. But... but... My ICE SPINNER..."
"My dad gave ICE SPINNER to me... It's really important to me. And someone or something took it. I cannot do my job without it!"
"My item! This is great! Wow! Thank you very much! You're great!"
"Please get my ICE SPINNER, back to me. Perhaps it's in the De Rol Le's stomach!"
"Please get my SOUL BLADE, back to me. Perhaps the Vol Opt holds it!"
"My dad gave SOUL BLADE"
"Bortevo is my turf. Don't ya mess 'round here, now git!"
"Could ya spare me a cup of cola? Tightwand!"
Man from Loar
"You are going to try to kill Lassic I hear. That's great!"
Dr. Montague
"I've never been good at dealing with soldiers. They're all such total morons. You can never reason with them."
Dr. Montague
"Their feeble attempt to protect themselves from my intellect is a joke. They couldn't outwit me if they put all their brains together. Heh."
"I know. What's below here is... hell"
Dr. Montague
"I can't believe them. They might as well just put up a sign saying, 'Terminal Computer, HERE!'"
Dr. Montague
"Oh, man... Jean! Is this all you can come up with?"
Elenor Camuel
"He was saying something about atonement... And, vengeance? Things we can do for future?"

Quotes from Agent's Destiny

"The deadly mix of Dezorian and Esper blood through the ages has created a brew of sheer power. I now harness the mental abilities of generations."

"K'Cren didn't care about anything except Dezo. When Palm exploded, he shrugged his shoulders and moved on. My interests, however, are more varied... as well as much more visionary."

"Don't hold your breath, Anna. It will be the last one you take."

"You might call what I did mind rape. I prefer to say I gave Anna a new definition of the term, 'living hell.'"

Quotes from Beyond Algo by Neilast

"What's with all of the drama? Champions of Algo? We aren't warriors, we're scientists!"

"Things just got a lot more interesting."

"My diodes haven't been this stiff since the last time I came out of stasis."

"It just so happens that my specialty is studying ancient languages. Oh, and my name is Azura Mallos. Doctor Azura Mallos."

"I mean, who am I to say that I know better than all the millions of devout believers when I haven't even bothered to study what they believe in?"

"Large talk from such a wretched little creature. And obviously very uninformed."

Quotes from Freedom's Price by Darrell Whitney

"I'm willing to kill. In self-defense, or to stop greater violence, but I'm not going to kill people because it's damned well expedient."

"The day I figure out what you are or aren't going to do, Jac, is way far off. For all I know, you like to dance."

"Well, look at what we have. Two trained agents, a hunter, the best gridrider in Algo, and an excellent pilot. We've got a first-class ship and all the equipment on board."

Quotes from Restoration by Rune Lai

"Let's pray that day comes soon then. Because our journey isn't going to be an easy one."

"I wonder if there's any information about the Earthmen in there. I wish we knew more about them, especially if there were any that were not on this ship."

"Hugh, think of Motavia as a man whose arm has been removed. It can't be given back no matter how hard one tries. So the man must either go on handicapped, or we can give him an artificial arm to help him get by."