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Other Dream Casts

Neilast's Phantasy Star Dream Cast, a part of the mighty and highly reccomended Beyond Algo website, is so good, it's influenced a casting or two of my own. I especially enjoy her picks for the roles of Lune, Lena, and Kara.

Other Phantasy Star sites
The Phantasy Star Pages. The net's premiere Phantasy Star site since 1995. Maps, walkthroughs, complete scripts, tons of images, downloads, the famous Phantasy Star Discussion Board, and much more.

Beyond Algo. I visit this site almost every day. It not only contains Neilast's post-PSIV Beyond Algo saga, but it also contains numerous other items of interest, such as essays by Neilast on her Phantasy Star opinions.

The Restoration Saga. Rune Lai is one of the best Phantasy Star authors around. Her Restoration is simply awesome. Another high reccomendation.

Naflign's Ego. Naflign has seemingly dedicated his life to making sure as many people as possible play as many rare Phantasy Star games as possible. He is a true charter member of Phantasy Star internet fandom and an all-around great guy. His site is also the home of the Algo News Network, or Naflign's Phantasy Star News page.

Between Worlds is the site that collects Joel Fagin's Phantasy Star fan work, including his numerous fan fictions and his very cool fan artwork. A "must-see" stop on your Internet Phantasy Star fanfiction tour.

Wolfgang Landgraf's Phantasy Star Homepage. This site could almost be considered an online hint book for Phantasy Star I, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star IV, and Phantasy Star Gaiden. It's obvious Wolfgang puts a lot of time into his site; it's absolutely beautiful.

Phantasy Star Cave. Missagh Alami recently gave his site a visual overhaul and the results are a brand spankin' new version of a long-running Phantasy Star web site. Missagh has some stuff here you won't find anywhere else, like a comprehensive collection of Phantasy Star Winamp skins, pictures of some Nei and Rika dolls I would kill for, and even Phantasy Star cell phone utilities!

Pioneer Alley is a very nice Phantasy Star Online site. It has some stuff I haven't seen anywhere else, like a scan of the PSO soundtrack's insert, and the bestiary is loaded with self-made screenshots and monster analysis. The site owner also was kind enough to donate one of my Red Ring Rico pics.

Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III. Sites that don't bash Phantasy Star III are always great to find -- so how cool is it that there's a site entirely devoted to Phantasy Star III?

HuBBsDoctor's Phantasy Star Online Website. This PSO website is from PSDB member HuBBsDoctor. features a Phantasy Star discussion forum and a marketplace for buying/selling/trading Phantasy Star merchandise.

Inventite Hortum Veritatis is a general RPG site that has a Phantasy Star section run by Black Sword.

Japanese Phantasy Star sites
PS3 "Hikousiki" Homepage. This is the web site of PSIII's chief character designer, Toyo Ozaki. To my knowledge, she is the only Phantasy Star creator to have her own web site. You can also order her excellent, must-have PSIII Unofficial Character Book through this site.