Considering the core of this website is dedicated to actors portraying characters from the Phantasy Star video games, I would like to start a new section of the site devoted not to actors who should portray Phantasy Star characters, but to actors who have portrayed Phantasy Star characters.

I speak of the actors who appeared in the original Japanese television commercials for the series. Live actors were present in the commercials for PSI, PSIII, and PSIV, however, the PSIII ad seems to simply feature generic sword-swinging RPG types; none of the actors in the commercial are clear PSIII characters.

Between the PSI and the PSIV commercials, though, four characters are portrayed by live actors: Alis Landale, Chaz Ashley, Rika, and Wren. Click on the picture to view an enlarged version.

Japanese commercial Alis Japanese commercial Chaz
Japanese commercial Rika Japanese commercial Wren

Except for Alis, they all appear to be Westerners. I figure this is a longshot, but if you have any information regarding the identity of these actors, please email me at Should you wish to remain anonymous, I will certainly respect your wish. Any information anyone can provide will be appreciated!