Wherever possible, I've tried to make a note of where I got the pictures on this site, in order to give credit where credit is due.

The images of the characters on the Dream Cast pages come from a variety of places. Some were made by me with my Snappy or scanned either by myself or my brother Todd from the Phantasy Star Compendium Book. Many come from the Image Compendium that camineet.net obtained from J. Atreides. The rest come from either Jayde Stargunner or Wolfgang Landgraf's Phantasy Star Homepage.

The sources for the pictures of the actors is as follows. Please note that some of my actor images were obtained two or more years ago, and so it is very probable that many of the sites listed below have moved or no longer exist.

Phantasy Star I:

Phantasy Star II:

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom:

Phantasy Star IV:

Phantasy Star Gaiden:

Phantasy Star Adventure:

Phantasy Star Online:

Phantasy Star Dream Cast Alumni:

Other images on the site come from the sources listed above and The Phantasy Star Pages.

The Image Compendium was originally created by J. Atreides for J. Atreides' Phantasy Star Image Compendium. When Atreides decided to shut his site down, he graciously allowed www.camineet.net to become the new home of his images. Since then, I have added to the galleries, but full credit for the vast majority of the images contained therein must go to J. Atreides. So, thanks, Atreides! The Phantasy Star IV images, also originally a part of Atreides' Phantasy Star Image Compendium, arrive courtesy of Jayde Stargunner.

The MIDI Compendium was compiled mostly from files found at Lord Livelycomet's Phantasy Star MIDIs page, The RPGLair, and Videogame Music Archive.

Extra special thanks to James Maxlow, without whom, for various reasons, this site would not exist. Thanks Maxx!

And of course, we must thank one man, without whom we would still think all the Dezorians were doing was talking about us backwards Palmans behind our backs. (Which is not to say that back before we knew their language, this is not, exactly, what they were doing.) He passed several long, hard hours at Gyuna's, and consumed several "spiritual" beverages in the process, all in the pursuit of greater understanding between different cultures. We thank you, Raja, and of course, we'll pick up your tab.