Round One

Kain defeated Gryz: Gryz came on strong at first, but in the end, the Motavian might as well have been a machine, because Kain "wrecked 'im!" Kain's speed really helped him in this battle, and allowed him to get in some key attacks with Foi and Gra that were just too much for the Big Blue Machine. Better luck next time, Gryz... but at least your village is still standing!

Rudo defeated Lyle: Rudo defeated Lyle in an all-out war the likes of which we may never again see in Brawl For All history! Lyle's techniques and Dragon Knight powers were almost enough to overwelm Rudo, but the former soldier was able to squeak out a victory with his powerful Neishot. Rudo was pretty beat-up, so he better get plenty of rest before his Second Round intergame showdown with Kain, and as for Lyle... well Lyle has nothing to be ashamed of. Both men gave you their all in this match!

Demi defeated Kireek: In what can only be considered a major upset, the spunky android Demi was able to overcome Kireek's 60% Machine Red Swords and Red Sabers and pull out an easy victory! Many thought this match would come down to which android could heal more, but Demi ended things early with her powerful Spark attack. Who knew such a happy-go-lucky persona could play so dirty?

Odin defeated Hahn: What a slobberknocker! Anyone who dismissed Hahn as a pushover opponent for the Scion Strongman found themselves sorely mistaken. Hahn gave it his all in a battle that left the crowd chanting, "OMG Techniques!" No techniques were powerful enough, however, to resist Odin's Needlegun and his crushing Laconian Axe. Hahn may have been eliminated from the Brawl For All, but he's earned a boatload of respect for the power of science!

Shir defeated Dr. Montague: And it's another massive upset! No one is still quite sure how she did it, but Shir Gold managed to somehow avoid Dr. Montague's Megid 30, as well as his powerful Rabarta 30! We're guessing she stole a State/Maintenance from the doctor before the match... Regardless, Shir moves on in the Brawl For All, while Dr. Montague must now proclaim his genius elsewhere.

Alys Brangwin defeated Sue: This one wasn't even close! Though it could have been a long, drawn-out battle, Sue made a critical error when she left her 60% Native Red Daggers at home. Before she could ever get close, Alys cut her down with her slicers and finished her off with her techniques... just as Sue was asking Alys if she would share her name. I guess that's a "No," Sue!

Rune Walsh defeated Lena: It certainly would seem Alys and Rune did once know each other, long before their adventures... apparently they learned how to obliterate the competition together! Despite her crushing defeat, you have to hand it to Lena -- she did better than most analysts expected going in. But better isn't enough in this competition, only best, and Lena has been sent home. Should Rune ever end up in prison, he'd better escape on his own; I doubt Lena will be coming to rescue him anytime soon!

Mieu defeated Rupika: It was the battle of the very different Grants techniques as Alisa III's Mieu took on Pioneer 2's Rupika. Mieu came out on top of this one, and Rupika once again found herself unconscious on the floor. Yo, Hunter's Guild, send someone to take care of her, will you? Round 1 of the Brawl For All is now officially half over!

Rika defeated Elenor Camuel: This was a classic battle of speed vs. power. Rika was clearly outgunned going into this match; all Elenor had to do to secure the victory was land a few shots with her 60% Native guns. Therefore, Rika countered this with liberal use of her Illusion skill to keep Elenor off-guard, striking the android hard and fast when it was least expected. Rika advances in the Brawl For All, while Elenor goes home to the lab.

PSIV Wren defeated Hugh: Once again, the lesson learned is that the power of Techniques should not be underestimated! Wren attacked hard, but Hugh held on for a long time thanks to the Neishield, and did quite a bit of damage in the meantime with his Techniques, which cut into Wren like a knife through warm butter. In the end, though, Wren was able to hold out the longest, setting up a Second Round intergame showdown between himself and Rika. Between this battle and Odin vs. Hahn, we've learned one thing: keep your eye on Technique casters, you brute strength powerhouses. David may take down Goliath yet!

Myau defeated Kyra: Kyra might as well have been made of stone! That young Esper possesses some powerful magic and techniques, but she'd obviously never taken on a Musk Cat warrior. They're mean, they're tough, they move fast, and they pack a punch! Myau now waits for his next opponent while giving himself a bath, while Kyra has to go home to Esper Mansion. Make sure you don't take a shortcut through any Carniverous Forests on your way there, Kyra.

PSIII Wren defeated Bernie: At least Bernie was able to get in a shot from his 60% Machine Red Handgun. At least it wasn't a complete blowout. But in the end, Bernie found that he just couldn't compete against an aero-jet. (Cards for Bernie may be sent to the Pioneer 2 medical center.) This victory sends PSIII Wren into Round 2 against Myau -- the one opponent who is too small for him to take on in aero-jet mode. He'll have to fight hand-to-hand in that one, and that could spell danger, Will Robinson.

Nei defeated Alicia Baz: Alicia got treated like a government mule in this contest! Techniques simply don't work if you can't get a lock on your target. Perhps it's time you went back to the lab, Alicia... and certainly back to the drawing board with your fighting technique!

Anna defeated Mina: Like mother... not like daughter, it would seem. Or maybe Mina's father just had a weakness to slashers. Regardless, after yesterday's battle, Anna can proudly proclaim that she defeated a Landale: Alis's daughter Mina. Mina's techniques were powerful, but Anna fought relentlessly, attacking from a distance so that Mina couldn't get very close. The strategy paid off, and Anna now advances to a Second Round intergame matchup with Nei, while Mina must go home and explain to her mother how she lost.

Noah defeated Amy: On the surface, this could have been a very good match, as both Noah and Amy are highly skilled in magic and techniques, respectively. In the end, however, Amy's a doctor, Jim, not a fighter... and even if she were a fighter, Noah's Prot spell would have made anything she could throw at him bounce off, anyway. So Amy is eliminated from Brawl For All competition, but she's not going home. Hey, who do you think is going to heal all of the combatants that get defeated?

Raja defeated Ash: This one answered the age-old question, "Which runs out first, Ataraxia or Trifluid?" Though Ash had some Resist/Holy units to help shield him from Raja's magic, and though he was armed with a 60% Native Red Sword, in the end Raja was just able to recover more than Ash. Zidd voices his disapproval from the sidelines. And thus ends Round 1 of the Brawl For All!

Round Two

Rudo defeated Kain: This match was an old-fashioned western shootout. The combatants shook hands, then took several steps away from one another, turned, and fired. Rudo had a tough first round match against Lyle, but he came out firing in this match and he simply mowed Kain down. Watch out for that Neishot in future battles, folks -- so far, it would seem the only defense against it is to be a dragon, and even that doesn't seem to work very well!

Alys Brangwin defeated Shir: All eyes were on Shir in this one. After her incredible upset victory over Dr. Montague in the first round, Shir had to prove to the world that victory was not a fluke. Sadly, it seems that victory was a fluke. The thief may have been able to overcome a foe that relies on techniques, but in this match, Alys showed Shir that her swing was definitely way too low. Alys advances to face Rudo in Round 3; Shir's off to steal a Visiphone to call for a ride home.

Odin defeated Demi: Wow! This battle was short, but it was close! Odin took heavy, heavy damage from Demi's guns, but he was able to hold on long enough to charge her and make it into close range. Once he accomplished that, the battle was over after a few swings of the Laconian Axe. Odin manages to make it into Round 3, to face the winner of Rune vs. Mieu, but... at what cost? At what cost?

Rune Walsh defeated Mieu: After a pair of Round 2 blowouts, we've had two matches in a row that were almost too close to call! Rune dealt heavy damage to Mieu, but she was able to heal herself both with techniques and with items, which gave her a stamina advantage. It was a horserace, basically -- could Mieu's healing hold out until Rune was out of magic? The answer turned out to be no, and Rune advances to face Odin in Round 3.

Rika defeated PSIV Wren: Just when we thought we were done seeing blowouts in Round 2, we get another match that barely even started before it was over! Wren learned a valuable lesson today -- big guns don't mean jack when you can't find your target! The big android tried to end the match early with a positron bolt, but Rika countered with Illusion and Wren couldn't hit his target. A few swipes with her claws later, and the pupil had defeated the master. To Rika we say, "Congratulations!" To Wren we quote Nelson and say, "Ha ha!"

Nei defeated Anna: These two women really gave their all, and it was one of the most even match-ups we've yet seen in the Brawl For All. In the end, Nei came out victorious, setting up the real story of this match: Round 3 will feature a "Battle of the Numans" between Rika and Nei. There can be only one... Numan... advancing in the Brawl For All... because Montague, Rupika, and Sue have already been eliminated. Get your seats for that one early -- I hear scalpers are already charging 75% more than face value for good seats!

Myau defeated PSIII Wren: PSIII Wren had to be looked at as the favorite to win the Brawl For All, because it's not hard to take down your opponents when you can simply transform into a jet and ram them. But after massacring Bernie in this manner in Round 1, Wren found himself against the one opponent too small and too fast to ram -- Myau. It was a tough fight, and Myau took heavy damage himself, but in the end, another android has been sent home. Feel the Musk Cat love!

Noah defeated Raja: This was the greatest duel of magic since Gandalf took on Saruman, but when it comes to magic, perhaps the only person on Noah's level is Lutz, and Lutz wasn't entered into the Brawl For All this year. Noah's victory sets up a Round 3 intergame duel with Myau. Perhaps Noah will be victorious in that battle, as well, or perhaps he will lose to a cat and Raja will start laughing again -- because after this defeat, the Dezorian priest definitely seems to have lost his funny.

Round Three

Alys Brangwin defeated Rudo: It's not always the strongest fighter that wins the match, and this contest was the proof of this. Rudo was clearly the stronger fighter in this match and he reached Round 3 by literally mowing down his competition with the Neishot. Alys knew this and ended things early with her Death skill. The mighty Rudo has fallen, and Alys Brangwin is now the fifth member of the Elite Eight.

Rika defeated Nei: There could be only one Numan in the Elite Eight and that Numan shall be... Rika! Nei fought bravely, but in the end she perished. (Deja vu?) This really wasn't much of a surprise, as Rika is the product of 1000 years worth of improvement on Nei's genetic code, but still, some people like to root for an underdog. Nei heads home while Rika heads into the Elite Eight for a Quarterfinals match against Rhys.

Rune Walsh defeated Odin: Was this ever a slobberknocker! Everyone -- especially Rune! -- knew going into this match that if Odin could get into close range with the fifth-generation Lutz, well let's just say if that had happened, Rune had better have had the Telepathy Ball updated, because his skull was going to get dissected. Rune was able to keep the warrior from Scion at a distance, however, pounding him with magic. Both men took heavy damage but only Rune advances to the Elite Eight, while Odin has been eliminated from competition.

Noah defeated Myau: In this intergame showdown, the combatants knew each other quite well. Noah knew Myau's strength was his speed, and Myau knew Noah's strength was his magic. Noah launched an all-out magic assault on the Musk Cat, forcing Myau to use his speed to dodge rather than to attack. In the end, the powerful wizard tired out the Musk Cat, and Noah was able to finish him off with Wind. Round 3 is over; let the Quarterfinals begin!


Alis defeated Alys Brangwin: The famed hunter clearly met her match! Alys found she was unable to outfight Alis, and even her Death skill was ineffective against Alis, who has always had a high resistance to magic. Alis had a bit of trouble moving into close range, and Alys wisely kept withdrawing to stay out of range of Alis's Laconian Sword, but in the end, Alis didn't need her sword -- Fire did the job just fine. Alis advances to the Semifinals; Alys now has to change her name.

Rika defeated Rhys: Rhys fought bravely, but heading into this battle it was obvious he was at a major disadvantage, as he possesses no magic abilities. Other matches in the Brawl For All have proven that brute strength can overcome magic, but it takes a lot of brute strength to do so. Rika advances to a Semifinals match against Alis, while Rhys goes to cool off in the dungeon for a while.

Rolf defeated Rune Walsh: In Round 3, Rune was able to overcome the brute force of Odin, but at a heavy price. In this round, he found himself against an opponent who, while nowhere near as strong as Odin, was still an extremely proficient physical fighter, but more than that, he could also weild techniques better than many others. Thanks to his wide range of skill, Rolf soundly defeated Rune to advance to the Semifinals.

Noah defeated Chaz: This match was awfully interesting, and not just due to the interference of a couple of fans who ran into the ring to try and clobber the combatant they were rooting against (the webmaster, I mean, the referee tossed them out). In pure hand-to-hand combat, this match was going to go to Chaz, no question about it, but Noah is perhaps the most powerful wizard Algo has ever seen. Chaz possesses quite a bit of technique power himself, however, and all of this combined made for an incredible match-up. It really came down to Noah's Cure and Thunder vs. Chaz's Nares and Megid. Noah came out victorious, but at what cost -- can he possibly survive another match of this type in the Final Four against Rolf? Meanwhile, Chaz goes home... but he goes home perhaps with a lot more respect than he had when he arrived.


Alis defeated Rika: By far, the most highly contested match in Brawl For All history! These two warriors gave you everything they had. Both are extremely agile and capable hand-to-hand fighters, and both are also highly proficient in magic/techniques. Rika's Illusion skill kept Alis on her toes, but once Alis landed a Rope spell on Rika, pinning the Numan down, Alis introduced Rika to a doubleslash of her own involving the Laconian Sword, and this match was over! Alis goes on to the Brawl For All Finals to take on the winner of Rolf vs. Noah, while Rika just goes back to the drawing board.

Rolf defeated Noah: This match was nowhere near as close as Alis vs. Rika was. Noah's Prot spell kept Rolf busy and forced the Agent to keep up his attacks, but Noah just wasn't able to also carry out an equally strong offense. Fire and Wind kept Rolf at a distance, but Rolf used his own techniques to take the fight into close range. After that, Noah's Laser Shield was no match for the Neisword. Rolf advances to fight his own ancestor, Alis, for the Undisputed Algoian Championship.


Alis defeated Rolf to become the first ever Undisputed Champion of Algo: The final Brawl For All match was truly a family affair! Rolf tried to end the match early, unloading technique power on Alis, but once again Alis's incredible resistance to magic paid off in spades. When the match came into close range and the combatants battled hand-to-hand, Alis's Laconian Shield was the deciding factor. Thanks to it, she was able to both defend and attack. She attempted to pin Rolf down with the Rope spell several times, but every time, the spell was unable to hold the agent for long. By the end of the fight, both combatants were weary, but Alis simply succeeded in wearing down Rolf and surviving longer. Alis wins the epic duel, and though Rolf certainly has nothing to be ashamed of, there's only one Brawl For All winner and first ever Undisputed Champion of Algo and that winner is... Alis!